Blue Ray

Another great album from Hu Ge though this was more like a collection of the theme songs he sang for several series in the past. There were several new songs though, which were equally good.

I actually didn’t know that he was coming out with this album until Yuan Hong mentioned it in his Weibo and told us fans to support Hu Ge’s new album. (He’s such a great friend and they sort of reminds me of Felix Wong and Michael Miu because of the whole Guo Jing and Yang Kang relation since they’re real friends outside but often are portraying roles from opposite sides of each other.)

Back to the album itself, I thought it still reflected an artistic sense like his previous one. The shots in the album booklet were too obvious. Only the track “A Type of Song” (有一種歌) sounded like somewhat of a pop attempt, LOL. It was just strange hearing him sing in English and with some traces of shifting into the pop area. It was good though. I guess the reason why it seemed strange was that I often see him in ancient wuxia settings more than the whole modern theme.

Totally recommended for Hu Ge fans or anyone who loves his singing.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT