Borrow Your Love: Episode 2

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Following last episode’s suspense, some questions were answered in this episode as well as introducing even more complications.

First off, Ye Chen was hired by Bai Ming Li to look for her daughter but was told to keep mums. Therefore, he had no choice but to keep it away from Zi Wen as well. Zi Wen only knew to follow his boss’ instructions and buy Ye Chen a new motorcycle (which was totaled in the rescue scene of episode 1). For the majority of the episode, Ye Chen was seen going around different places to investigate an accident that took place more than 10 years ago. The chance being slim yet he wasn’t giving up anytime soon. And the reason for Bai Ming Li hiring him was seeing how he had served in prison already and would face difficulties searching for a job. (She probably thought using a rouge character to do the deed would be better with keeping things a secret.)

The second most climatic event of the episode was Xie Ping An organizing a strike against Bai Ming Li–who wanted to cut back on human resources. Though going into the strike, Ping An had been slapped by Xi Le after her (Ping An) rash attempt to argue with Bai Ming Li. The reason why Xi Le had slapped Ping An was because she didn’t want Ping An to make the situation worse. Their little conflict was soon resolved with the head of the orphanage stepping in to talk to the girls. They soon realized each other’s views and were reunited at the strike to fight for the employees. Bai Ming Li had no choice but to renew the contract with the employees in front of the reporters. But behind closed doors, she told Zi Wen to add in additional clauses to throw some loops into the contract itself. It was also then that Zi Wen realized how terrifying his boss could be, being able to execute all sorts of plans to achieve her goals.

Meanwhile, Ping An and Xi Le were being kicked out of their apartment by the orders of Bai Ming Li. Even if their landlady wanted to spare them several days to find a new habitat before kicking them out, she was too scared of the shady characters Bai Ming Li sent along (to make sure the job was done). So Ping An had no choice but to move out. As she was sitting outside waiting for Xi Le to come home, she was moping over the next few days’ situations. Not long after Xi Le returned home and was updated on the situation, Zi Wen showed up and offered them a place to stay for the time being. (It was a courtesy of Ye Chen having witnessed the scene were Ping An was being kicked out and called Zi Wen to tell him about the situation.) Though very grateful for Zi Wen’s help, Ping An was more than annoyed to learn that she would be sharing the same apartment with “Da Se Lang” (大色狼) for the next few days as the girls searched for a new habitat. (The nickname was due to a very awkward encounter in episode 1 with Ye Chen.) Yet, again, she had no choice but to. After all, she didn’t want the head of the orphanage to worry even more–if they were to move back.

It seemed like their life’s many dramas could halt for several more days while they search for new habitat and Ping An trying to search for a new job, but it was far from so. While Ping An and Xi Le gotten off a bus to go back to the orphanage for a visit, they were informed via phone by Zi Wen that his boss, Bai Ming Li, had sent out a group of men to “warn” them to not be so nosy in the future. Indeed, it was a dangerous situation. As both girls fled for their lives, trying to run back to the orphanage for cover–for the time being, Ping An stopped short and told Xi Le they shouldn’t pull the orphanage into the situation as well. So they turned around and decided to run elsewhere for cover. Yet it was too late. The group of thugs were soon among them and were surrounding them for the typical taunting before the attack. Luckily, Ye Chen came on time to rescue them. (Ye Chen had been informed by Zi Wen–after Zi Wen got off the phone with Ping An. And because he was at the orphanage–the orphanage the girls were going to visit–that he came in time for the rescue.)

Just when Xi Le thought they could stand aside to wait safely as Ye Chen fight off the thugs, Ping An jumped onto Ye Chen’s motorcycle and vouched to seek out Bai Ming Li to settle the score. Ye Chen, alarmed, tried to run after her–yet in vain. So Ping An and Bai Ming Li had another showdown between the two as well as Bai Ming Li’s free class for Ping An to “wake up” from her righteous rants. Their arguments lasted awhile more and the intensity in the room had heightened to another level as well. It was enough for Ping An to blow up, attempting to attack Bai Ming Li, considering the hot-headed person that she was. Yet that time with their talk had allowed for Ye Chen to finally seek a way or a form of transportation to arrive with Xi Le in toll. Ye Chen had also arrived in time to stop Ping An from attacking the other party. Ping An, being her typical self, refused to back down, claiming that she would get even with the crazy woman who almost killed her and her good sister. Yet what Ye Chen said next sure got everyone’s attention and stopped Ping An’s mouth from running. What was the new information? That Ping An or Xi Le could be her daughter. Yes, Ye Chen had found some files at the orphanage that had narrowed down the two girls as possible candidates for Bai Ming Li’s long lost daughter.

That little surprising information didn’t end the episode. Not quite yet. Because even if Ping An was surprised, she was far from calm down. She continued on with rejecting the DNA testing suggestion. But Xi Le had convinced her to take care of the matter once and for all. After agreeing to the suggestion, Ye Chen took the girls home–and they were told they could go back to their own apartment so they didn’t have to stay with Ye Chen anymore. Soon, Ye Chen was meeting up with Zi Wen at a venue called “Brown Sugar” and talked about the day’s dramas. With the exception of the discovery of Bai Ming Li’s daughter, of course. Because Ye Chen had promised before that he would keep it mums. So even if Zi Wen was his friend, Bai Ming Li was currently his client. He couldn’t back down on his words. So what would it be? Which one of the two girls is actually the lucky–or not so lucky–candidate?

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