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Being part of the Jindi Team

Here’s another long awaited Jindi post. So, first things first, who has a Jindi shrine somewhere around their house? (PROUD MODE) Anyway, mega-thanks to syko for the beautiful pictures and goodies! (I bought the picture frame though.)

Here’s another one for the road! (LOL) Oh yeah, did anyone know we have our Team t-shirts too? Here’s mine:

So…what’s next? Oh yeah, the reason why it took me forever to update? Come on! Who could compete with Jindi Magazine? AND syko!
Anyway, what’s other benefits of being a part of the Jindi Team? The crazy stuffs we do at times that others DO NOT even get. (Exactly, we’re in our own crazy world! Blame it on syko! But we still love syko though.)
Here’s the top 3 benefits of being a member of the Jindi Team (though it doesn’t just end there since these are just my top 3):

  • Caves! Huh, right? Anyway, we have our own lair. That’s where we hold our secret meetings. What are those meetings about? DIDN’T anyone even read carefully? I said ‘secret’ so of course can’t tell anyone YET.
  • Participating in crazy activities. Okay, not always crazy but those activities sure are fun. syko has too many ideas. (I don’t know where syko get those ideas.)
  • Challenges.What? You have dueling matches? NO. Fencing then? NO, those are ranndom contests syko comes up with once awhile to get us all excited because it would include even more Jindiness for the rest of us. Got it? In fact, syko recently launched a new one so we could all participate. Go here and check it out!

I just love the rest of the team too, not just syko. (So other team members wouldn’t be feeling bad that I didn’t mention them. And we’ll be stalking each other more often to make more plans for future Jindi activities! Can’t wait! Or just stalking, I guess. Why should we need a reason for stalking one another, right? LOL!)
So after all those rants, where’s the long-awaited off-screen post? HEY, I never said it was in the near future, right? OR did I? Anyway, it’s supposed to be in the ‘distance future’. Did anyone even read what I said earlier? Which one? The one about ‘Who could beat JM – or syko?’ – got it?
Here’s a Jindi blossom for you guys! This might hold over until next time?

*Images were snapped and/or created by DTLCT


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  1. lol that was one of the funniest post ever! *slaps a funnies badge on post* 😀 yeah.. how could you not love everyone in Team Jindi XD we’re all awesome. Everyone brings in a little something to the Team haha. 😀 you have the second altar! woootttt! So between us two… how much Jindi offerings will we get at our shrine? lolololo *dies*
    We’re not going anywhere anytime soon so “distant future” it is haha

  2. @littleblm – Yeah, thanks for the badge. I just thought I release it for kicks – just to keep fellow fans at bay for a while. (You should see the amount of votes coming in. *wiping sweats*) This is cheating but oh well…something to read?
    AND did you know that we’re all looking for you?


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