Borrow Your Love: Episode 14

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Ye Chen and Ping An moved the meeting location with the old friend to a cafe. They took a table outside to talk, which would be easier. Ping An finally learned of the old man’s background when he recounted past events. The pair of father and daughter used to circulate the area, and Ping An’s father had performed in his restaurant numerous times. Ping An then asked him if he knew of her father’s whereabouts. He finally told her (after some hesitation and choked up feelings) that her father had passed away that one rainy night already. Ping An actually knew of her father’s passing already or at least had a feeling it was so yet she couldn’t help but break down totally after hearing the truth from this old friend of her father’s. After breaking down at home that night, she met up with the old man again to retrieve her father’s belongings that the old man had kept all these years. When she finally was able to settle down somewhere to go through the box, Ping An found her father’s ID on top, so happy that she wouldn’t forget her father’s face again. Then there were also music sheets and other sentimental items. What became a major clue to the overall story of their family’s past–and other misunderstandings–was her father’s letter to her mother. He had intended for her to find it after his death. However, because of that car accident and many other complications with Ping An being lost and the old friend wasn’t able to find her, things were delayed. The letter actually disclosed that Ping An’s father was the one snatching Ping An up and leaving. He didn’t want to drag Ping An’s mother down since she was still so young and beautiful and still have a bright future because he’d discovered that he’d leukemia. He apologized for leaving and also for taking Ping An with him since he thought that she shouldn’t be held down by a sick husband and a kid, etc. He also mentioned how her boss was really fond of her so that might be a better choice for her and could bring her more happiness than being with him. So Bai Ming Li didn’t abandon them. Ye Chen was quite upset to learn of it, chiding Ping An’s father for thinking such thoughts and causing so much hardships for Ping An all these years. Yet Ping An said she understood her father’s reasons and was glad that she learned the true version, knowing her mother didn’t abandon her all these years.

As for Zi Wen, he was still working hard to win Xi Le’s heart back. This time, he used sincerity and patience for it, especially tending to small things like making her meals and all. She wasn’t unaffected by that. (At least on the surface. She just wanted to protect herself this time around, not wanting to get hurt anymore.) Soon, Zi Wen met up with Sergeant Xu. Ye Chen had finally handed Hei Zai’s cell phone over to Sergeant Xu awhile back so now Sergeant had contacted Zi Wen for help. Zi Wen actually said that he wanted to seek out Sergeant Xu as well. So they have something in common. Negotiations perhaps?

After taking care of some more stuff, Zi Wen was back for more trying to win Xi Le over. He even took her to Wei Zhen’s grave and tried to prove his words. However, she said she wouldn’t trust him ever again. Later still, Xi Le sought out Ye Chen to verify some details of the story, claiming she couldn’t trust Zi Wen anymore. Ye Chen told her of how Zi Wen had given him the will already, telling him to pass it to Ping An. It was like how Zi Wen had told Xi Le. It was then that Xi Le dared to believe. She pondered why Ping An didn’t make a move to take back what was hers after having the will yet Ye Chen said Ping An didn’t want to. Xi Le said that was what she was most envious of Ping An, being able to let go and not fight with anyone. Moving along, Xi Le told Ye Chen that Zi Wen had dragged her to Wei Zhen’s grave. Ye Chen, upon hearing that, asked Xi Le to repeat it. He told her that this time Zi Wen meant it since Zi Wen hadn’t visited Wei Zhen’s grave even after all these years. After they parted ways, Xi Le spotted Zi Wen and overheard his conversation with Hei Zai. She quickly alerted Ye Chen. Ye Chen was with Ping An so he told her to go contact Sergeant Xu while he went to find Zi Wen.

Upon arriving though, Ye Chen was captured by Hei Zai, because he didn’t realize Hei Zai was behind him. He only had his eyes on Zi Wen. He didn’t realize about Zi Wen’s part in Sergeant Xu’s trap. That was what Ping An wanted to tell him before he was captured. Nevertheless, Zi Wen had to move forward with the plan, pretending that Hei Zai had done good in capturing Ye Chen or his plans would leak out. However, as he tried to negotiate with Hei Zai and exchange the money for Ye Chen, things got ugly from there. Though Ye Chen was able to fight Hei Zai off, he couldn’t see the attack from behind and Zi Wen ended up taking the hit for him, receiving the stab in full. (Although it was unbelievable how Ye Chen was able to fight like several dudes at once since the beginning, now seemed quite slow and weak for Hei Zai’s match.) But anyway, as Zi Wen fell, Sergeant Xu finally jumped out with some police officers, rattling out commands for the others to go chase Hei Zai as he called for an ambulance. Before any came though, Zi Wen apologized to Ye Chen and how he had always kept it in his heart that Ye Chen had sacrificed for him in serving the prison sentence, etc. They exchanged some hearty words about their bond and being ‘brothers’ again before Zi Wen told Ye Chen to tell Xi Le that he loved her. All the while, Ping An had finally arrived on the scene to witness the conversation. (Though it was strange that no other staff was nearby to help them? It could be explained they were in a very quiet area and that would make Hei Zai less suspicious of their motives, but still too quiet. And the blood was seriously too fake. Yeah, it was a very touching moment YET I was paying attention to those details, lol. But what puzzled me was how in the BTS when they applied it on Eli, it looked darker and real yet it looked so fake in the real scene. Was it because of the lighting? *shrugs*)

Days later, Xi Le was seen grieving over Zi Wen’s death still. She was moping and didn’t want to get up. (Yes, she was staying at Zi Wen’s place.) Ping An finally came to the place and forced her to face the truth. She couldn’t get to Xi Le–despite the yelling, scolding, and all of the side fights. Words of comfort and/or encouragement were already out the window. The only thing that worked was how Ping An asked Xi Le if she wanted to hear what Zi Wen wanted Ye Chen to tell her before his death? Xi Le finally pulled out of her trance and asked Ping An. Ping An told her exactly what Zi Wen said that he loved Xi Le. Xi Le broke down again, crashing to the ground, mumbling that he finally said it.

At home, Ye Chen was out on the porch watching the sky while Ping An was hanging some clothes. Ping An told him of what happened and how Xi Le had recovered already so she believed Xi Le would stand up soon. After some jokes, Ye Chen noticed how Ping An’s hand was all bruised up. Not that extreme, but it was like those marks came out of nowhere. Ping An claimed it was from the fight with Xi Le earlier. She said if the marks were present on her, Xi Le must have suffered worse. (LOL!) Yet Ye Chen wasn’t amused. He wanted her to go check it out, mentioning about her past nosebleeds and how she was so weak of recent. She didn’t want to. He reminded her that her father’s leukemia could have been passed to her. He didn’t want to take the risk. When they walked out of the hospital later though, she looked devastated while he tried to comfort her with how the medical field was getting quite advance nowadays hence they could cure her, etc. She wasn’t paying attention. Then she suggested they go on a vacation. He agreed. (Yes, so she has it. OY! How dramatic could it get? This tells you being nice is worth nothing. OR according to this, lol. Hello, how could she be this unfortunate? It made sense that her genes would be affected, considering how her father had it, but wow, couldn’t they pull it off with letting her go on this one?)

So Ye Chen and Ping An went on their trip. Super cute moments yet it was really sad at the same time since it was too obvious she was leaving soon. (Yes, it’s cliche but it’s obvious she’s trying to spend some time with him before leaving.) Even if she had started to have nosebleeds again, she still refused to go to the hospital to start her treatment. (Indeed, she was stubborn like her mother.) Ye Chen was indeed quite upset with how unfortunate Ping An was, scolding how it was so unfair, considering how Ping An had already endured so much pain already. Yet Ping An said she really wanted to get mad too, but that was the reality, not like stories where bad people get their deserved punishments while good people ended up with a happy ending, etc. (Yet, honestly, did they have to do that explanation for this one? I swore it was to cover up for all the plot loops and stupidity that couldn’t be explained at some point and dragging out more episodes with senseless moments at times just to say it was okay to let some details go.) Ping An soon convinced Ye Chen to not be so upset anymore, reminding him that it wasn’t like her disease was incurable. She just wanted to create some beautiful memories with him before going in for treatment and fighting the disease with her positive energy. So they resumed the vacation. However, after some more eventful time together, Ye Chen woke up one morning to find Ping An gone. He searched everywhere for her but it was hopeless, she wasn’t even home when he returned. He saw that her belongings were gone.

Zoom forward to some airport, Ping An was seen with Xi Le and Li Sha. The other two were there to send her off. Xi Le wanted to go with Ping An or at least send Xiao Si along with her. Yet Ping An turned it down, saying that each of them had their own destination. She believed that she could conquer the challenges ahead. Xi Le then asked if Ping An was sure about not letting Ye Chen know. Ping An said if anything happened to her and Ye Chen know, he wouldn’t be able to move on; yet if he didn’t know, perhaps it would be easier for him to forget her. It was around then that Li Sha jumped in to chide Ping An for being a dummy, always thinking for others, not herself. Huo Ying then jumped out of nowhere to say that he would go with her. Ping An turned him down as well, not wanting anyone to go with her, especially him (lol). Ping An joked that she wanted Huo Ying to stay behind to watch his sister, not wanting his sister to bully Xi Le. Even Li Sha was smiling over that. Yet Huo Ying was still worried about Ping An going alone like that. Ping An said they still have contact yet asked the others to promise her to not let Ye Chen know of her whereabouts. After those words, she went inside alone while the others watched.

As for Ye Chen, Xi Le finally came to talk to him, giving him Ping An’s letter, saying that Ping An had already left yet was safe. Upon opening the letter, Ye Chen almost jumped. Okay, he did jump. It was because he spotted Ping An’s bow clip. It was indeed a fright for him. She even wrote it on the letter. She told him when he finally conquered his fear of the bow, she would be back. He smiled and was no longer grievous. He had a new goal to work toward now. First step? Ye Chen set up a swing by that one tree Ping An pointed out awhile back to him. He even told the kids to help him decorate the swing with bows so that Ping An would return, etc. They were indeed quite helpful.

Time passed, Ye Chen was used to interacting with the kids at the orphanage and reading stories for them, playing with them, etc. While Xi Le still working hard at the company. Yet what she worried about was Ping An’s whereabouts and how Ping An hadn’t been contacting them. (She had also thought of Zi Wen and hoped that he could see her accomplishments, etc.)

One day, when Ye Chen was seen reading to the kids by the swing, the kids muttered they were tired of listening to “The Little Red Riding Hood” so he was forced to pick another story. They asked again when Ping An was coming back. He didn’t know. But they ended up searching for a new story. Somehow though, Ye Chen ended up falling asleep in the middle of the story. The kids soon scattered, leaving only Ye Chen behind. He awakened after a while and went searching for them. Suddenly, he heard Ping An’s voice calling him to come and help her. He couldn’t believe it, thinking he was dreaming. Yet when he came closer, he saw her sitting on the swing, smiling happily. Yes, she was indeed back. They ran toward each other and embraced happily at last. (Does that mean she’s cured? Since she looked quite healthy at this point, not so pale anymore like the last few episodes seemed to show.) But anyway, cute ending. (Yet I still don’t get how it had become that way with some of the details, but I still love watching the two.)

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