Black & White: Cracking the Code

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Okay, remember how I said I was sooooo frustrated and disappointed that Vic and Janine didn’t end up together in the drama when I was doing the review? I’ve solved the puzzle. They actually did end up together. YES, people are probably gasping already since it was so obvious that the scriptwriters misled us for so long with different triangles, squares, and whatever else along the way. Yet the most interesting part all along was the mystery. But it could be agreed that the majority were protesting about the relationships at the end (or lack of one) because they (the scriptwriters) did put us through so much with all those romances, right? How did I figure it out? And proofs? Um, getting there. I actually figured this one out a awhile back BUT was so delayed by other stuff that I didn’t get to conjure up a post until now.

Anyway, awhile back, I was trying to go back and do caps of Vic and Janine (which got delayed again or I wouldn’t need to borrow images for this post, lol). Then I got carried away with re-watching some of their scenes instead of doing caps. So I ended up watching their ending scene–or the scene before the final battle where they parted ways and each had his or her own mission to go to. It was their last conversation, which if listened carefully, had said it all.

After Xiao Ma dropped Xi Ying off, Zai Tian actually got out as well to bid her farewell. But their conversation lasted longer (much to Xiao Ma’s annoyance, lol). Zai Tian actually asked Xi Ying if it was all right that she went alone. However, he also stated that Chen Lin and Ying Xiong probably got captured already. Xi Ying assured him that he didn’t need to worry about her. He then told her that after retrieving the information from the techs, go straight to Wu Yang and not to trust anyone else. His expression said it all, he was really worried about her. But there was no other way so he told her to be careful, which she nodded and told him (and Xiao Ma) to be careful as well. After some brief staring between the two of them, Xi Ying left. However, Zai Tian called her back. When she finally turned to face him again (but didn’t walk back to him), he (after some hesitation) thanked her for risking her life to save him today. She still didn’t walk back to him, but shook her head briefly before saying that she wanted to say these words a long time already, which was ‘sorry’. The reason? Because she wasn’t able to help him with searching for ‘that girl’ (Xiao Mei) and returning her (Xiao Mei) to him. He actually said, “Forget it. She has already left. Cherishing what’s in front of me is more important.” They both smiled. He continued by saying, “We’ll be fine” (referring to their upcoming dangerous missions).

And then she finally walked back to him and hugged him, which he returned the hug. It was like he was really letting go and felt really comfortable with Xi Ying. He had always trusted her and felt a connection with her that was different from the others. It was she who understood him when he was going through such pain. Or perhaps like how I had mentioned it already in the review, she would understand because she had lost her father (also an important person to her like how Xiao Mei was to him). Even if it was a different type of relationship, but Zai Tian had always felt like Xiao Mei was like his family–regardless of romance or not. Back to Zai Tian and Xi Ying, it seemed like Zai Tian was able to relax and feel at peace when he was with her. So his previous words about “cherishing what was in front of him was more important” was believable enough for me. Then that was when I wished they hugged all night (lol) and I still do (even if it’s unrealistic). But to get back to the plot, Xi Ying eventually repeated his words, “We’ll be fine.” They finally let go of each other (and Xiao Ma looked SUPER annoyed by now, lol) and Xi Ying told Zai Tian to get in the car. He repeated his previous concern about her safety, telling her to be careful. He got into the car at last and Xiao Ma drove away. She watched the car disappeared before going on her way as well.

So anyway, how come I didn’t figure out that one before? Seriously? I was watching the Viet-dubbed version at that time and they translated some bits of the conversation wrong. It wasn’t until I hunted down the Mandarin version to do caps that I realized it. But then the others were watching the Mandarin version and was as confused? I think it was because the scriptwriters wanted to leave the ending open at that time by confusing us again with letting Zai Tian and Ying Xiong going into the hospital to wait for Chen Lin to wake up. Then the whole banter with Chen Lin and Zai Tian at the end made it seemed like they were still at it. However, I think like some people had said (and after I calmed down already), it seemed like only Chen Lin loved Zai Tian a lot and he didn’t seem to care as much. NOT that he was cold-blooded, but it was like they couldn’t click as much though they did have somewhat of chemistry at times (with the scriptwriters providing the chances for them to be together). Still, it didn’t click. Anyway, Xi Ying had to talk to Cheng Nuo so she wasn’t around or could have some scenes with Zai Tian later on. Even if Zai Tian discovered about Xiao Mei’s fake death, it made more sense that he was shocked at first yet later didn’t really react as much anymore when they got everything taken care of already with the boat chase scene. Perhaps, like he said during the separation scene with Xi Ying that night, he really did let go. He was just shocked that she was still alive and the lingering with looking at the tickets was curiosity. (Any guy would be curious. Scratch that, anyone would be curious.) Or maybe it’s just me wanting to interpret it that way. Besides, I sort of got over the whole “no Zai Tian and Xi Ying reunion” scene already. Well, it had a lot with “I can’t do anything anyway”, but also because I felt like (again) it made sense because they never really needed to say a lot throughout the drama, but the other got it. There was also the whole deal with their silent support of one another too.

But all in all, I’m dancing now! Closure at last! LOL! (AGAIN, at least for me, NOT trying to convince anyone otherwise.)

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

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