Baby Daddy: Ruining Ben’s Character In Its Totality

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Okay, I’m actually one of those people who didn’t care about the triangle or who Riley should be with because I hate triangles in general. Yet somehow, through other shows, I just learn to move on past it. But this one’s just getting ridiculous. Just because of the triangle, it had ruined Ben’s character to the point of annoying. I actually felt it was nice seeing Ben took up the responsibility and tried to make it work with Emma, not giving her up for adoption. The whole Ben and Emma team as father and daughter–along with the rest of the Wheeler clan chiming in to help from time to time had felt like a good plot for me. It roped me in because I felt Emma’s just super cute and how their family–along with some friends–tried to move forward with their lives by welcoming a new addition to the clan. However, the whole Ben-Riley-Danny triangle had really ruined the plot to the point of ridiculous. IF anyone’s thinking that it was a good plot device to keep the audience on the edge, it didn’t work for me. I could see why there were some really frustrating comments on their page now. I had to catch up on Season 3 on Netflix since ABC Family no longer lets you watch it for free on streaming for their website. But I finally understood why there are lost in interest. If they wanted to favor Danny, go ahead. I think he’s such a sweet guy too, though not too bright. And they seriously made his character such a cliche with the athletes not so bright. (Because believe me, I know some smart athletes in real life.)

Anyway, as I was saying, if they want to favor Danny with Riley, go ahead. Stop making Ben dumber and dumber AND even more annoying by the episode. I get it that he has to live his life too and couldn’t just change for Emma’s sake in two shakes. But I would appreciate it if the change is consistent instead of stepping backward from previous seasons. If I must address the matter with who Ben should end up with, I think I prefer Megan. Yeah, the Megan whom Ben and Tucker met at the daycare center that one time and I swear they really clicked. She looked past his cunning nature and ended up finding it cute and/or touching that he was willing to go that far to secure his daughter’s daycare spot. At the rate the production’s going, they might as well throw Ben under the bus literally, instead of dragging it out like that with pushing his character down even more. Like I said before, I don’t need him to be sooo virtuous that it’s boring the rest of the population, but I don’t like it that it’s like going backward with his character development. I do understand it is a comedy and they want to toss out stuff for us to laugh. But killing Ben’s character by making him beyond annoying and making the rest of us wanting to kill him isn’t going to cut it.

Then somehow halfway through Season 3, they gave Danny’s IQ some justifications. Which was all right with me for making Danny smart, but seriously? Reducing Ben’s character to beyond annoying and then trying to restore his character back into a likable zone later on? I meant I don’t want to make it into the whole competition between the two brothers, but making the triangle about the two brothers had really pissed me off. Like it was trying to stretch out the whole triangle with making Ben and Riley get together and then they’re off. Then they’re back on again. YET she’s now thinking of Danny with Danny leaving and all. What’s up with that? Not only does it make the whole thing even more senseless, but it has reduced all characters to a joke. Really? Could everyone just plain make up their minds already? It seems to imply more than anything that everyone in here always wants something they can’t have. Like how Riley chases after Ben–or attempted to in the past–and then now that she has his attention, she wants Danny because she finally realizes he’s the guy for her. Or so it seems to imply at this point. Then with Ben and Danny, chasing after her or is jealous when Riley’s with others. Yet at other times, they’re chasing after random girls too. It’s like an endless cycle. Even the side characters in here are like that with chasing after things they can’t have. The only saving grace at this point is hanging on for Emma. Because I just lost all respect for all characters involved. Okay, maybe Tucker shouldn’t take the hit either–even if I’m frustrated with the developments thus far. Since he’s actually just trying to get his career soaring right now, and his love life is less complicated. Sure, he chased after girls too and tried to work his charms at times, but it wasn’t like he kept shuffling back and forth like some of the characters in here.

I know no one cares. But I just need to get this rant out of my system and move on.

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