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183 Club Reunion: November 2017

(image credit: Ehlo Huang’s Facebook page)

This happened like in mid-November, but I was caught up with other stuffs so didn’t update. Anyway, it finally happened! All five of them managed to meet up again. Ehlo was excited when he shared the pictures of his wall, lol.

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Princess Sha Sha: Avilas ADs – Part IV

After I complained up and down (sorta, lol) about how there was no nature shots this year, I learned that Sha Sha and the Avilas team went to Hokkaido to shoot more beautiful pictures. Yay!

*All images credit goes to Avilas.

Ken Chang, Mainland China Entertainment

Tang Dynasty Tour: Web Series

I just saw someone updated on Ken Chang’s fan page about this so I went and hunted for more information. He’s finally portraying a king. Although he’s not the main guy but I’m still excited for his role. (Go here to follow their Weibo page.)

Ken will be portraying Li Shi Min (李世民), a well-known king of the Tang dynasty.

Anita Yuen will be portraying the queen. I haven’t seen her in anything ages now, lol. So I’m excited to see how she’s doing lately.

Wang Tian Chen is the male lead.

The female lead is Zhang Jia Ning.

Regarding other cast, Wang Wen Jie will portray a prince.

Yu Yang will be portraying the main lead guy’s wife. Or some information said so. I’m not sure how this will work out, lol. What’s also strange is it’s supposed to be a time travel series aka the main guy is from the modern time and then travels to the Tang dynasty. Or the rule for web series are different so they could pull it off?

Anyway, the last of the cast that I’m updating on this time is Liu Yu Feng. I’ll update more as the filming goes along and they disclose a little more, lol. I wish the production team the best of luck with filming.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

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Here To Heart: The Wrap-Up

Yes, they wrapped up already!

It seemed that the cast got along quite well. Some of them were even in tears during the wrap-up. Once again, I can’t emphasize enough how much I’m anticipating this drama. Mostly because of Janine and Zhang Han. But I liked some of the other cast that I watched in the past too so hope the plot would live up to it.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

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Princess Sha Sha: Avilas ADs – Part III

I was a tad disappointed after being spoiled with the outdoor shots last year, but I think the newest ones sort of done it justice somewhat. Still studio, but the backdrop seemed to have more variety than some of the previous ones.

*All images credit goes to Avilas.