Borrow Your Love: Episode 10

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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It seemed like Ping An was back to her cheerful self. She was back at the flower shop and working for her old lady boss. Her lady boss told her to stay there forever since she’d brought luck toward their business. She said she was willing to increase Ping An’s salary. Yet Ping An told her lady boss of her recent dream and wanted to work harder toward that goal, with saving money and traveling abroad to study, etc. Her lady boss was really proud of her and encouraged her on. After all the talk, her next delivery was to Huo Ying’s company.

What did Huo Ying want now? After all, he was responsible for her downfall. Even if he did apologize silently but she was still fired, etc. He was actually sponsoring Zi Wen and Xi Le’s wedding so that he could use them as free advertisement for his products, lol. He outright told Zi Wen so too, even if that was supposed to be his wedding present for them. When Ping An finally arrived, he told her to come over. He said he was giving her a new job. He’d given her a chance to become a magician once again. And she was able to perform and rouse many people’s interest, even the groom’s attention. (That had, of course, sparked major jealousy from Xi Le and had riled her up even more. Though she’d kept it all inside for the time being.) Anyway, after the performance, Ping An changed out and returned the magician’s outfit to Huo Ying, telling him that she was leaving. Yet he stopped her, convincing her to take on a job at his company. He really wanted to tell her what he had done and if she’d known, she wouldn’t forgive him. Yet he couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. She left at last after some more teasing and joking around between them. Even though she said she didn’t mind that he couldn’t help much and as long as he thought of helping her, it was fine yet he was still troubled after she left. He hoped that she would forgive him. (So okay, I guess I could forgive him a bit since it was his father after all so he had to listen.)

Later, Xi Le and Ji Li Sha were seen at a mini-golf court, trying to play. Ji Li Sha didn’t even know why Xi Le took her there, claiming it was both hot and uncomfortable. Yet Xi Le was even scarier with her upcoming words, causing Ji Li Sha to talk less and less as time passed with their conversation. Xi Le had said how her mother wasn’t around to protect Ping An anymore, she pondered if Ping An would get bullied by anyone. (It was like she wanted to imply something to Ji Li Sha.) It was then that Ji Li Sha said that she didn’t realize Xi Le could become so scary. Xi Le turned and thanked Ji Li Sha for being such a good teacher. (YES, it was her fault after all. Even if Xi Le had all those insecurities in her, but thank Ji Li Sha for honing those ‘skills’ in her. Or was it talking about influences here?)  Soon, Xi Le kept edging closer and closer to Ji Li Sha that she ended up falling over and injuring her leg. Ji Li Sha yelled out that Xi Le was crazy. Yet Xi Le said she was helping Ji Li Sha. What was the plan? She called her mother up and told her mother how she’d injured her leg. So Bai Ming Li requested that Ye Chen go tend to it since Zi Wen was busy at some meeting. Ye Chen arrived on the scene to be told by Xi Le that her mother must have heard wrong since the one injured was Ji Li Sha. Ye Chen had no choice but to help Ji Li Sha. Yet the worst part was seeing how he had to carry Ji Li Sha on his back. Though she should be more than happy that she could spend some time with Ye Chen, Ji Li Sha looked more scared of Xi Le and what Xi Le was suddenly capable of. (Because Xi Le’s previous words to her were how Ji Li Sha was like a kid, only lashing out at others when she couldn’t get a certain toy. Indeed, Ji Li Sha was just like that, not knowing how to think of some major schemes, except those side schemes she could conjure up at times but those were mini.)

So the wedding plans moved forward with Bai Ming Li wanting the best for Xi Le–as she said before. She even went all the way out with wanting a rush custom made wedding gown for Xi Le all the way from France. Xi Le was more than happy. (She should be!) Indeed, it was super fast because Xi Le was able to try on the wedding gown not long after. Yet what sort of bothered her was hearing another gown was coming from France. The reason why Zi Wen wasn’t there to try on his tux as well was because he’d claimed to have to go somewhere. (The actual story was he’d overheard some words about a new will so he needed to go track things down.)

Elsewhere, Ye Chen finally met up with Lawyer Huang to give him Bai Ming Li’s new will. After Lawyer Huang checked the sealed documents and said it was fine, he placed it into his briefcase. However, someone rode by on the motorcycle to snatch up his briefcase. Ye Chen was still nearby so he chased the culprit down after telling Lawyer Huang to call the cops. His chase was unsuccessful but he was able to retrieve the briefcase again because the other person had tossed it away somewhere down the road. He returned and Lawyer Huang checked the package again to see that it was still sealed. (I seriously never got why they didn’t just plain break the seal and check, considering how someone had snatched up the briefcase. It would be for safety purposes to check, even if they would have to redo the documents again. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Even after I got impatient and went ahead to watch before doubling back to write the summaries, I still didn’t get why. It was too careless of a move, considering what kind of person Bai Ming Li was. She was super careful. It was the script-writers not taking care of such details and dragging out some unnecessary dramatic scenes. And it didn’t matter what the cops said about the snatching thing, it could be a coverup for some other incident. So why not check?)

Anyway, after reporting the incident to Bai Ming Li, Ye Chen had to take her to the hospital for Doctor Lu (her doctor) to check on her again. After Doctor Lu left, Bai Ming Li said that she was fine again so they could leave. However, Ye Chen blurted out that it was already enough. He wondered when she was done with holding up the strong front, and stating he didn’t want to help her anymore. He didn’t want to be the only person to be by her side during her last moments. He told her to just tell everyone the truth already, etc. He said he didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand either. He asked if her kingdom and money were more important. She soon apologized to him, saying that she’d tricked him. She didn’t realize how the situation had turned into such complications, and how after interacting with both girls, it was harder to do a lot of things. Like how she couldn’t just plain use Xi Le anymore–and how Ping An was by her side yet she couldn’t accept her either. It seemed like there was no reason for her to not let go, but she said she wanted to leave behind the career that she’d worked hard for half of her life as compensation. He still didn’t get it. She said it didn’t matter if he’d understand or not, but since the beginning, she’d also used him. However, she said he was an unexpected surprise that Heaven had given her. She then thanked him, saying he was an angel in black. She finally extended her hand to him–to which he lingered a bit before taking it. Was this a sign that they were finally friends? (Or at least reaching some sort of equality–more than just him working for her, etc.)

Later at some cafe, Zi Wen was finally meeting up with Hei Zai again. He was indeed the person who paid Hei Zai to snatch the briefcase and exchanging the two packages. (He didn’t accept the compliment when Hei Zai gave it to him since he said he had to thank Ji Shi Cheng for it. Yes, he knew about the switched documents being the Ji family’s doings because he’d spotted the package Huo Ying dropped at that one time on his way out of the house.) What was Zi Wen’s reaction after finding out that Ping An was actually Bai Ming Li’s daughter? Of course, he went ballistic. How could he not react so strongly after all that he’d done and he thought he was one step closer to achieving his goals? He couldn’t believe he’d fallen into the trap. He even maintained that same upset attitude when arriving home and shooed Xi Le out. Yet after all the explosion and mad rants, he finally calmed down and said that he could just go with the plan. What was his next move? Not allowing Bai Ming Li a chance to say the truth.

Still, the wedding plans were being carried out. Ye Chen took Ping An to the wedding site so she could plan out the decorations, etc. However, she encountered Bai Ming Li. She was about to leave, not wanting to bother Bai Ming Li yet Bai Ming Li told her to stay. (Yes, Ping An was still feeling bad about the whole lost documents incident hence not knowing how to face Bai Ming Li.) Bai Ming Li soon asked Ping An to help her by subbing in for Xi Le as she practiced walking the ‘bride’ down the aisle. It was indeed a very touching and sweet moment between the pair of mother and daughter. Ye Chen was actually smiling as he watched nearby.

When Ping An finally returned to the flower shop, she was met by Ji Li Sha and her thugs in toll. They were trying to sabotage Ping An, even damaging the roses Ping An had ready to use for decorations with Xi Le’s wedding, etc. So Ping An had to make calls all night to find the roses again at other places.

The wedding finally arrived. Interestingly, it was also the day that Xi Le graduated from her class. So Zi Wen said he wouldn’t be able to make it but told her to take lots of pictures and send it to him. Somehow, he told Ye Chen to help with picking Xi Le and Ping An up at Xi Le’s school. So Ye Chen told Bai Ming Li and Bai Ming Li was forced to call her other driver. She said it wasn’t a problem and told Ye Chen to go pick up the girls. However, what went haywire (considering Zi Wen’s recent plan) was how the wedding gowns shop had messed up with the delivery and had delivered it to the house instead of the wedding site. Xi Le told Ping An to go with Ye Chen while she went home to fetch the wedding gown and would go with her mother. Yes, it was a great plan for them yet that was what had caused Zi Wen to go insane. Yes, he told Hei Zai and had strongly stressed the importance of the plan for the day, telling Hei Zai not to mess up. Yet the person who messed up was him. For his plan to work, he wanted to off Bai Ming Li for real so she couldn’t have a chance to say the truth, but he needed Xi Le to be alive. So he was more than disturbed the whole while, trying to call Hei Zai up and finally using someone’s motorcycle to race there to stop the inevitable. While that was going on, Xi Le was seen all changed in her wedding gown already, looking so elegant and beautiful like a bride usually would on her wedding. She was really enjoying the moment when her mother helped her brush her hair and do the usual mother bonding before the wedding ceremony. Bai Ming Li was indeed enjoying the moment as well, not pretending anymore like some past moments. (Like she had stated Xi Le had become her daughter also through time spent together so she was more than happy to do the last bit of helping Xi Le before the wedding.)

When they were finally on the road, Xi Le was nervous hence Bai Ming Li holding her hand and telling her to sing to ease her moods. Xi Le could only remember some of the lyrics. Bai Ming Li finally joined in and helped Xi Le along the way. However, the incident finally occurred with the driver realizing that he wasn’t able to brake as they turned at the bend of the road (since he was trying to slow down for the turn). Soon, Bai Ming Li was protecting Xi Le as they were trying to open the door, but it seemed hopeless. The driver had somehow opened his door and escaped first. Only two people were left. Bai Ming Li shielded Xi Le as the car finally dove right into the cliff. That was when Zi Wen arrived on the scene and cried out in frustration and madness. Whether it was for Xi Le or for the fact that his plan was done for, it wasn’t clear. (Yet the fakest part was how the car exploded already but they were still alive? Like seriously? If they got tossed out before it exploded, then it made sense.)

When they were finally at the hospital, Xi Le broke down and said her mother had shielded her hence receiving all the injuries. She only had some minor injuries. The others tried to calm her down while waiting. As the doctor finally came out, he told them the operation was done and Bai Ming Li wanted to see both girls. As they walked away together–with Ping An guiding Xi Le along, Zi Wen silently said Bai Ming Li finally done a good deed with saving Xi Le. While that was going on, Ye Chen was staring at Zi Wen with much suspicion.

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