Cai Hong Yan Lei by Sweety

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Yesterday while I was trying to sync some old songs into my mp3 player, I ran across this song and couldn’t help but write about it. Well, a little about it and more about Sweety as a band. A very sad and touching song. Yet what I realize was how well Qiao Qiao and Yan Yan’s voices blended together in this song (and their other ones). I honestly miss their collaborations and hope that they would somehow make a comeback in the future. I know they’re both busy with their own activities recently but anything’s possible in the future, right? It’s not like they don’t interact with each other in recent days.

Short post, but just want to reminisce a bit.

Go here for lyrics translation.

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2 thoughts on “Cai Hong Yan Lei by Sweety

  1. I’ve lost track of what Yan Yan is doing these days. Last year after the tabloids had published some slurs on her character, I heard she went off to Shanghai to get away from it all. Qiao Qiao has been busy with good roles in dramas. I totally concur that a collaboration in a drama or a new album is long overdue.

  2. I know that Yan Yan’s still in Shanghai from her various updates on Weibo. Qiao Qiao wrapped up filming in the Mainland already? I think. But not sure. Yet I hope she’s not disappearing again like last time. Most of all, I hope they could bring out another album in the future.

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