Golden Bell Awards 2014: Winners

Okay, here are the results for this year. All are listed in the order they were presented. Best Film Editing - Presenter(s): Liang Xiu Shen ( 梁修身) and ?: An Bang and Zheng Xin Kai (安邦、鄭心愷) - Double Happiness (主桌) Ke Wen Li (柯汶利) - Freeman (自由人) Fan Yang Zhong and Lin Xin Min (范揚仲、林欣民) … Continue reading Golden Bell Awards 2014: Winners

Hear, There, and Everywhere

Creative packaging that still managed to keep it simple with the actual storing of the disc, etc. 1. Hear, There And Everywhere (給他). It seemed like a simple song but the beat was really catchy. Not only that but it gave a really good feeling in general. Not what I expected initially with just listening … Continue reading Hear, There, and Everywhere

Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang

Okay, the reason why I was even watching this was because I was channel surfing on TV, intending to look for something different but stumbled upon this one. But I kept watching even after claiming that I only want to see the opening theme parts. Then James Wen Sheng Hao came onto the screen with … Continue reading Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang

Networking with Celebs

With the growing trends of celebrities having their own blogs or other networking methods to stay in touch with fans or share their thoughts with the general public, there is also the downside of encountering false pages. However, based on information collected on various sites and my own searching, I've actually found some that are … Continue reading Networking with Celebs