Borrow Your Love: Episode 5

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Ping An’s admittance in not liking Xi Le’s mother wasn’t the crucial point that she wanted to make. She finally confided in Xi Le that she always wanted to wait for her father to come to the orphanage to pick her up hence always causing troubles or appearing not as well-behaved on purpose so other families wouldn’t adopt her. Though growing up, she had come to realize that her father probably wouldn’t come back for her yet she still felt weird whenever having to rely on others. Because of that mutual feeling, Xi Le didn’t want to force Ping An into any situation, such as moving in with her. However, it turned out that Xi Le wanted to move back there with Ping An. (HUH?) That was a major guilt trip for Ping An–whether intentional on Xi Le’s part or not, because Ping An was forced to remember the incident where Xi Le told the possible family that wanted to adopt her that she had some kind of sickness hence them changing their mind in the end. Ping An didn’t want to cause Xi Le to lose another chance, especially how this time it was her real family, not just some adopted family. So what now? She decided to put down her self-pride and run after Xi Le to tell Xi Le that she would come with Xi Le. That was also when Ye Chen arrived at the scene to question them about the move. (He was actually ordered by Bai Ming Li to go help the girls with the move.)

Meanwhile, at the company, Bai Ming Li had assigned Ji Huo Ying to a job that he would love so dearly with its comfortable atmosphere and many duties that would allow him to work as comfortably. He was more than happy, thanking his new boss for the opportunity. However, that was when Ji Shi Cheng jumped in to object. He didn’t want his son to be assigned to that department. It was too far away from his motive. Yet he couldn’t do anything when his son didn’t even understand. So what else could he do but leave in a huff?

As interesting as it got, but it was predictable if one had paid attention to past signs, Ye Chen came into Bai Ming Li’s office to hand her his resignation letter. They ended up talking outside at some corner of the roof–and away from possible eavesdroppers. Ye Chen said he didn’t want to work for a boss who didn’t trust him. Ye Chen, not wanting to beat around the bushes anymore, outright confronted Bai Ming Li by asking her with the whole Ping An and Xi Le situation. He actually wanted to know why she accepted Xi Le as her daughter yet it was obvious her daughter was Ping An. (A very intense confrontation followed and the two of them got quite emotional, but it really showed both’s acting abilities.) Indeed, Bai Ming Li didn’t want to risk Ping An’s life hence allowing Xi Le to become her daughter, and that was when Ye Chen couldn’t take it anymore with how she could sacrifice such an innocent person like Xi Le. Perhaps the only reason why Ye Chen chose to stay and try to resurrect the situation was because he learned how Bai Ming Li couldn’t live past half a year because of a tumor in her brain. And perhaps that was also why Bai Ming Li was so into searching for her daughter after so many years. (Like how they often say with people looking back on their life when they realized they hadn’t had much time and wanted to undo some damages from the past–or at least resolve some inner conflicts.)

Back at Ping An’s workplace, she was still working despite her injured hand. That had resulted in a conflict with one of the customers because she accidentally spilled stuff on that person. Even when she apologized and wanted to help that person clean up, that person still scolded at her like no tomorrow, rattling out some really overboard requests. Ye Chen walked by around then and interfered, rescuing her by claiming that he was the manager. That sure surprised Ping An with the rescue. Then later when she was washing dishes in the kitchen, he was staring at her and thinking how it was so hard for her to finally found her mother yet after all these years growing up and being her strong self, etc. She soon asked him if the weather was nice today, lol. He pretended not to stare as she continued to wonder why he was doing good deeds. He responded with not wanting her wound to get worse, causing him to have to look after her again. He even added in with how it was normal to help his girlfriend, lol. She told him that Xi Le wasn’t there so he didn’t have to act, lol. He then returned to his monstrous self (according to her) and said that she had to pay him back by inviting him to dinner. She agreed but said since she had some food around, lol. As they were lost in their own thoughts, Ye Chen disclosed his real reason for staying. It was because he wanted to be by Ping An’s side when she finally learned of the truth.

Another shocking detail of Zi Wen’s past was soon disclosed later when Zi Wen got a fever and was forced to revisit some past memories. It was possibly the most shocking detail thus far. Because of how Zi Wen had vouched for revenge toward Bai Ming Li for causing his parents’ deaths and turning his life upside down, he actually tried to carry out that plan years ago. Somehow, he had managed to cut the brake of Bai Ming Li’s car thus probably causing some accident–as he hid nearby to witness the scene. Yet what he couldn’t believe was how Wei Zhen had jumped out in front of the car when it drove by. (The ‘cutting brake’ part could only be guessed but it seemed that way because of how the car wasn’t able to stop or slow down.) Because of this incident, that had also scarred him even more. That incident, of course, happened years ago when Ye Chen was still in prison and Zi Wen was trying to find his way to avenge his parents’ deaths–in any way he could. Even if it was an accident and how he couldn’t have guessed in millions of years that Wei Zhen would be nearby or jumping out in front of the car like that, how would he face Ye Chen now? No wonder he was in fear of meeting Ye Chen again but hadn’t really projected that in front of Ye Chen.

So when Xi Le called Ping An up, saying that she had to accompany Zi Wen and wait until he wakes up again, Ping An was walking around talking to herself again. She was wondering how she would fend without Xi Le at home. After all, facing Bai Ming Li alone was too strange. Luckily, she bumped into Ye Chen (literally) and was reminded of their dinner date. She, of course, was trying to save money so she ended up thinking of cooking a meal at home instead of going out to eat (and waste money). So there they were. She was turning the kitchen into a war zone as he watched nearby, ready to jump in to rescue the situation at any time. It was indeed quite hilarious to watch. The funniest scene must be the part where she activated the smoke detectors and caused the sprinklers to go on hence him having to bring an umbrella over to shield her. (LOL!) So what then? They were forced to eat noodles. He pointed out that Bai Ming Li was the most unfortunate party since Ping An’s first day of moving in had caused her kitchen to turn into a mess. He didn’t stop there, even saying how she should’ve learned a thing or two after all these years working at the restaurant. And that had earned him a chance of her snatching his noodles bowl away, lol. Yet she soon gave it back and asked him about his necklace–or more like the pendant on it. She commented it was strange, and that was when he mentioned it was from his sister and disclosed a bit about her death, etc. That finally caused her to shush it for a while, knowing she shouldn’t tread into that territory. In fact, she didn’t want to say anything more when she learned that he’d been in prison in the past. Instead, she picked a safer topic, pondering why Bai Ming Li didn’t come to eat yet.

The reason why Bai Ming Li didn’t come to the dinner table wasn’t because she was upset over Ping An’s latest mishap. She had fallen down and lucky for them that they were around to bring her to the hospital. On the way there, Bai Ming Li woke up briefly and grabbed onto Ping An’s hand while Ping An called her, trying to get her to wake up. She kept calling out “My daughter”, which caused Ping An to remember about Xi Le and told her that she would call Xi Le. When they finally arrived, Bai Ming Li was rushed to the ER and they were forced to wait outside. While waiting, Ji Huo Ying came over to check on them, even became overly happy to know Xi Le was his auntie’s daughter. He tried to inquire further and act all friendly–like his usual moves with pretty girls. Yet Ping An, remembering what Bai Ming Li said about Ji Huo Ying and her warnings to them, ignored Ji Huo Ying and continued to talk to Xi Le. The doctor soon came out to tell them that everything was all right–and gave a simple reason for Bai Ming Li’s situation. He told them to return home and let Bai Ming Li rest before coming back. They obliged. However, Xi Le was still staying in Zi Wen’s room and would come back later to check in on her ‘mom’ and told Ye Chen to send Ping An home. Ji Huo Ying was the only left, feeling like he’d lost his charm.

On the way home, Ping An confessed to Ye Chen that she was really scared earlier. She elaborated that even if she and Bai Ming Li weren’t that close since they just interacted more closely with recent (than just those heated arguments at the beginning), and even if she knew Bai Ming Li was Xi Le’s mother but she was still scared. She wondered what would happen if Bai Ming Li was really gone. Then she was thinking of her own situation and wondered if her mother was out there somewhere. Ye Chen wanted to place a hand on her shoulder (for support or comfort, whichever it was or could be both), but he withdrew his hand at the last minute.

The day that Bai Ming Li returned to the company was also the day Zi Wen returned. Yet what was in place for them was Ji Shi Cheng’s latest traps. He wasn’t just warning his son not to let him down and must maintain a hardworking attitude to prove himself. He also encouraged his son to pursue Xi Le. It was a low tactic to get back at Bai Ming Li yet it was all he could grasp at the moment when he was trying to figure out his next step.

As for Zi Wen, he was happy with his progress in successfully winning Xi Le’s heart. The only thing he needed to do was work harder so Bai Ming Li would acknowledge him. Well, it wasn’t hard to win Xi Le’s heart because she already liked him and he knew that so he just used it to his advantage. At this point, it seemed like he was one step closer to his revenge plot. Just needed to be a little more patient and not blow his cover. Yet that wasn’t it. He decided to change his tactic. It was even more effective than just clinging onto Xi Le like that, he had to play the card “I’m not good enough for you because of our different backgrounds” to win her over even more.

While Xi Le was lost in thoughts and was seen grievous over Zi Wen’s sudden break up with her, she was lured away by Ji Huo Ying. He had persuaded her to attend some event, stating that the ones present were people whom her mother was familiar with. Luckily for her, Ping An had spotted the two together and it would help her later on as she’d fallen into a trap. Yes, the strange scene had caused Ping An to be unrest and forced Ping An to seek Ye Chen for help when she couldn’t reach Xi Le on her cell phone (after her many attempts to call Xi Le that was). Ping An indeed had remembered Bai Ming Li’s warnings of Ji Huo Ying and was wondering why such an obedient person like Xi Le didn’t listen to her mother. And before she could get Ye Chen to help her, she ran into Zi Wen. He wondered if she was trying to hide from him since she didn’t visit him at all when he was in the hospital. (He had once again rescued her from her supervisor’s scolding before asking about her the matter. It seemed like he still cared for her a lot. Well, he’d always cared about her, but he needed to place the revenge plot on top of the list for the moment.) She soon asked him for a break to go find Xi Le before working on the plan he just assigned to her. He thought that Xi Le was troubled by his situation (which was half true) but didn’t know of her going with Ji Huo Ying. (Ping An didn’t want Zi Wen to misunderstand Xi Le or affect his and Xi Le’s relationship so she didn’t tell him what happened.) It wasn’t until she ran home to check that she finally thought of calling Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was actually visiting his sister at her grave so wasn’t around at the moment. What was even more interesting was seeing an officer, Sergeant Xu, showing up at his sister’s grave after he told his sister about meeting a girl who was similar to her (i.e. loud and all). They had a somewhat hostile conversation, considering how Sergeant Xu was implying Ye Chen being up to no good again, because of how he was now following Bai Ming Li. Ye Chen said that he needed the little job to get by. Yet Sergeant Xu rattled off his new boss’ long list of suspected crimes, etc. Sergeant Xu couldn’t believe that Bai Ming Li wanted Ye Chen to be her driver. Ye Chen said it was that simple, nothing more. Sergeant Xu finally left Ye Chen alone after giving Ye Chen his business card, telling Ye Chen to call him if Ye Chen discovered anything suspicious. Ye Chen asked his sister why he couldn’t just leave the complicated place. However, that was when Ping An called him. When he returned, she rushed out and hopped into the car, telling him to go. When he asked what happened, she told him about Xi Le yet he turned her request down. It was because she had called Ji Huo Ying “Da Se Lang” and he supposedly was used to be called that. (Yes, he wanted that name to be reserved for him only.) She indeed was laughing at him for being jealous over such a strange matter. As they were finally on their way, Ping An didn’t realize that Xi Le had already broken out of her trance and realized she shouldn’t be mingling with Ji Huo Ying and his friends, knowing her mother would be very upset. She tried to call Ping An back, but Ping An had rushed out earlier, totally forgetting her cell phone. Their search for Ji Huo Ying landed them back at the company, more specifically Zi Wen’s office. But before Ping An and Ye Chen entered, Zi Wen had set up a trap for Ji Shi Cheng, wanting to use the old man as a pawn for his latest trap.

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