Ruby Lin's 2018 Birthday

This was over a week ago but I got lazy and didn’t update. Anyway, it seemed like Ruby had a wonderful night with friends.

Aside from Melvin Sia and Tiffany Hsu from her The Way We Were gang, there was also Derek Chang and Greg Hsu from My Dear Boy. Regretfully, Jason Zou wasn’t there. But Ruby did call Alec Su out on it in her tags, lol. What was a good bonus for fans was Wallace’s appearance. But I don’t know why people are surprised, because they’re married. Wallace always make time for his loved ones.

*All images were from Ruby’s Facebook page


The Devotion of Suspect X: Ruby Lin

I heard of the project that Ruby was filming that Alec directed last year. Yet didn’t really go out to search for it until now. Saw some pictures being released on Ruby’s page. So finally went on Weibo to look for it.

Anyway, this is an adaptation from Keigo Higashino’s novel of the same name. It is part of the Detective Galileo series. It has been translated into several languages as well as being adapted several times already.

The film will be released on April 1st in China and April 31st in North America. Other main cast included Wang Kai and Zhang Lu Yi.

*Images credit: Weibo

Ruby and Alec: An Adorable Friendship


I love these two. Mostly since watching them in various collaborations. But they are very consistent throughout the years, not ashamed of one another’s friendship like some people. (Yeah, I get it with rumors and how damaging it could be at times, but just saying.)

Translation: Beloved Big-Headed Brother, happy birthday! Thank you for giving me your first birthday wish. It’s really touching. Little Sister wholeheartedly wish you a successful year. Let’s celebrate together! Weakly asking, could you grant me another wish that wouldn’t leave scars?

Cute, eh? Anyway, in case anyone hasn’t heard, Ruby recently took a fall and had to get like ten stitches. She still remained quite professional and kept her promise with attending some events.

*Images credit: Ruby Lin’s Weibo

Voting: Most Influential Figure

Yes, voting time! I’m putting Janine’s photo up as inspiration! LOL! But there are other people on there, which I tagged some. Go here to vote. You can vote for 5 different people per day. There are about 19 days left so hurry! I voted for Janine (obviously), Alec, Ruby, Angela, and Calvin.

Throwback Thursday: Wishing You A Pleasant Trip

(Uploaded by: 段譽)

As I was doing my usual browsing of old songs again and listening to Alec Su’s songs, and then eventually going into the related lists, which contained Nicky Wu’s old songs. Then it was this clip. YES, it was just for old times’ sake. AND I discovered something that was actually under my nose all these times. I swear it’s forgivable (or so I think, lol). I didn’t realize that Nicky wrote this song ages back. It was Julian Chen’s departure (when he went to serve in the military). There were lots of things they both couldn’t say to each other, so Nicky wrote this song to send Julian off. What was the most touching part was having Alec come out and join in singing with Nicky when Nicky was asked to sing the song (once again), dedicating it to Julian. Nicky was really surprised and touched at the same time, forcing Alec to be the one singing for the most part. Yet it was understandable. The organizers of the show had kept Nicky in the dark regarding Alec’s appearance.

Anyway, the song now takes on a different meaning for me. Well, the majority already know of their band and their close bond, yet I didn’t realize the background of this song until I found this clip.

If anyone wants to skip ahead toward the song, it’s at 6:38.

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