Borrow Your Love: Episode 7

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The episode continued with where Ji Li Sha pushed Xi Le into the pool while others watched nearby. Ping An quickly rushed over to the pool area and pushed Ji Li Sha into the pool as well. After that, she rushed toward Xi Le, telling Xi Le to try and grab hold onto her hand. Meanwhile, someone else finally reacted. That person was Zi Wen. He was the only one jumping into the pool and managed to rescue Xi Le. (Of course, both Ping An and Xi Le didn’t know how to swim so that was why Xi Le couldn’t save herself and Ping An couldn’t just jump in.) After Xi Le had been rescued, her nervous attack surged. Luckily, Ping An was able to retrieve the inhaler for her so she was fine again. As Zi Wen and Ping An were tending to Xi Le, Ji Li Sha finally was able to swim to shore and made her way back out of the pool. A hilarious yet embarrassing moment occurred because her dress had slipped off showing her undergarments, causing the crowd to snicker away. That was also around the same time Ye Chen made his way over and used his jacket to cover her up, trying to help her. However, being ungrateful that she was, she pushed him away–and into the pool. As she rushed off, Ping An already got up and exchanged a look with Ye Chen. She actually laughed at him for being a ‘hero’ at the wrong time. When he finally got a chance to go dry up, he told her he did it for her since she would be punished later so he was just patching up the situation as much as he could. She said she didn’t care and was just protecting Xi Le. Yet Ye Chen pointed out of Bai Ming Li’s punishment. It was then that some sort of fear crept into Ping An’s mind. She turned to look at Bai Ming Li and surprisingly saw the woman smiling at her.

As things were going on outside with people cleaning up. Xi Le had already calmed down and even brought a new change of clothes for Ji Li Sha. It was actually after Ji Huo Ying wasn’t able to convince his sister to open the door. Xi Le was shooed out with sharp words after having left the new clothes for Ji Li Sha. Yet Xi Le soon discovered a secret of Ji Li Sha’s. Ji Li Sha was actually one of the orphans at the orphanage that Ping An and Xi Le grew up in. Her name was Sha Sha. She was actually adopted and not really Ji Shi Cheng’s daughter. However, she had forgotten it already–or tried to after having a new life. The reason why Xi Le was able to recognize her was because of the scar on her hand. It was inflicted by Ping An when they were little because Sha Sha tried to bully Xi Le so Ping An pushed her. Upon that discovery, Ji Li Sha finally gave in and told Xi Le not to tell anyone–in exchange for the fact that she would help Xi Le merge in with the high-class society. A good bargain? And then after all those things were taken care of, Ji Li Sha finally headed downstairs to see Ye Chen walking in with some trays. She finally took the time to thank him for helping her earlier and asked of his name. She told him she would compensate for his clothes later. He just scoffed and left. It seemed like she wasn’t acting like a typical princess. Was it because she’d fallen for him?

Next development was how Zi Wen was waiting for Xi Le to come over and “thank him.” He expected it. NOT sure if the other incident was just plain coincidence and it fitted into his plan or he had cooked up that plan somehow along the way. Yet the person greeting him first was Hei Zai. Hei Zai was saying how his money was running low again. Even though Zi Wen was annoyed with the constant bother but he soon told Hei Zai that he needed Hai Zai to do something else for him before giving Hei Zai more money. After their discussion ended, Xi Le knocked. Yes, it was really her this time, not some unplanned guest. Indeed, that little incident with Xi Le falling into the pool had given Zi Wen some good reasons to “realize her importance to him” hence getting past his self-pride about their distance, etc. So yes, they were officially together.

At Bai Ming Li’s place, she was seen reminiscing about the necklace her 2nd husband gave her. After that, Ping An entered. Probably she was summoned in to have her punishment delivered for her rash behavior earlier with pushing Ji Li Sha into the pool. She looked timid enough. It must be that. But no, it wasn’t that. Bai Ming Li called Ping An in to thank her for her hard work the whole day. That was definitely a shocker for Ping An, knowing too well–though she was protecting Xi Le–she still pushed Ji Li Sha in. When Ping An asked, Bai Ming Li said that Ji Li Sha needed someone to teach her a lesson anyway so she didn’t mind that. Bai Ming Li even gave Ping An a necklace as a reward for her good work of planning and overseeing the banquet. (Yes, it was the same necklace her husband gave her years ago.) Ping An was reluctant at first but soon accepted after knowing it wasn’t as expensive–and after all, Bai Ming did insist so she couldn’t keep turning it down. And as Bai Ming Li placed the necklace on for Ping An, Ping An felt that it would be good if Bai Ming Li was her mother. Then their conversation moved to the dining table since Bai Ming Li was hungry so Ping An prepared some noodles for her. It reminded her of the past again yet they proceeded on with the conversation as Ping An was assured that Bai Ming Li really liked it. The conversation moved back to work-related matters again, Bai Ming Li wanted to promote Ping An after her good work and all. She was really happy.

The next day, Ping An and Xi Le were seen walking happily to work. It was as if they didn’t realize one another’s presence yet they were able to carry a conversation upon descending the escalators. Ping An, of course, was happy with her new promotion and was ready to work harder–with Bai Ming Li’s encouragement. Xi Le was enjoying her own happiness because Zi Wen would soon approach her mother to ask for her acknowledgment thus allowing him to publicize their relationship. While that was going on with the two girls chatting away and teasing one another, Ye Chen was seen at a shop eating and talking to Sergeant Xu. Ye Chen was asking about Hei Zai and if the latter had captured Hei Zai yet. Having no luck on that matter, but Ye Chen was provided with the information of the person who hired Hei Zai. After some brief exchange, Sergeant Xu left, allowing Ye Chen some peace to think of the new piece of information. Ye Chen knew for sure that it wasn’t Bai Ming Li who had executed such plans to kill her daughter (the scene where Zi Wen played the hero) so it was now on Zi Wen. Yet Ye Chen was still puzzled as to why Zi Wen had done that. He wasn’t snitching on his friend but was still investigating silently on his own.

More drama finally rolled along as they checked into a hotel and was ready to do some photo-shooting for the upcoming advertising that Ji Huo Ying was in charge of–regarding the pearl collection. He had somehow convinced Bai Ming Li it would save them a lot more if Xi Le became their model, etc. Not to mention how she fitted the image. So they all went, including Ping An. Xi Le took the time when they were checking out their room to ask about Ping An’s tie clip. (YES, she spotted it on one of Zi Wen’s ties and thought of Ping An.) She wondered if Ping An had given it to Ye Chen. Ping An nodded and said that Ye Chen didn’t care to wear it so it couldn’t be helped. Xi Le was a little assured, thinking silently that perhaps Ye Chen didn’t wear ties so he had given it to Zi Wen. Yet she retracted her statement and pointed out that Ye Chen usually didn’t wear ties anyway so he wouldn’t have any use for it. So Xi Le was back to thinking if Ping An had tricked her. Her next move? Suggesting that they have a double date later to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Elsewhere, Ji Huo Ying’s nurse friend at the hospital was summoned by Ji Shi Cheng for a meeting. It was a secret meeting between the two. He requested some information from her and even gave her a big envelope of money. Though he had subtly mentioned about just letting her use to buy some handbag or things she like, but it was too obvious it was money to shut her up. Her mission was probably bordering on messing with confidential information. He was really on it by trying to figure out Bai Ming Li’s medical condition. Her real one, not the one blurted out by her medical doctor, saying that she’d been too exhausted from overworking herself.

So after a long day of walking around to get a better knowledge of the surrounding locations and different sites that they were going to use for filming–and Ping An being bullied by Ji Li Sha, they were finally up to the part of the double date. (Though Ji Li Sha had used the excuse of working to yell at Ping An from time to time and how Ping An tried to keep her temper in check since it was work, it was obvious Ji Li Sha was getting back at her for the other incident.) Or more like Xi Le was already done with refreshing herself and ready for the upcoming date while Ping An strolled in and collapsed on the bed, telling Xi Le she was too tired so she wasn’t hungry (aka Xi Le and Zi Wen could just go on their date). After much persuasion, Ping An finally agreed–considering how Xi Le had let her off slightly by allowing her some rest.

In the lobby, Ye Chen finally confronted Zi Wen about his involvement with Hei Zai. However, Zi Wen turned it around and pinned it on Bai Ming Li, stating he had no idea why Bai Ming Li had done so either yet he’d learned from her that there was never a sure way to know who were true friends or enemies. Ye Chen was indeed wavered, considering how Zi Wen was his friend after all. (Even if Zi Wen was all because of the revenge plot and one would sympathize with him all these years AND Bai Ming Li indeed have a lot of despicable moves, but seriously, I just can’t stand Zi Wen whenever he faced Ye Chen of recent. Not after what Ye Chen had done for him and how he’d killed Ye Chen’s sister. Though that was an accident, still… AND I’m siding with Ye Chen, not Bai Ming Li since what she did WAS so on her.) Zi Wen’s look at Ye Chen after Ye Chen left also made it tenfold more frustrating.

Ye Chen was actually called away at the lobby and what he thought was supposed to be some gathering with someone he knew wasn’t. Well, at least, he wouldn’t have guessed it would be her. It was Ji Li Sha. She wanted to invite Ye Chen to dinner to thank him for the other incident. He shrugged it off again and said it was nothing. So he got up to leave yet she tried to chase after him, saying that he wasn’t being a gentleman with turning her down like that. He scoffed, saying that the “gentleman” image wasn’t suitable for him. That was also around the same time Xi Le walked out with Zi Wen and saw them. Ye Chen told them that he was leaving yet Xi Le told him that Ping An was coming so he turned around and made his way toward the tables once again, leaving Ji Li Sha fuming.

Somehow though, Ji Li Sha ended up at the same table as them. There were extra chairs for additional people so it seemed like this double date was turning into a party. Meanwhile, Ping An was calling Xiao San on her cell phone to ask about the appropriate table manners, etc but was interrupted by someone. She opened the door to see Ji Huo Ying. She ended up blurting out, “It’s you again,” but he said he should be the one saying that. Of course, he was looking for Xi Le. So he ended up going with Ping An to the dining area to join the others. And because Xiao San didn’t specify the instructions, Ping An ended up in an obstacle again. Luckily, she had Zi Wen as a lifesaver, sending her the correct signals as she tried to eliminate which utensils to use for which. Yet those little side gestures had cranked up Xi Le’s suspicions even more about the two’s relationship. Before Xi Le could ponder about the matter, Ji Li Sha strike again. But this time, she was taking a jab at Ping An and how she’d ordered ahead of time for Ping An. Ye Chen attempted to rescue her by exchanging his order with her yet Ji Li Sha didn’t let them. (I didn’t know why it mattered what she think since they were girlfriend/boyfriend status right now so why care? Or perhaps Ping An wanted to stand up for herself so she turned down Ye Chen’s help.) But it was Ji Li Sha’s own doings that had once again caused an embarrassment for her. As she was anticipating for Ping An to make even more mistakes with trying to tend to the crabs, the crab ended up on her head. She was more than freaked out, yelling out for help as the others laughed on. (Though not too loud.) Only Xi Le rescued her yet her next move was to spray her own drink on Ping An–even though Ping An had apologized since she honestly didn’t mean it. That little incident had caused both Ye Chen and Zi Wen to look quite upset.

Later that night when everyone had gone to sleep already, Ping An was seen still working. She had to rely on her small phone screen to check out some pictures and plan accordingly. However, Ye Chen soon showed up to help her. He drew an on-scale drawing of the location for her. It was a hilarious and cute moment for them. First, he was asking why she didn’t go to sleep yet and it was obvious. So he went to get some supplies to help with drawing it out. He also mentioned after he was done, they could sleep. At first, she agreed. Then she realized his choice of words so she scolded him saying who would go with him, lol. And while he was focusing on drawing, she realized a different side of him. Like how he was so cool-looking on the outside yet was always helping her out at the moment she needed it the most, etc. He caught her staring, lol. And she pretended not to stare. After he was done, he told her they could finally call it a night. She was still sitting around after he walked off so he returned and asked if she needed to be carried, lol. She said she wanted to stay and watch the scene a bit more. He had an idea so they ended up taking the boat out in the middle of the lake to enjoy the night scenery. She finally had a chance to ask him about his past imprisonment. He admitted that it was because of a friend. She first blurted out how dumb he was yet took it back, knowing it was too serious a matter to be joking. As he tried to tell her more of the story, she somehow dozed off. He didn’t mind. He used that opportunity to draw her sleeping. He ended up nodding off as well after a while. So there were different drawings of her falling into the water.

Next morning, Xi Le was already practicing in a church with the male model and Ji Huo Ying overseeing the matter. Ping An finally rushed in to call Xi Le and whispered to her that Xi Le could just imagine the male model to be Zi Wen. However, instead of feeling happy–since she did imagine it was Zi Wen before, she chided Ping An for being late. She continued with how Ping An could spend time with Ye Chen but should remember what day it is today (aka how important it is with the work) and walked off. Ping An felt that was strange, but she didn’t have much time to ponder. Ji Li Sha showed up to yell at her to start working.

As the filming was about to commence and they were by the lake, Xi Le was given more instructions by Ji Huo Ying as Ping An watched nearby. Xi Le was somewhat scared by the water since she was told she had to be in the middle of the lake–for the theme of the AD. Even Ping An was worried that Ji Li Sha might try something. However, everyone was assured by Zi Wen and Ye Chen arriving to check on them. Zi Wen disclosed he was there to support Xi Le so she was more than happy. While they were exchanging those words, Ye Chen took that time to look over to where Ping An was standing and sent her a smile. She looked away nervously, still pretending not to stare. Yet she couldn’t help but smile to herself either, considering how much he’d helped her with the drawing and all.

Soon after, another incident took place. Ping An walked over to ask Ji Li Sha if they needed the earrings. However, Ping An got scolded, so she turned around again, trying to get out of the way. As she turned though, she ended up tripping and took a fall. It was also then that Zi Wen–still in his trance of remembering about the time he went with Wei Zhen to take his father’s boat model out to test it–snapped out of it and tended to Ping An. The more interesting thing was how he had called Ping An “Wei Zhen” so that was when Ye Chen paid more attention to what was going on. Yet from where Xi Le was in the boat in the middle of the lake, she could only see Zi Wen’s overly concerned for Ping An. And while Ye Chen and Zi Wen were both tending to Ping An’s matter, Ji Li Sha walked over to snatch up the earrings that had fallen out from its box and pocketed it. (She was probably going to blame Ping An for losing it later.)

Later, when the photographer was finally snapping away and Ji Huo Ying was giving Xi Le instructions over the walkie-talkie, Zi Wen had pulled the disappearance card on them. He was actually inside, taking a call from Hei Zai. But when Ye Chen confronted him, he said it was a business call. As they continued talking, Ye Chen finally brought up the topic of Ping An and how Zi Wen was seeing Ping An as a replacement for Wei Zhen. Ye Chen said that he initially thought Zi Wen liked Ping An but now he realized what was happening. So he was more than puzzled with Zi Wen choosing Xi Le and how fast their relationship was going. He wondered what Zi Wen was up to. Zi Wen clarified he had thought he liked Ping An too but he finally realized that the person he truly liked was Xi Le. Ye Chen hoped that whatever Zi Wen did, he wouldn’t hurt Ping An and would treat Xi Le well, and not because of Xi Le being Bai Ming Li’s daughter. That was around when Zi Wen realized Xi Le was standing by the door. He changed the direction (instead of taunting Ye Chen), he put on his sincere face and said he seriously hoped Xi Le wasn’t Bai Ming Li’s daughter because he wouldn’t have as much pressure. Yet despite all of that, he wouldn’t let go of Xi Le again. (Great or what?) The more interesting part was when Zi Wen asked that Ye Chen gave them (Zi Wen and Xi Le) his blessings, Ji Huo Ying jumped out to say he wouldn’t. Yes, he had overheard the conversation as well. (At least at the last bit.) So Zi Wen once again have to repeat his words with how much in love he and Xi Le were so he asked Ji Huo Ying to let them be. Ji Huo Ying turned him down, stating he wanted to challenge Zi Wen. If he lost, then he would let go of the matter.

So what was the theme of the face-off? Um, horse-racing. Ye Chen was the referee while Xi Le and Ji Li Sha watched. It was also around then that Ping An jumped out, wondering what they were doing and she soon bet that Zi Wen would win. Ji Li Sha, of course, supported her brother yet she retracted by saying who was betting. Then she scolded Ping An and told her to go clean up since they have to head back tomorrow. Ping An told her it was an exciting moment so she wanted to watch. She said she would clean up after the race. After some more preparations, the race finally began. While that was going on, Ping An had somehow stepped past the white string line to cheer for Zi Wen. (Yes, she still had no idea what they were racing for but still supporting Zi Wen.) So that was when Ji Huo Ying silently chided her for being a dummy with standing out there like that and how dangerous it was. (Interesting since honestly, he claimed her to be hateful and so off, not up to his standards YET he worried for her? Or was that just instinct for the dangerous situation and all?) And at that moment, Ji Li Sha was thinking about how Ye Chen was just messing around with Ping An, not being serious with her and still thinking that Ye Chen’s tastes weren’t that terrible, etc. She reasoned since Ye Chen had taken off his jacket to shield her from such an embarrassing moment that one time, he must be interested in her. (Someone was honestly sore.) The result of the race? Zi Wen won. Ji Huo Ying mumbled about how it was Ping An’s fault that he lost his concentration. As both men were checking their horses again, Ji Li Sha walked over to her brother, claiming that she wanted to ride as well, and that was when he warned her to be careful. She indeed had fallen back because of how they hadn’t really steadied the horse yet and how she was wearing high heels as well. Unexpectedly (according to her plan that Ye Chen would save her again if anything happened), Ye Chen stepped out of the way so her brother was the one attempting to rescue her hence getting hurt. She didn’t thank him yet scolded him for saving her. (Nice?) After Ji Li Sha stormed off, Zi Wen came over to give Ji Huo Ying a hand. However, as he tried to stand up, Ping An pointed out that he’d ripped his pants somehow. (Probably when he was catching his sister.) Everyone laughed as he cried out how embarrassing it was.

Another plot development came forward as Hei Zai requested for a meetup. It was at the hospital where Bai Ming Li stayed at the last time. Zi Wen learned from Hei Zai about how Ji Shi Cheng had tried to acquire some files. Zi Wen went with the tip and cooked up a story with how Ji Shi Cheng had spilled some stuff over the files hence needing another copy. The nurse wasn’t convinced at first yet after asking for some identifications and all, she was convinced and told him to come to the old spot to receive the files later when she was off work. She was given another huge amount of money as an appreciation. So now Zi Wen had another piece of the puzzle for his plans. At least he will get it soon.

Back at the hotel, Ping An was told to do an inventory check with all the items so they could continue the last shoot for tomorrow. When Xi Le wanted to help, Ji Li Sha said she was the main lead so she can’t overwork herself or it would affect their shooting. Ping An interfered and said she was fine. As Ji Li Sha was too familiar with the scene unfolding, she watched on as Ping An did the check and was puzzled with how the pearl earrings were gone. Ji Li Sha jumped in (as expected since she’d been waiting for so long for this moment) and scolded Ping An, saying how she told Ping An many times to be careful. Xi Le interfered, suggesting that Ping An try to retrace her steps. Ping An did just that and remembered about the trip from earlier in the day.

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