Breaking News: Wallace and Ruby are…

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Wallace said: Hoping to seek everyone’s well wishing @RubyLin

Yes, they’re together! Well, it’s WAY too late to be an April’s Fool joke. This is coming from his company’s official page and Wallace wouldn’t purposely draw attention to himself like that. So I can start celebrating! While I evilly laugh that everyone else’s ships sank! KIDDING. Not meaning to start any type of war. But YAY!


P.S. Ruby’s side responded already, it’s true!



Sis said: (Heart)



Hoping and thanking everyone’s well wishing.

You can also check Ruby’s Facebook page and HuaJae Studio’s Facebook page for more clarifications and all.


Another note: It’s May 20 (520) over there so it’s like National Confession Day or something. Wallace definitely knows how to pick the date to announce this news.

Update: May 21st, 2016, Wallace thanked everyone for their support and well-wishing with his and Ruby’s announcement.


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