Dong Jiang Heroes: Official Poster

Dong Jiang Heroes: 36 Mins Promo Trailer

So, here’s the official promotional trailer for the drama:

Exciting, isn’t it? (Not regarding the tragedies, so don’t misunderstand. I meant regarding the anticipation of the drama itself.) At least it is for me because it sheds even more light into what this drama is about. And it seemed like they’re serious about the production. And had put a lot into this production. Not just throwing a bunch of pretty people together and let them stroll around in their pretty outfits to throw off people with senseless plots. This is indeed an intense one, obviously from previous stills released. But now, there are even more details into the plot. At least fractions of it, to the essence of the plot. Even if there are humorous scenes at one point, showing how the main leads met, the brief comedic moment soon fades to make way for other nerve-racking scenes.

Dong Jiang Heroes: Video Clips

(Credit: SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official)

Okay, so I was doing my random browsing just because. But saw this clip. Old, but a little interview of the main leads.

Dong Jiang Heroes: Some More Good News

At least for me! Yes, I’m back to blog about this drama. Just a little, not much.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

According to this, Jacky got to participate in the ending theme. I’m not sure if he sang it alone or if it was a collaboration as it happens at times. Yet I’m greedy and hope that he gets to sing it by himself.

Dong Jiang Heroes: The Shanghai Story

So shortly after having a wrap-up party in Hengdian, some of the cast and crew headed toward Shanghai to film some onsite scenes, which consisted of the old Shanghai streets and some seaside scenes.

Though some of the past scenes seen in the Hengdian had reflected a very hectic moment in history yet the scenes that were filmed in Shanghai were even more brutal. Or so the stills posted by different members of the cast had let on.

After being stuck in Shanghai with the storm for several days and finally completing the filming at long last, the cast and crew had another round of celebration.


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