I must say that comparing to Rear Mirror, this was much, much, much better. It didn't mean that this series did not have flaws. It did. But this one was better in the building of suspense and consistency throughout. What broke from the usual conventional series was having Wayne's other half appeared somewhere along the … Continue reading Overachievers

Liao Zhai 2014: Ye Sheng (叶生)

Two consorts gave birth at the same time, involving the fate of the whole kingdom. The Royal Physician Ye Cheng Fei (Raymond Cho) exhausted all his energy in saving the newly born prince yet was threatened by Consort Han (Cynthia Khan), a cat demon, so he could only flee into hiding with the prince. During … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2014: Ye Sheng (叶生)

I’m Sorry, But I like Kevin Cheng

I think I'm writing this to repent myself more than anything since my last post of him was so negative. Or at least it felt that way to me, contrary to my past impression of him and the last several years. Perhaps, I was such a big chicken and how I was so scared that … Continue reading I’m Sorry, But I like Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng: What in the world happened?

Okay, so I felt like blogging about Kevin today since he was one of my favorite singers back then (but I didn't realize it was him until one of those days several years back that I put two and two together). He just looked different in those days so it was a bit hard to … Continue reading Kevin Cheng: What in the world happened?

The Fate of Roger and Ray

I just want to post this for fun since Roger Kwok and Raymond Cho are two of my favorites. I just noticed some certain details about their collaboration and a little of real-life and want to share with everyone--for fun. TV series they were in together: Square Pegs (戇夫成龍): Roger was Ah Wong aka Ting … Continue reading The Fate of Roger and Ray