At the Dolphin Bay

(image credit: net) I have a confession to make. I never really watch the whole thing. Yes, tragic and late, I know. But I mostly watched bits and pieces here and there and mostly MVs. I do own the soundtrack though because it was so beautifully done by some of the cast and production team. … Continue reading At the Dolphin Bay

Drunken Fist I

This was a series I recently stumbled upon. Anyway, this had a promising start. Then it just tanked episode by episode. Or should I say scene by scene? I went and did some research and realized it was from a comic series. I didn't mind the corny costumes or the side senseless humor at the … Continue reading Drunken Fist I

Welcome, Winter! (Uploaded by: Man Ho) If you thought the past month or so was cold, that wasn't winter. It was still autumn. Today is actually the first day of winter. Woohoo, right? Anyway, I couldn't help thinking of this song when realizing today is the first day of winter. (Go here for the Mandarin version.) … Continue reading Welcome, Winter!

Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: airs54825) Song Title: Yesterday's Tomorrow (昨天的明天) Lyricist: Li Yan Xiu (李岩修) Composer: Xu Jia Liang (徐嘉良) Key: Bold = Chinese Dark Red = Pin Yin Golden = English Orange = Vietnamese 你說就這樣再見 ni shuo jiu zhe yang zai jian You said goodbye just like that Em như vậy đã nói tạm biệt 別醞釀太多傷悲 … Continue reading Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Deric Wan

It’s Always You by Deric Wan

(Uploaded by: Jonison Anggatra) Song Title: It's Always You (永遠是你) Lyricist: Chen Da Li (陳大力) Composer: Chen Da Li and Chen Xiu Nan (陳大力, 陳秀男) Key: Bold = Chinese Indigo = Pin Yin Burnt Orange = English Purple = Vietnamese 冬天的雨 為什麼總是下不停 dong tian de yu   wei she me zong shi xia bu ting Winter … Continue reading It’s Always You by Deric Wan