Awards Season

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The worst season. I think winter is less cruel than this season. Honestly, the whole battle is dragging on and on. Old grudges are brought up. New expectations are drawn out. YET there ought to be bias all right. Sadly, I also get pulled into it. This year, I have patted myself on the back too early, considering how I thought I wouldn’t get drawn in. At least not one of them.

The good news? Hey, the GBA is over! No more anticipation. No more fighting among fans, right? WRONG! It gets even more complicated because everyone’s digging past results and comparing which one is the worst. Show Luo got robbed, by a kid? Sounds familiar? OKAY. Anyone stopped to realize James Wen got robbed the most? (Or should I say again?) Though I only watched the ending of Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang, I could tell he was great. As for the winner, I have no aches since it has been done and over with; and I honestly think that he deserves it too. I did not watch but heard from others that he was great in there. Whatever it was that the panel made in error or other pressures, it was their fault, not the kid’s fault since he delivered for his role. It was up to them. As for the female lead side? I should be glad that Rainie got it AND not Amber. Though I like Amber’s performance in Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang, I don’t think fans would’ve agreed. Being the newcomer (at least in dramas?), she would face too much pressure and probably major criticism from the public. IF she had won, Rainie fans would never let her off easily. It would end up being like the whole Show debate for now–possibly worse. (The same fate would go for the other nominees as well, NOT just Amber if things were different.) I like Rainie, believe me, I do, but I’m just pointing out that it has become an award for favoritism more than actual acknowledgment for their performances in those running dramas. (At least it seems that way to fans.) The panel made the wrong call? I feel so sorry for the person who would eventually get attacked by the public.

What most people get confused by these awards shows are that they DO NOT stick with the present. I know there are a lot of impressive actors/actresses out there. YET the awards are grading on the current project, NOT on the person’s history. That’s why some people win–though their past performances had been nothing impressive. It’s the per performance concept, NOT pulling up past records. What is this? Dividing the pig? That’s why I get irked the most when someone rants about someone’s past achievements OR it’s okay for a veteran to win IF the choices are too nerve-racking among the younger generation actors/actresses. Let me get it clear that I love veteran actors/actresses AND I DO respect them for contributing to the ET industry all these years. BUT it doesn’t mean because they are veterans that they get the nod without a say. It is about their performances in the dramas mentioned (for that year) that they’re being graded on. (I do know there’s a possibility the results might be rigged though there are things people must acknowledge before pointing fingers. Do you disagree with the results because you feel that person didn’t perform the best according to acting standards OR because your favorite didn’t win?) SO it comes to my next point regarding the panel of judges. They let public pressures influence them so much that they usually end up taking the easy way out instead of awarding to the most deserving individual (or their initial choice).  What I totally feel turned off specifically about the GBA is I read from a source (sorry can’t recall) that they usually pick an episode out of the drama and grade someone’s performance just on that episode. I agree that in order to be called good, one must be able to perform consistently throughout so it makes sense to see if one can act or not just based on that performance. BUT if they have ONE YEAR to watch it, at least do it correctly. Though they won’t know for sure what the nominations are yet, but should make time to watch for the fairness of it all. (I do know everyone has his/her own schedules AND not all can make time to watch BUT they are on the panel, after all, SO if they can’t do it, then they DON’T have to. Depending on the drama’s length, it might take them forever, but they should consider watching as much as possible.) It is even less reasonable if they have to based on just one episode to know if the drama is good or not. (Okay, IF they are pros and they take those classes to determine with the pattern, then okay, I have no say for that BUT is everyone on the panel experts? IF they are really pros, then why let the public influence them so much AND not just focus on the art itself?) If I had gotten the information wrong regarding the ‘one episode’ thing, please correct me for my ignorance because I would love to learn more and shed light on the matter (just for the kick of it).

What’s up next? The TVB Awards Show. Words have it that Fung is out of the race. I heard some people mentioning about the Charray year earlier somehow or it seemed like TVB was paving way for them this year. However, that plan bombed major time because Growing Through Life didn’t make it. (Yes, MOL received high ratings BUT honestly, the hype had somewhat died down with his possible TV King title.) The race now is between Wayne, Moses, Steven, and Felix. Though Felix might as well sit back and let the others fight. He has other things to worry about–and probably better things to do. The fact that TVB’s awards have become a political game is just plain funny and sad at the same time. Either they cave into the public OR they’re actually fighting internally among themselves to get their favorites in. Either way, the real problem is being stuck in between it all. Honestly, I guess wanting to be popular is a sin by now. (I’m sure the rest of us in society DO NOT want to advance forward and gain some recognition–regardless of the fields we work in. So let’s just all give them a hard time since they don’t do anything but sit around YET get paid–unlike the rest of us hardworking individuals, right? PUH-LEASE!!!) So as I was saying, take out Felix and we have three left. Though I think Moses could do much more than run the race with a comedy, he has it tough this time (aka public radar). The only way anyone’s going to get any peace out of this whole thing–IF possible–is let Wayne or Steven win. (Honestly, I just love them both BUT they’ve also been used by fans to push forth the pressure as well. Like anyone’s better than TVB by shoving stuff in our faces. Fans are doing the same thing as TVB, not even realizing it. Seriously, do you honestly support someone to the ounce that you would cry out in joy if they won? OR you just want to be right?)

Moving on to the female side. It’s the battle between the Zhou Zhi Ruos this year. Once again, please let Sheren win BECAUSE the rest of us will have to suffer years and years after, hearing how someone got robbed again–AND who knows when the next time TVB will cave in? While last year’s hype is still fresh in mind, it would make sense to just shove it out to the public again. (Seriously, the year Charmaine didn’t even get nominated in anything–was that last year? Well, not totally sure, but she wasn’t as acknowledged or put out in front. I remember some of us celebrating in her thread that year since we were so glad she was out of the public’s attacks.)

I think I should quit right here and now since it would go on forever if I move on to music awards, etc.

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