Celebs Real Life Couples

Okay, I was just bored and wanted to start a list. But I will only include the ones I know for sure of OR care about somewhat. So if you don't see your favorites on there, DON'T freak out. Also, I'm not including any past relationships OR rumors. AND--yes, this is the last one--I'm dividing … Continue reading Celebs Real Life Couples

CSI: Grave Danger

One of the most intense episodes in the series. Probably because Quentin Tarantino was the director. If anyone needed a little recap, Nick Stokes was kidnapped so the rest of the team had to use all their resources and talents to find him before it was too late. This episode actually cranked the hype a bit … Continue reading CSI: Grave Danger

CSI: Miami – The Downhill

I think the downhill must have happened during Season 6. It wasn't bad like some other shows. But I just plain lost it after they brought in Elizabeth Berkley. It's not that I don't like the actress. I liked her in Saved by the Bell, but that was ages ago. It was getting repetitive for … Continue reading CSI: Miami – The Downhill

Burn Notice: How Much More Worse Could It Get?

Okay, it ended already and it didn't matter anyway. But I finally caught up so I had to chip in. So I could move on, lol. But I swear that was like a question for both plot-wise and the situation they were in. It actually went downhill like somewhere in Season 5. I forgot where … Continue reading Burn Notice: How Much More Worse Could It Get?

John Ross Bowie in Burn Notice: No Good Deed

John Ross Bowie is actually a very talented actor. He's quite charming in the various roles he portrays. Or at least the ones I've seen so far. Having loved him since watching him on The Big Bang Theory and being Sheldon's archenemy since the beginning had been quite entertaining for me. (Talking about Sheldon, Jim … Continue reading John Ross Bowie in Burn Notice: No Good Deed