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Okay, so I thought I keep a little tab on things and let on with what I’m currently doing as in blog posts and whatnot.

Songs To Be Translated:

  • A Date So Sweet – 183 Club
  • That Year (那一年) – Nicholas Teo

Music Reviews: I actually need to re-organize my music collection again.

  • Calvin Chen’s It’s Still Summer
  • Elisa Lin’s Adventures Music Journal
  • Nicholas Teo’s Long Vacation
  • Nicholas Teo’s To Be…
  • Angela Chang’s Head Over Heels

Movies Reviews:

  • Linger
  • Tea Fight – YES, I meant to do this a long time ago but I kept getting into other obsessions. Major apology to Vic fans!
  • Love You 10,000 Years – I actually haven’t watched it yet though I have the DVD, lol. Talking about being behind.
  • Dancing Without You – Again, still haven’t watch though I got it.
  • Magic To Win – Got this a while back.
  • Citizen King – Johnson Lee’s movie
  • Sleepless Fashion
  • Any Other Side
  • Saving General Yang
  • Touch of Light
  • Kiasu – Xiu Jie Kai + Dou Hua Mei

TV Series Reviews:

  • Gu Jian En Chou Ji 1984: Part III – OMG, I totally forgot that I didn’t finish posting it. BUT I need to watch the last bit again to remember accurately, lol. However, notice that I divided it into 10-year gap SO hope it wasn’t too much of a cliffhanger.
  • Legend of Star Apple – Episode 6 – YES, need to finish the episode summaries.
  • Love In Penghu – Episode 2 – Placeholder is done BUT actual summaries haven’t been filled yet.
  • Only You (TVB) – Episode 2 – YES, I finally finished it and had some notes, just need to write the posts and post it up, etc.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Episode 1 – NOT on top of my priority list but might as well put it here for tracking purposes.
  • Refresh 3+7
  • God of War, Zhao Yun (武神赵子龙) – Lin Geng Xin, Jia Qing, Nazha
  • Love & Again – Alex Fong & Sonija Kwok
  • Handsome Siblings 2018 – Finally aired, finished it ages already, just need to do review


  • Full Moon Curved Sabre – Prologue

Fan Fiction:

  • Honey In Tea – Chapter 1 – Joe & Janine
  • Payback – Chapter 5 – Xiu Jie Kai, Cynthia, Nic, and Dou Hua Mei
  • Stranded – Prologue – Wallace, Hu Ge, Ray Ma, and others
  • The Business – Chapter 7 – Wallace, Penny, Van, Tammy, and Enson
  • Poster to-do/re-do:
    • Afraid of Darkness
    • Haunting Past
    • Scheming Nature
    • Slanted Thoughts I
    • The Dating Game 5-8
    • The Other Extreme

Other Randomness:

  • More “Favorite Quotes” posts.

*To-Do List will be updated from time to time OR it will disappear when I finally finish aka all caught up with stuff (LOL)…

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11 thoughts on “Blog: To Do List

  1. vgag says:

    I watched quite a lot of Love You 10,000 Years via It had some very amusing scenes and I liked how it looked at the cultural confusion between the Taiwanese and Japanese main characters. The second half was perhaps a bit slow. I’d love to read your review to see what you made of it.

  2. DTLCT says:

    I saw somewhat of the first part, but then I had to finish some project at that time SO I had to delay it. Then I totally forgot it after I was finished with the projects, lol. Thanks for the little details, I’ll try to focus on those when I finally watch it properly, lol.

  3. littleblm says:

    lol One crossed out thing on the list *dies* in your place… that last part about disappearing after it’s all done… I would probably disappear before that GORILLA. Oh, didn’t you tell me you finished Neurotic or did you tell me you finished a later part or is it just slowly posting? Is FMCS translated from Chinese text or the Viet translations? Though lazy, you’ve got way more drive than I’ll ever get to see so GL.

  4. DTLCT says:

    @littleblm – Yeah, nice? Just one thing crossed out. Maybe I’ll just forget about, lol. The way I kept adding to the list, you might as well be right with it never disappearing.

    Neurotic – No, didn’t finish it yet. And yes, finished the ending. Just lazy to fill in the middle at the moment since I went back to fix WXB again. YUP, I’m jumping all over. Maybe I should do a fan fic update since I haven’t done one for a while. But I thought I would do it after I finish Neurotic. shrugs OY! Whatever floats later.

    FMCS – I had to consult with both. After I finished the prologue and then tried chapter 1, I realized how different some people had translated some parts. I’m tempted to get a copy from YesAsia and just see how I would tackle this one. Who knows? I might be able to learn to read Chinese not so brokenly after I’m done with the project, lol.

    Oh, thanks for the support. (I think!)

  5. BleedLikeMe says:

    You’ve crossed some stuff out, good job ahahaha You don’t have any new fics. Oh right, haven’t finished old ones XD

  6. Belly Button says:

    Wah.. you have so many reviews at the same time. That’s keeping you super busy. Is curved moon sabre good?

    1. DTLCT says:

      Yeah, you should have seen the list earlier. I managed to clear off a lot already, lol. But still lagging on some. Mostly movie reviews, lol.

      Full Moon, Curve Sabre – It’s supposed to be good but adaptations keep butchering it. I haven’t gone back to translating it yet, lol.

  7. hung says:

    none of your to do list is baking hung cookies. I am sad


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