Drunken Fist I

This was a series I recently stumbled upon. Anyway, this had a promising start. Then it just tanked episode by episode. Or should I say scene by scene? I went and did some research and realized it was from a comic series. I didn’t mind the corny costumes or the side senseless humor at the beginning. Well, I actually thought those parts were funny. I think it went downhill after the initial conflicts and setup of how different parties were at odds–whether the good vs evil or evil vs evil, whatever those were. Or more specifically, it went downhill right after it revealed who Lei Gang’s real father really was and how his mother died, etc.

Main Cast:

  • Kong Ng (吳剛) as Wang Wu Ji (王無忌). I used to watch him in old TVB series but didn’t realize he used to star in series too. He was charming and funny in the beginning. The character seriously had potential, but it also tanked like some others in here. What tripped me was his journey to find his father’s sword and also trying to master the drunken martial arts skills. Yes, those were realistic goals for him, but it made me think that the drunken martial arts got forgotten until like the last five minutes of the series. He got time to master some of the other skills but didn’t really practice that actively at times. I got it that they were going through some issues and he wasn’t able to practice properly except for that one time when he was stuck in the cave with Xian Er. But that was for a totally different type of martial arts. So yeah. The development crammed his character major time.
  • Moon Lee (李賽鳳) as Liu Xian Er (柳仙兒). Moon did an excellent job of portraying her character. I really felt for her. I initially didn’t like her character because she was so scheming and all. I thought it wouldn’t turn out good for her. However, the turnaround wasn’t too bad. They managed to show how she was forced into listening to her father (because he was her father after all and they only had each other for the most part) and how she realized she shouldn’t use those people who trusted her. The struggles were real (or it was convincing). She tried to convince her father to let it go with the other situation (and he couldn’t really change the reality of it anyway–with Lian Bi Xie already ahead of them). Whatever it was that happened to her character, Moon conveyed it really well. I think her acting was one of the reasons that helped me sympathize with her thus bringing me back to her side after the manipulation schemes.
  • Yip Yuk Ping (葉玉萍 ) as Drunken Girl (醉娃). Her character turned out to be a major disappointment. The actress did fine, but I thought her character could have done more regarding matters. Or was that just the plot? I thought she was funny at first and somewhat mischievous later. I was fine with that since I didn’t need her to be perfect or bland. Those mischievous moments showed the audience who she was as a character. What got me annoyed wasn’t the fact that she liked Lei Gang. She couldn’t help it. What made me disappointed was how she was so into him that ended up causing more trouble. Sure, she couldn’t kill him or outright sever ties with him (even if she tried). Yet what annoyed me was running off to look for him hence causing even more trouble for others, even her grandpa’s death later. Yes, I totally blame that one on her, considering how she was lying about worrying for the other two yet it was because she wanted to go down the mountains to search for Lei Gang. Then her grandpa had to go find her and then the inevitable. The plot also wasn’t helping her, cutting into her character development. I thought it was so cool she became the disciple of the God of Sword. Then she also claimed the leader title after having won the matches with her sect. I thought she would get a chance to achieve major accomplishments. Well, even if not major, at least minor ones along the way that would lead to her helping others in the long run. Not just the other group to defeat Lian Bi Xie, but could just be helping the local citizens in general. Yet her life seriously just revolved around Lei Gang and causing troubles whenever she appeared.
  • Johnny Wang (王龍威) as Lian Bi Xie (練辟邪). I didn’t care for him at all. Although, I have to admit I fell into his trap at one point, thinking that something must have happened for him to be so bitter. Yet I realized he was just playing victim versus others whom he hurt along the way. He was just trying to justify his actions in accomplishing his cruel master plan.
  • Lau Ga Yung (劉家勇) as Lei Gang (雷剛). I don’t know if he was just a bad actor or his character was just plain terrible, to begin with. But it wasn’t helping either way. His best part was probably when he confronted Lian Bi Xie, saying that LBX wasn’t his father and then stormed off after letting out his frustration. It was justified that he was mad about what happened and thought that LBX was trying to manipulate him and turning his adoptive father against him (which was true). Somehow along the way, he managed to have a talk with LBX (after the cave scene and LBX saved him from the boulders) and it made sense that he wanted to learn about his real father. However, what got me frustrated to no end was how he kept switching sides. It was endless. He kept jumping ship. I got it that he could change his mind either way. Yet the switching sides were like a time loop of some sort. He wasn’t reconsidering matters seriously or seemed so later on. He just switched whenever it was convenient. He seemed to want to redeem himself after he fell off the cliff that one time. Then he went back to LBX again. It was a possibility that he was conning them about turning good. But the plot just continued to make him change sides until it was getting ridiculous. Sure, he could be the selfish type and only cared for himself and doing things that were only beneficial to him. However, it didn’t make sense again how many times he changed sides. He kept arguing with both sides about not understanding him as well. It made sense the first few times that he was confused. But then later, he was just plain switching whenever convenient or whatever. That made my second point about his acting being terrible. He wasn’t able to show his emotions (except for the part mentioned above) and how everything he did or said seemed in monotone or robotic mode for some reason. So it was very hard for me to be convinced of anything regarding him.


  • Ming Leung (良鳴) as Drunken Immortal (醉仙) / Drunken Cat (醉貓). He was fun at times. Well, they both were. Too bad they also paid a heavy price in here. It was very frustrating since the series was almost ending and then they just died.
  • Law Lok Lam (羅樂林) as Lei Jian Fei (雷劍飛) aka God of Sword (劍仙). I had my doubts about him at the beginning. It was mostly due to the fact that he was too righteous, too strict, and too into keeping up the sect’s reputation. It made me feel there was something off. And I must admit that Lian Bi Xie made me have some doubts–like why there was such hatred and also what the Demonic Immortal said about him being the fake righteous type. So yeah, I was holding my breath–although I wanted to like him. Then just like that, he was killed off by Lei Gang. It was tragic but also quite frustrating.
  • Cheng Lui (鄭雷) as Demonic Immortal (魔仙). I thought he was going to be another hard enemy for them to deal with in the long run. Yet it turned out differently, mostly because he was driven to take Lian Bi Xie down, not caring about them being a threat as much. Then later, it was because he wanted his daughter to be happy. It was so unexpected that he turned out to be a likable character, considering how he caused some major problems at first too.


  • Eddy Ko (高雄) as Mighty Sword, Wang Wu (大刀王五). Seriously, that was so sad that he just died like that. I understand it was because of the way the plot was and how his son was the main character of the series. Yet having him in it sort of brightened up the show a bit.
  • Cho Tat Wah (曹達華) as Drunken Beggar (醉乞). Omg, I can’t believe that he was only there for some episodes at the beginning. I thought he was going to be a major character that would influence Wu Ji hence the “drunken” part of the title. Yet it wasn’t so. Even if Wu Ji promised to practice his skills, the drunken martial arts was forgotten until like five minutes before the show ended (like said above). I loved his character, it made the corny humor less corny. It made me laugh when he was getting into mischiefs with Wu Ji. I know they couldn’t pause the plot at that point all the time, but I rather see them as a mischievous team from time to time than Lei Gang’s repetitive switching sides scenes.

I will skip the extended discussions and just go straight to whether I would recommend this series or not. Definitely a no for me. I mean if you have time to kill and want to check it out, you can go ahead for old series’ sake. But I thought this was one of the worst ones. The two saving graces of this series were the cast–many whom we came to love–and Deric Wan’s song to lead the drama. Regarding the second point, I didn’t pay attention at first, and then I realized it sounded like Deric singing. It was strange hearing him sing in an old ATV series. Yet when I looked it up, it was true. Anyway, what made this series so lame for me that it was unredeemable was like I said above, many repetitive scenes–which happened to be most of Lei Gang’s scenes. Then there was the whole killing ALL of the major characters in here. Like the previous generation. Even in the end, they (the scriptwriters) had to kill all the monks too to prove that Lei Gang had to go. Really? It was getting ridiculous. I was sad to see some of the elders dying at first but thought it was supposed to bring out our frustration and made Wu Ji more determined to seek out revenge and/or justice for them. I realized later it wasn’t so. They were just doing that because they can. So yes, major disappointment as the series progressed. That was the reason why I didn’t want to watch season 2. Maybe if I have some time to kill in the future, I will check it out just for kicks.

Welcome, Winter!

(Uploaded by: Man Ho)

If you thought the past month or so was cold, that wasn’t winter. It was still autumn. Today is actually the first day of winter. Woohoo, right? Anyway, I couldn’t help thinking of this song when realizing today is the first day of winter. (Go here for the Mandarin version.) This song also reminds me of the movie called The New Marvelous Double (新孖寶妙探) that starred Deric Wan and Bryan Leung. The song was played during the scene when Deric and Bryan’s characters were in a bar. The song was focused on more when Deric’s character was on his way to the restroom and bumped into Joey Leung’s character and Joey’s character’s brother-in-law, which ended up in some argument. To be honest, at that moment, Joey looked like Aaron Kwok from behind, lol.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Deric Wan

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Song Title: Yesterday’s Tomorrow (昨天的明天)

Lyricist: Li Yan Xiu (李岩修)

Composer: Xu Jia Liang (徐嘉良)

Bold = Chinese
Dark Red = Pin Yin
Golden = English
Orange = Vietnamese

ni shuo jiu zhe yang zai jian
You said goodbye just like that
Em như vậy đã nói tạm biệt
bie yun niang tai duo shang bei
Don’t mull over sorrow too much
Đừng nghĩ quá nhiều về những bi thương
ai qing jiu liu zai yuan dian pei hui yi guo ye
Love will stay at the original point accompanying memories through the night
Tình yêu sẽ ở tại nguyên điểm cùng với hồi ức mà qua đêm

zuo tian hai pan zhe ming tian
Yesterday still hopes for tomorrow
Hôm qua vẫn còn hy vọng đối với ngày mai
yi wei ai yong heng bu bian
Thinking that love will be everlasting, never changing
Nghĩ rằng tình sẽ là vĩnh hằng, không bao giờ thay đổi
shui zhi dao ming tian hui shi wu jin de ye
Who knows that tomorrow is an endless night?
Ai biết rằng ngày mai sẽ là một đêm vô tận?

wei qing wo cong lai bu pa lei
Because of passion, I’ve never feared fatigue
Vì tình, tôi không hề sợ mệt mỏi
wei ai wo yuan shou zui
Because of love, I’m willing to suffer
Vì ái, tôi nguyện chịu khổ
jiu suan zai duo ku ye bu tui
Even if there is more bitterness, I wouldn’t retreat
Dù cho có thêm bao nhiêu khổ, tôi sẽ không rút lui
zai duo tong ye bu hou hui
Even more pain, I won’t regret
Thêm bao nhiêu đau, tôi sẽ không hối hận

jin tian jiu shi na zuo tian de ming tian
Today is that yesterday’s tomorrow
Hôm nay là ngày hôm qua của ngày mai
xiang hei ye hou lian jie zhe bai tian
Like after the dark night follows by the day
Giống như sau đêm tối sẽ tiếp nối ban ngày
ni he wo bu gai yong yan lei lai mian dui
You and I shouldn’t use tears to face it
Em và tôi không nên dùng nước mắt để đối diện

jin tian jiu shi na zuo tian de ming tian
Today is that yesterday’s tomorrow
Hôm nay là ngày hôm qua của ngày mai
hai de jin tou zhong jiu lian zhe tian
The ocean’s edge in the end will connect with the sky
Tận cùng của biển rốt cuộc cũng sẽ nối liền với trời cao
shi qu le ni wo jiu mei le zheng ge shi jie
Losing you, my world won’t be complete
Mất đi em, anh sẽ không còn một thế giới hoàn chỉnh

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

It’s Always You by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: Kzhid)

Song Title: It’s Always You (永遠是你)

Lyricist: Chen Da Li (陳大力)

Composer: Chen Da Li and Chen Xiu Nan (陳大力, 陳秀男)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Burnt Orange = English
Purple = Vietnamese

冬天的雨 為什麼總是下不停
dong tian de yu   wei she me zong shi xia bu ting
Winter rain, why won’t it stop falling?
Mưa của mùa đông, sao cứ rơi mãi không ngừng?
無緣的人 為什麼總是會相遇
wu yuan de ren   wei she me zong shi hui xiang yu
Fateless individuals, why must they always cross paths?
Người không duyên phận, sao cứ mãi gặp nhau?
熟悉的路 為什麼總是會迷路
shu xi de lu   wei she me zong shi hui mi lu
Familiar roads, why does one always get lost?
Những con đường quen thuộc, sao cứ mãi bị lạc đường?
期待的夢 為什麼總是會破碎
qi dai de meng   wei she me zong shi hui po sui
Awaited dream, why must it always shatter?
Giấc mộng mong mỏi, sao cứ mãi vỡ tan?

bu zhi suo cuo you wu ke nai he
At loss and unable to do anything
Bất tri sở thố, vô khả nại hà
bu yuan xiang qi you wu fa wang ji
Unwilling to bring it up and unable to forget
Không muốn nhắc tới và không thể quên được
tai duo hui yi ke zai wo xin di
There are too many memories engraved at the bottom of my heart
Có quá nhiều hồi ức đã khắc sâu vào lòng tôi

nan dao wo de meng
Could it be that my dream
Chẳng lẽ giấc mộng của tôi
jiu zhe yang mei ci mei ci jue wang
Is just like that, time after time, be as hopeless?
Cứ như vậy là một lần rồi lại một lần biến thành tuyệt vọng?
nan dao wo di ai
Could it be that my love
Chẳng lẽ tình yêu của tôi
zhu ding yao yi ci yi ci shou shang
Is destined to, time after time, suffer painfully?
Đã định sẵn cứ một lần rồi lại một lần chịu nổi đau thương?

meng bu dao meng bu dao de ni
Unable to dream of you
Mơ nhưng không mơ thấy được em 
忘不了 忘不了的你
wang bu liao   wang bu liao de ni
Unable to forget you
Quên nhưng lại quên không được em
放不下 放不開永遠是你
fang bu xia   fang bu kai yong yuan shi ni
Unable to let go, unable to separate from you as always
Bỏ không được, buông không ra được vĩnh viễn chính là em

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Don’t Tell Me That I Could Really Forget You by Deric Wan


Song Title: Don’t Tell Me That I Could Really Forget You (難道真的我能忘記妳)

Lyricist: Liu Yu Rui (劉虞瑞)

Composer: Xu Jia Liang (徐嘉良)

Bold = Chinese
Navy Blue = Pin Yin
Royal Blue = English
Sea Green = Vietnamese

癡癡走了一夜 街上愈來愈冷清
chi chi zou le yi ye   jie shang yu lai yu leng qing
Foolishly walked all night, the streets became colder
Dại khờ đi hết một đêm, đường phố càng lúc càng lạnh hơn
mei ren zai hu wo ji mo de xin qing
No one cared for my lonely heart
Không ai quan tâm tới trái tim cô đơn của anh
雖然為了愛你 什麼我都願意 哦~
sui ran wei le ai ni   she me wo dou yuan yi   woo~
Although because of loving you, I’m willing to do anything, woo~
Mặc dù vì yêu em, anh nguyện làm tất cả
zhe ci ni yao wo shang xin
Yet this time, you wanted to hurt me
Nhưng lần này em muốn làm anh đau lòng

淋了一身的雨 我也愈來愈清醒
lin le yi shen de yu   wo ye yu lai yu qing xing
Drenched from rain, I’ve also become clear-headed
Mình ướt đẫm mưa, anh càng lúc càng tỉnh táo
er bian liu zhe ni gao bie de sheng yin
Your words of farewells still remained by my ears
Bên tai còn lưu lại lời giã từ của em
答應不再想你 裝作毫不在意 哦~
da ying bu zai xiang ni   zhuang zuo hao bu zai yi   woo~
Promised that I wouldn’t miss you anymore, pretending that I hardly cared
Đã hứa rằng sẽ không nhớ tới em nữa, giả bộ rằng anh không quan tâm tý nào
rang ni fang xin de li qu
Letting you leave without worries
Để em yên tâm mà ra đi

nan dao zhen de wo neng wang ji ni
Don’t tell me that I could really forget you
Đừng nói rằng anh có thể thật sự quên em
ni ming ming kan dao wo ai ni de xin
You obviously could see my love for you
Em rõ ràng có thể thấy được rằng anh yêu em
yuan tian yuan di she bu de yuan ni
Blaming Heaven and Earth yet can’t bear to blame you
Óan trời trách đất cũng không đành trách em
我送走了你 送不走回憶
wo song zou le ni   song bu zou hui yi
I could send you away yet can’t brush off the memories
Anh tiễn được chân em rời khỏi nhưng không đuổi được hồi ức

*All translations were done by DTLCT.