Pink Collar Lady: A Han Dong and Jia Qing Reunion

Also known as Tian Tian Xiang Ni (天天想你), this drama reunites Han Dong and Jia Qing since DOMD. In this drama, whether they successfully become a couple or not, it is still unknown. (Or at least I didn't go read spoilers, lol.) Because pictures could be so misleading at times, especially how both of the … Continue reading Pink Collar Lady: A Han Dong and Jia Qing Reunion

Rookies’ Diary: Favorite Character(s)

This is like WAY overdue by now since I first planned it in 2011. YES, that long ago. But I guess better late than never. I initially wanted to list all characters and then discussed them before wrapping up with saying who my favorite characters are. Yet I couldn't really do it now since I … Continue reading Rookies’ Diary: Favorite Character(s)

Qing Qian Wan Li

I don't know what the official title is yet hence putting in that for now. It actually wrapped up filming a while back already but I haven't gotten the time to update on that after learning of the drama being true, etc. Yes, it has been a while after just some articles leaning on the … Continue reading Qing Qian Wan Li

Double Congrats

That's right, Sandrine Pinna is engaged! To Blue J! I thought it was a hoax at first when I saw some news articles (mostly the title). But when I spotted the official message on Weibo (the above image) and also saw her response "Oh yeah" (with hearts included), I finally realized the news is true. … Continue reading Double Congrats

Father’s Desire

Five episodes so I see no harm diving in. How was it? Quite touching and meaningful--like most DaAi dramas. It was touching because it didn't try to be. It was just telling the story of a family. And I think it might be inspired by a real family since I saw the name of the … Continue reading Father’s Desire