Borrow Your Love: Episode 8

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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After remembering the location of the possible misplaced pearl earrings, Ping An rushed to find it. Xi Le wanted to go too yet was stopped by Ji Li Sha once again with the same reasoning that she didn’t want Xi Le to waste time searching and not rest hence them having to do too much brush up with the photos. So she wanted Xi Le to go do a spa with her while Ping An go search. Silently, Ji Li Sha was gloating inside, saying that Ping An could search all she wanted since she couldn’t find it anyway. The spa session was also the time for Ji Li Sha to badmouth Ping An and put more doubts into Xi Le’s mind. She wanted Xi Le’s help with getting Ye Chen. Great or what?

As Ping An was out searching for the pearl earrings, Ye Chen was trying to call her. She left her cell phone inside again. He soon discovered that bit when he walked by the inventory area and heard the phone vibrating. Ping An, still outside, actually stopped her searching for a bit and reminisced about last night on the boat ride with Ye Chen. She pondered why the feeling was totally different from last night. Of course, it wasn’t similar since tonight she was in big trouble and trying to find a certain item. As Ping An was mumbling about why she was thinking of Ye Chen anyway, he showed up, chiding her for talking behind his back, lol. She was more than surprised by his presence. Or was just shocked since he overheard her words? (LOL) He said he guessed since she was probably standing there reminiscing about last night, lol. She told him she wasn’t that senseless, and even scolded him for almost making her sick. He returned it by saying if she wanted to stand there tonight so the wind would make her sick for real. She didn’t want to joke with him anymore, saying how she was searching for the pearl earrings. So he ended up helping her. (Thank Ji Li Sha for giving them more time to spend together, lol.)

Ping An later returned to her room shared with Xi Le to find Ji Li Sha hanging around and giving Xi Le her beauty supplies, even giving Xi Le tips regarding them. Ping An interfered and said Xi Le was a natural beauty so she didn’t need them and Ji Li Sha could just bring it back for herself. Yet Xi Le spoke up to ask Ping An about the pearl earrings. Ping An said she still couldn’t find it yet she was willing to go back outside and find it. However, Xi Le said Ping An didn’t need to and that Ping An should rest since it was late already. She then turned to Ji Li Sha and asked about the price of the earrings and told Ji Li Sha she could compensate her. As Ping An jumped in to interfere, Xi Le ignored her and just discussed with Ji Li Sha, treating Ping An like an outsider. It wasn’t until Ji Li Sha left that Ping asked about how Xi Le seemed to have become best friends with Ji Li Sha. However, Xi Le didn’t reply, she just said she was tired so she wanted to go rest. Ping An quickly apologized for what was going on and said she would compensate Xi Le later regarding the earrings. However, Xi Le was still hostile, stating that it wasn’t about the money. Ping An asked her why she was so upset. Xi Le then burst out saying how Ping An was like the past, knowing that the item was important yet still lose it. Ping An said she didn’t do it on purpose and Xi Le said she knew, but… YUP, she wasn’t talking about the earrings anymore. (Take it as whatever it was, but Ping An’s only fault was allowing Zi Wen to take the tie clip from her. The rest, it was on Zi Wen and Xi Le.)

Back on the Zi Wen front, he was finally able to acquire the medical files and was gloating. He soon opened the files to read and finally discovered about Bai Ming Li’s current health situation. It was indeed quite serious. Yet what was Zi Wen’s next move now? Let nature take its course or increase the pain for Bai Ming Li?

Next morning, Ping An was still really, really, really unease. So she got up early to go back out for another round of searching. However, what she discovered was how Ye Chen was still there looking for the pearl earrings. She walked over to ask him how long he’d been there. He said he couldn’t sleep anyway so it didn’t make a difference. He went on further to say how he was sure there were no earrings around there, joking about how some birds must have carried it off already. As he was stretching and yawning, she grabbed a hold of him, saying how he was the world’s dumbest person. His surprise mode kicked in as the grogginess wore off. She continued on with her rant, saying how he knew he couldn’t find it yet still did it. He finally smiled, hugging her back. He said he didn’t want to give up so quick. She told him that Xi Le was really upset this time–and even admitted that she was really happy to have him by her side at this moment. (Thank Ji Li Sha again for bringing them together.)

They finally returned to the company and Xi Le was seen calling Zi Wen and arranging a dinner date with him. After they got off the phone, Ji Li Sha walked up and hooked hands with Xi Le as they walked and chatted happily like buddies while Ping An carried a box of items, being left behind. It was indeed a totally different situation. (However, they seriously let a guy stand between their so-called friendship/bordering on sister relationship. Seriously?) It was a misunderstanding, but if they were real friends or sisters, JUST PLAIN SAY IT OUT ALREADY. Ping An still had no idea what Xi Le’s talking about and she did try to ask, but Xi Le kept dodging. It was really a time to test their bond. So I got it with how Xi Le was trying to mingle into her supposedly new family’s world and have her doubts about many things, including her relationship with Zi Wen. But what about her past promise of always being sisters?) But Ping An’s mood soon improved when Ye Chen walked up to her and patted her head like usual, slipping a hand around her shoulders and showing his support. Indeed, it was one good thing out of all the unfortunate things she’d to face after so much ruptures.

After a call with Hei Zai, Zi Wen went to Ji Shi Cheng’s house to discuss the next step of his plan. Well, he sure knew how to spoil the old man’s moods by trying to blackmail him into cooperating. So now they were on the same team? For how long actually? Yes, it wasn’t long. Since after Zi Wen left with an air (since he seriously got something over Ji Shi Cheng already), Ji Shi Cheng was saying how he’d under-estimated Zi Wen. However, he had disclosed he would use this to his advantage as well.

Back at the company, Ping An and Ye Chen finally arrived at Bai Ming Li’s office. She asked about their trip and if Ping An was exhausted from the work. Ping An said she wasn’t yet when Ye Chen gave her a look, she admitted that she was a bit tired, lol. Ping An went on with saying how much she’d learned from the Ji siblings these past days. Bai Ming Li said if Ping An worked harder, she would become as experienced as them, and if she had the opportunity of studying overseas, she might even surpass them. Ping An agreed yet she said it would be too expensive with the overseas education. Bai Ming Li assured her she would have an opportunity if she could earn the chance of the company’s program of funding the education. Ping An’s confidence restored and she promised to work harder.  Then Bai Ming Li said she wanted to go out a bit, telling Ping An to accompany her. They headed back to the kitchen area so Ping An could visit with the employees. Soon, they were standing in a straight line to greet Bai Ming Li. Bai Ming Li, unlike her past stern self, told them they’d been working really hard, etc. She then informed them that she would keep Ping An by her side so Ping An wouldn’t be returning to work there. The staff was more than happy that Ping An got this opportunity and cheered her on. As they were talking, the supervisor gave Ye Chen a big scare since she appeared in her usual work outfit but had placed on top of her head a big red bow AND also another big bow near her shirt hence freaking the world out of him. He, upon seeing it, jumped over to stand next to Ping An. Bai Ming Li was surprised yet Ping An sent Ye Chen a sympathy look. Ping An then asked why the supervisor was wearing the big bow and she answered with saying how she was trying to change her “tao hua”, lol. Though sympathizing Ye Chen, Ping An couldn’t help but laugh at the other lady for exaggerating. It wasn’t until the supervisor left with Bai Ming Li that Ye Chen somewhat calmed down.

Later that night, Zi Wen and Xi Le were on one of their dates again. However, they didn’t go to some fancy restaurant again. He brought her back to his place so he could prepare some Italian noodles for her. She was more than happy. Yet her moods were spoiled by some items she’d found. She had wandered into his room and opened up his secret box that had some photos of him and Wei Zhen along with the cake Ping An gave him. She was more troubled as to why Zi Wen had those and pondered if the girl in the picture was his sister or “that Wei Zhen”–as she phrased it. When he announced that dinner was ready, she rushed to close the box and placed it back into its original spot and got up to go outside. In her haste, she’d knocked over his watch. He said it was okay but his expression said that he was upset. He soon restored his ‘happy’ mood as they ate. But he soon realized she was spaced out hence asking her what was wrong. When Xi Le finally asked him about the name he blurted out that day (so she did hear it after all) of the photoshoot, he immediately asked if Ye Chen had told her anything. (Nice friend indeed, accusing Ye Chen every chance he got.) Xi Le said that Ye Chen didn’t tell her anything, but just clarified that she’d overheard Ye Chen and Zi Wen’s conversation that day and how Ye Chen told Zi Wen not to treat Ping An like ‘that girl’. Zi Wen said that the girl was called “Wei Zhen” and he said that Wei Zhen was his sister. (NICE one.) Xi Le couldn’t drop it since she said how it was strange he had blurted out his sister’s name in his dream. He said if she didn’t believe him then forget it. He attempted to walk away, but she rushed after him, apologizing and saying how she hadn’t met Wei Zhen yet and wondered if she wasn’t important enough to meet her. He turned around–now totally out of control (aka all emotional)–stating that Wei Zhen was already dead. That wasn’t all because he sure did break down, saying how all his family had left him already since he was in high school, and if she was satisfied that he finally told her everything. Whether the break down was real (or somewhat of it was real and he just went with it to win her pity), Xi Le sure was convinced. She rushed to apologize again. Instead of allowing her to comfort him, he said since it was already destined that everyone he loved would leave him, she might as well leave too. Then he opened the door to kick her out. She apologized again but was told off once again. This time, he used a louder tone, so she had no choice but to leave. As she turned around to look at him again, he closed the door in her face. A brilliant performance indeed. As she finally left though, he was inside, coming out of his trance, at last, saying he can’t let her go. So the previous scene might not be a performance after all? Maybe somewhat of it was to explain of Wei Zhen’s status as his ‘sister’ but the other parts of breaking down weren’t. It would make sense that all those boiled up feelings would come forth one time or another. So he opened the door and chased after her. He couldn’t catch up with her at the elevators but managed to by the time she was down at the lobby. So the game was on again.

As for Ping An, she was in her room, trying to work hard again. Yet she was scolding herself for not trying harder since little with studying and all. While playing with her pen, she spotted the bow she had clipped onto the pen and once again thought of Ye Chen and his fear for bows. She finally took the bow clip off and placed it in her bag, saying goodbye to Zi Wen and hope he and Xi Le would be happy. (Wait, he gave her that clip? I had forgotten since episode 1 since I had watched that WAY back before going back to watch from episode 2 onward.) Looking on the bright side though, she was finally able to let go of Zi Wen and consider protecting Ye Chen–with his fear of bows and all. Wanting to take a break, she headed out to the kitchen to get some milk. As she did that, she sang her father’s old song again. That was when Bai Ming Li walked in and smiled at her. She stopped abruptly upon realizing of Bai Ming Li’s presence. After some brief exchanged, Bai Ming Li said she wanted some milk–like how Ping An prepared hers, so Ping An obliged. Bai Ming Li soon sat down at one of the stools to wait for her drink, even taking that time to ask Ping An about the song and how she’d overheard Xi Le sang it previously. Ping An disclosed that she’d taught Xi Le that song, and explained how her father had composed it when her mother was pregnant with her. Bai Ming Li then complimented the song–and even wanted Ping An to sing it again for her. Ping An was more happy to, considering how it was her father’s song. While Ping An sang, Bai Ming Li reminisced back to the time Ping An’s father sang it to her at a park. When Ping An was done with preparing milk for Bai Ming Li, Bai Ming Li mumbled something about, “This is my real daughter” so that had caused a stare from Ping An. Bai Ming Li rushed to explain that Xi Le was too busy with ‘love’ right now so she wasn’t home as much as Ping An, so it seemed like Ping An was more like her daughter than Xi Le. (Smart save, lol.) Ping An let out a nervous laugh and said she wasn’t that fortunate. Bai Ming Li then moved to ask about Ping An’s father, pondering if he’d mentioned her mother to her. Ping An replied yes but she didn’t remember much. She also went on to say that her mother was probably someone who only cared for the glamorous stuff hence abandoning them both. Bai Ming Li tried to comfort her by saying that her mother probably regretted it very much and she must have her reasons since kids were the most precious things to a mother. It was then that Ping An asked her if she had any regrets. She said that she never had any regrets in pursuing her own dreams, but if she was able to do it again, she would bring her daughter with her. Ping An pondered aloud if her mother had similar thoughts as Bai Ming Li. Bai Ming Li, on the other hand, pondered if that was Heaven’s punishment for her since her daughter was right in front of her yet she wasn’t able to reach. She also wished that she could hear Ping An call her ‘Mom’.

So on some other day, Ye Chen was out and about. He encountered some traffic jams at a side street. Yet that had allowed him an opportunity to see Hei Zai meeting up with someone. They seemed to be doing some exchange. He silently pondered about it yet didn’t linger. He was meeting Ping An up at this one flower place. She needed help to pick up some flowers for her. While they were walking out of there, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing her bow clip. She didn’t answer directly, but just asked him, “Aren’t you afraid of bows?” She soon told him that she’d stored it away already–to which he smiled. He then asked her for help with tending to his flowers. Yeah, the one he planted by his sister’s grave.

At the opening ceremony, Bai Ming Li finally crashed–after not being able to sustain any longer. Even her meds didn’t help, considering how her condition was getting worse and worse. Or possibly it was an overdose since she had increased the amount as she was leaving the conference room earlier. Yet she was able to complete her speech. Ye Chen immediately rushed forward to carry her off as the others followed to the hospital. (And then suddenly Ping An and Xi Le were best friends again because of how Ping An told Xi Le to calm down, etc. Or was it because of how Xi Le was already reassured that Zi Wen was just thinking of Ping An as his sister because of how similar she was to his sister?) So did Zi Wen strike this time? Because he had nodded briefly in Ji Shi Cheng’s direction after saying a few words to the crowd to control the situation. Since Ji Shi Cheng only taunted Bai Ming Li earlier in the conference room. Or was this all a coincidence that Bai Ming Li’s health was taking its worse turn at last because she’d delayed all sorts of treatments since she was diagnosed?

A flashback, while Zi Wen was in the restroom, showed that he indeed did switch the pills out of her briefcase when she wasn’t around. It was also then that Hei Zai walked out of one of the stalls to congratulate Zi Wen for his plan being successful. Zi Wen’s clever move was actually retrieving the fake pills from the briefcase after knowing Bai Ming Li had taken some, not wanting to leave behind any traces of evidence. Hei Zai wanted to toss it out immediately yet Zi Wen stopped him in time, wanting him to take it out of there before getting rid of it. He was indeed careful. If not, how could he survived by Bai Ming Li’s side all these years, right? After that, Zi Wen gave Hei Zai his payment for the completion of the latest assignment. And he somehow disclosed to Hei Zai how he was trying to scare Bai Ming Li so she would give Xi Le’s hand to him, i.e. letting them both get married since she (Bai Ming Li) doesn’t have much time left.

At the hospital, they had to wait like last time and was later greeted by Bai Ming Li’s doctor. Yet this time, he did say that it wasn’t just exhaustion like last time (since Ping An asked), he said it was an overdose and they have to do some more tests, etc. However, he told them not to be worried. Ping An and Xi Le were allowed to go in to see her but they have to be quiet so they wouldn’t disturb her rest. However, the doctor told Ye Chen to go fetch Bai Ming Li’s medications. (YUP, Zi Wen sure took care of everything. Good luck with investigating.)

Inside Bai Ming Li’s room, both girls were by her bedside. However, Xi Le had to step away to take the call from Zi Wen, telling him of the situation there. (Nice, he has ears everywhere now.) While Ping An was still standing there, watching over Bai Ming Li, the latter finally awakened. As Ping An realized that Bai Ming Li had opened her eyes, she turned and was about to call to Xi Le. Yet Bai Ming Li grabbed a hold of her hand–to much of her surprise. Ping An soon smiled in return though. It was also then that Xi Le finished the last bit of her conversation and turned to them, witnessing the scene. She seemed unhappy about it (which was understandable) and walked over to them. Ping An rushed to explain that Bai Ming Li probably was still groggy hence thinking that she (Ping An) was Xi Le. (Lucky for Ping An, Bai Ming Li had already closed her eyes again so it made sense that was what was taking place.) Xi Le nodded, agreeing. She even took that chance to detach Ping An’s hand from Bai Ming Li’s and told Ping An to go back to the ceremony since she could tend to her mother.

After Ping An left, Xi Le told her mother that she must stay healthy and safe since it was already hard enough that they were able to find each other again. That was when Bai Ming Li mumbled randomly in her unconscious state the name “Mi Bao”. (OH SHOOT!) Xi Le wasn’t paying attention at first and thought Bai Ming Li was calling her so she said she was right there. Yet Bai Ming Li repeated the name hence Xi Le realizing that the name sounded familiar.

Back at the company, Ye Chen finally arrived and was on his way to fetch Bai Ming Li’s briefcase so he could return to the hospital to give it to the doctor. However, he was stopped by Bai Ming Li’s assistant. She said that she only knew of it when Zi Wen returned to the company to retrieve some items. Ye Chen was surprised that Zi Wen had returned to the company to get some stuff instead of just heading to the hospital to meet up with them after taking care of the situation at the ceremony. He immediately went into Bai Ming Li’s office to fetch her briefcase. Yet he checked the medications first. Even if it had been switched back but he now knew something was up. After checking the pills, he remembered about how he had spotted Hei Zai receiving some similar-looking pills from a certain someone earlier.

As interesting as it got, Ping An was on her way out of the house–using a motorcycle she acquired somehow, Ji Huo Ying drove by in his car and blocked her path. He called her “Master” and told her to get in since he would be taking her around. She returned it by saying that she already had her own vehicle so she didn’t need his help. (And when did the “Master” thing happened?) He didn’t mind that she was giving him her usual attitude. He went on happily by saying how both Ye Chen and Xi Le were already at the hospital so he was being a good ‘disciple’ and using his special car to pick her up. She said it was a good opportunity for her to experience this particular ride so she told him off and left on the motorcycle. He didn’t yell or attack her with some words either but just looked a tad disappointed before riding off as well. So the flashback explained more about why he’d have a change of heart about her. It happened when he encountered the embarrassing incident with his ‘ripped’ pants. She forced him to take it off so she could patch it up for him. (Yes, another interesting thing but she knew a good bit of needlework to help him in such a situation.) He found her cute? LOL! It was really happening! The day he would see something in her. And he had admitted to her that it was the first time someone patched up his clothes for him. She said, of course, he didn’t have a reason to with his background and it was different from her since she grew up in an orphanage so they often have to patch their own clothes. She also had to patch clothes for the other kids. He said he wanted to learn, wanting her to teach him. (Wah, really? Or he was just using that excuse to pursue her? Just saying.)

Back to reality. Somewhere down the road, Huo Ying caught up with her and tried to cut her off again. She ended up yelling at him, of course. He decided to ‘bribe’ his master with a smartphone, lol. She returned it to him, saying that people who are ‘smart’ don’t need ‘smart’ phones. LOL! He placed it back into her hand, saying that treat it as his thank you gift to her. He even reasoned that it would help her work from now on. Then he left, not caring that she was calling after him–still protesting about the matter. Ping An finally accepted it. It was due to the fact that he had mentioned how it was new to her yet it was old to most people, etc (aka falling out of trends). So she said she shouldn’t waste it, stating it would definitely benefit her with future photo-shooting sessions.

And then somewhere down the road, Ping An finally arrived at the company. As she was having trouble with moving another item out of the way, someone helped her. It was Zi Wen. She soon realized it and straightened up – since she just thought it was some random person nearby. Yet she didn’t forget to thank him again. As she took her helmet off, he was asking how he hadn’t seen her bow clip for a long time now. She struggled to answer, finally saying that she had accidentally damaged it already. He was about to chide her, reaching his hand forward to touch her nose (like he usually did at times when he was chiding her). YET she recoiled, taking a step back to increase the distance between them. (YES, finally an improvement and change since she should be more conscious of the situation now. OR was it because she had fallen for Ye Chen already and considering his feelings so wanting to keep the distance from Zi Wen? Still, it was a great improvement. It would at least reduce somewhat of the misunderstanding Xi Le have toward her.) Zi Wen indeed noticed the difference in her reaction, comparing to the past. However, he recovered and told her that he could buy her another clip. She said he didn’t have to since she didn’t care for clips anymore–and even mentioned that he should be buying stuff for Xi Le instead. He didn’t look too happy about that but replied that he knew. He then asked her if they could still be friends, even if he was dating Xi Le now. She responded yes but she said she didn’t want to bother him anymore and that she had to get going anyway so she rushed inside the main entrance as he stood there staring. He silently realized that Ping An seemed to have grown up already.

At the hospital, the doctor told Bai Ming Li that this time’s crash wasn’t due to her health condition but other factors. Yet he told her that she still have to stay put, considering how her health was really deteriorating. As Xi Le walked in, Bai Ming Li told her that the doctor said she could go home tomorrow. The doctor chided her for not listening to him before saying that she still had to stay home and rest. He even instructed Xi Le not to let Bai Ming Li out of the house. Xi Le obliged. Bai Ming Li was joking that the doctor had bought off her daughter. Then she told Xi Le to go home and prepare stuff. She said she wanted to taste Xi Le’s delicacies tomorrow when she could finally be discharged. Xi Le was more happy to do just that. She was also told to tell Ye Chen to come in right away. After Xi Le left, the doctor asked if Ye Chen could be trusted and Bai Ming Li nodded, saying that he could. When Ye Chen entered, they could finally start with the discussion. The doctor told them of the blood test results first. He then explained further what all of that meant before asking Bai Ming Li if she’d taken any other types of medications. She confessed that she’d increased the dosage but didn’t take any other types of medications aside from the pain killers he’d given her. Ye Chen stated that it was possible that the pills got switched. However, the doctor clarified the pills that Ye Chen retrieved were indeed the ones he prescribed. Bai Ming Li, being intelligent that she was, pointed out that if the other person had taken the pills back, then it would make sense no one could investigate it. She went on to say that if whoever that was had done it the first time, it would happen again. So she told Ye Chen to go get some item(s) from her lawyer. She then asked the doctor to be her witness, which he agreed. She also wanted Ye Chen to be her witness.

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