Celebs Real Life Couples

Okay, I was just bored and wanted to start a list. But I will only include the ones I know for sure of OR care about somewhat. So if you don’t see your favorites on there, DON’T freak out. Also, I’m not including any past relationships OR rumors. AND–yes, this is the last one–I’m dividing them by region since I was getting a headache trying to group ’em one way or another.

Hong Kong

  • Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng
  • Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok
  • Edmond So and Winnie Lau
  • Eric Suen and Macy Chan
  • Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung
  • Felix Wong and Leung Kit Wah
  • Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok
  • Hacken Lee and Emily Lo
  • Jacky Cheung and May Lo
  • John Chiang and Lee Lam Lam
  • Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan
  • Leila Tong and Desmond Tang
  • Liu Kai Chi and Barbara Chan
  • Michael Miu and Jamie Chik
  • Noel Leung and Gary Chan
  • Power Chan and Mimi Lo
  • Roger Kwok and Cindy Au
  • Simon Yam and Qi Qi
  • Stephen Fung and Shu Qi
  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau
  • Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li

Mainland China

  • Benny Qian and Coco Lv
  • Deng Chao and Betty Sun Li
  • Dong Xuan and Gao Yun Xiang
  • Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er
  • Kevin Yan and Sunny Du
  • Qiao Zhen Yu and Wang Qian Yi
  • Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin
  • Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng
  • William Feng Shao Feng and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying
  • Zhang Jie and Xie Na


  • Alice Ko and Kunda Hsieh
  • Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai
  • Blue J and Sandrine Pinna
  • Blue Lan and Jade Chou
  • Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng
  • Chen Yu Feng and Ye Jia Yu
  • Eric Huang and Jenny Lu
  • June Tsai and Lee Yi
  • Justine Ji and Wu Jian Xin
  • Leroy Yang and Jiang Zu Ping
  • Nylon Chen and Lene Lai
  • Phil Chang and Shi Yi Lang
  • Vic Chou and Reen Yu
  • Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin
  • Wesley Chia and Amanda Chu


  • Christopher Lee and Fann Wong


  • Ada Choi and Max Zhang
  • Archie Kao and Zhou Xun
  • Dicky Cheung and Jess Zhang
  • Gallen Lo and Sophie Su
  • Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan
  • Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao
  • Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi
  • Sonija Kwok and Zhu Shao Jie

*This list will be updated from time to time.


Throwback Thursday: Jacky’s Love For Oldies

Years ago when Jacky was on The Million Singers (百萬大歌星), someone claimed that he was very lucky to have stayed on for that long, considering how some of the songs he chose were very hard. I had believed that person because from Jacky’s expression, it indeed seemed like he had several close calls on there.

However, years later and his later visits to the show, I realized that was a wrong assumption to make from that person. Mostly because Jacky was known to be more familiar with oldies than newer songs. It had a lot to do with his mother’s love for oldies that had influenced his route. Harlem Yu had also chided him for opting for the new song (among the choices) when he was kicked off that one time, saying he shouldn’t have forced himself to pick newer songs.

*All images were captured by DTLCT.

All About Joanne Tseng


Favorite Role: Jiang Qing Mei (from Liu Mang Xiao Zhang). A princess role yet didn’t lose too much touch with reality. She was funny and silly but wasn’t overly obnoxious with her tricks. Her bubbly side made it cute but other times, she was as normal as how a typical student should be. Qiao Qiao expressed that she was so happy when she received this role because she finally got a chance to portray a princess with beautiful wardrobes and I must agree. It was a different role for her and she wasn’t too over with it. Just the right touches here and there. This princess role wasn’t too much either or stayed the same because she did learn something and become an even more matured person in that she did in the end.

2nd Favorite Role: Zhang Bi Ting (from True Love 365). I never liked a role more than this. Perhaps it helped because it was fresh on my mind. But it was like she was portraying an independent girl but wasn’t WAY too silly like some past dramas. Sure, she got a tad too weird when she was meeting her ‘prince in shining armor’ at first but that was understandable with how people acted silly when they were in love (at least that was what I saw with some people). Other times, she really lived up to being an independent girl, living alone in some unknown place and trying to make a living, saving money to fulfill her dream but it wasn’t too silly of a dream. She was able to take care of herself and didn’t need help or rescuing. (Though she was helped at some point, she didn’t act super pitiful to earn more points or anything. Those people just happened to be there, etc.) Then there was the whole idea with her fashion wasn’t too badly snubbed as it was in other dramas where it kept saying how the main lead had poor fashion sense, etc. Though she seemed to not be up to ‘perfection’ with some other females in here, she didn’t need to dress in weird outfits either to make the other characters WAY better. After all, she was in a business where she knew how to handle herself professionally and didn’t need to be told about everything. It sure added to her independent image and all.

Totally Ruined: Bei Ruo Yi aka Xiao Bei (from The Magicians of Love). I swore I tried to make a lot of excuses for her actions in here and how she couldn’t be blamed. Yet I find it really frustrating at times too. Though I had rooted for her with Ya Si/Ming Dao since the beginning, I felt there were many things that could have been better. In the end, I realized it was the plot that had dragged her character down more and more–to make the guys seemed so heroic and all. It seemed that way to me. I read comments in the past that blamed her lack of chemistry with both guys and that her acting was also lacking hence not being able to exude the cute/lovable image, etc. YET I think many had looked past the way the plot had been crafted. It didn’t help her cause at all. Then I wondered if that was another excuse I used to make myself feel better. But when I went and searched around for more information, I realized that there was an extension of episodes hence making it even worse and worse for her case.



Favorite Male Co-Star: Ray Chang. Honestly, I finally found someone opposite her that I really like without needing to make an excuse for her actions (whether regarding the character or other factors). It’s not just because it’s still fresh on my mind either but finally a guy who I felt the chemistry too strongly because of their interactions and also appearance-wise. (Go here and here for more discussions about them.)

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Chen Yi. I had to struggle a bit to think since it has been a while with their last collaboration in a drama. But I remembered how cute they were together at times. Off-screen? They’re like brother and sister (mostly visible through interactions on Weibo).

3rd Favorite Male Co-Star: Alien Huang. So cute and unexpected. I liked how their relationship developed in there. First, I thought it was another typical crazy girl scheming to go after the guy who saved her (which was true with her bizarre switching school at first), but it turned into a much more mature relationship than I expected.

4th Favorite Male Co-Star: Sun Quan. Don’t be mistaking this guy for one of Sodagreen’s band members. He collaborated with her in Dreams Link. Though there were many things I disliked about that drama, I loved them in there. They were like the comic relief for the show in general.

Missed Chance Pairing: Calvin Chen. OMG, how many fanfics must I write before I could finally see them collaborate for real? After the failed collaboration the previous time, I’m more than eager to see them in another drama together. Hope it would be a good script too so it’s not just about having them in the same drama for the sake of viewers, etc. Note that this was written way before her collaboration for the MV with Calvin so it would sound odd. So yes, their collaboration finally happened but I greedily want a drama too. (UPDATE January 2020: they got married in real life! Go here for more information.)

SO History: Ming Dao and Sam Wang. YES, I used to like her with them too. But I fell out of the obsession. Half due to other fanbase attacking her AND half because I no longer care. Maybe one day when I go back to watch those dramas again (which is rare of recent), I’ll get back into obsessing over these two pairings again. Who knows?

But talking about Sam, he and Qiao Qiao are also close outside, not just for the sake of promotion of dramas either. Or more like she, Chen Chen Yi, and Sam. Chen Yi’s message that one time said it all. (Click here.)

Frustratingly Unbelievable: Tang Feng. I couldn’t believe the day that I rooted for the bad guy more than anything when I watched Mr. Fighting. I enjoyed her chemistry and interaction more with Tang Feng for that role. I could even conjure up a side fanfic to change the ending too. It wasn’t because of his appearance either that made me root for him but more like how the plot was full of holes hence making me sympathize with him more than the supposed “good guys.”

Hope to enjoy: Wei Qian Xiang. I haven’t watched Our Love yet but the pictures showed a lot of promise. Just that I need to actually watch before I make more comments about it.

Interesting Pairing: Jacky Chu. Disregard all his ‘colorful’ lifestyles off-screen, I always thought they would make an interesting on-screen couple. There were some scenes in The Magicians of Love that had made me curious. First hilarious then later how their interactions suggested that they could make an interesting pairing. Like how she was giving him looks so he could explain and cover for them during the wedding reception. There were also signs of him being overly happy when she was able to stay at Neo-Image at one point (or so it was when the camera moved toward his direction). Yes, those little signs got me into writing fanfics for them. But what got even more interesting and the dream almost coming true for me was seeing them together in Liu Mang Xiao Zhang. Though that didn’t work out, I enjoyed their interactions in there. Off-screen, though they probably aren’t close (except for the few times they worked together and were even under the same management at one time), I still enjoyed the few genuine interactions on shows or BTS.



*Will be updated in the future.

*Images were either collected around the net (hence belonging to their rightful owners) OR were captured by DTLCT and ShadowoftheNight

Oneness to Boda

(image credit: as marked)

One of Reflections’ sweetheart, Qiao Qiao, has switched agency. No wait, correct that. Oneness Music Entertainment has changed its name to Boda Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Click on the Oneness link to look for one of the announcements regarding the change.) I just realized this like yesterday because I was browsing around and wondering why Oneness haven’t updated their activities for a while and one of Sweety’s fan pages forwarded some pictures of Qiao Qiao via Boda so I checked out the page. I thought she changed agency but it was just that Oneness had changed their name. It had been a while now but I was so busy with other stuff and absentminded (yeah) that I didn’t realize it.

Who else is in Boda as of now? Go here to see all. I like the three glossy profile photos they had for Qiao Qiao though. (Go here, here, and here if you don’t want to scroll down.) One thing that puzzles me the most is what happened to some of the others that were in Oneness previously? Or their contracts expired so they left? Or something else? Especially Jacky, who was in Oneness with Joanne previously. He’s actually focusing on the whole singing front right now so isn’t around much at this point regarding TV dramas. However, what will happen in the future? (Yes, I’m sort of hoping they would still be in the same agency.)

Aside from that, Qiao Qiao’s currently working on her new project called Our Love (爱的创可贴). Not long ago, she also returned to Taiwan and attended Justine Ji’s wedding along with Chen Yi and other mutual friends. Though she wasn’t just attending as a guest but as a bridesmaid. (Interestingly she was asked about her own situation and the reply had led others to ponder if Calvin had been there, he could have proposed? Nice?)

Weibo: The Special List

No, no, no. This is not another tutorial since I already hung up my hat. Well, for now. Unless I go explore and update some of the gaps that I haven’t care to try out yet. But for now, this is a random post. So what is the special list really? It’s obvious that every one of us has a lot of people we are following, right? (Duh, I know…) Anyway, it ended up being too much of a challenge for me though it’s always optional since I have too many things with my life than sit around and stalk people. I just need to know of some recent news, promotions, or others. At least those from my current obsessions, like absolute current ones so I could tune in and check things out. I currently have like 200 and something people that I tune into, but I managed to narrow it down to 53–because of the dramas I’m watching and still like to stalk some long-time favorites. So who made it?

Deric Wan (温兆伦) – Why is he first? Isn’t it obvious? He’s one of the first ones I discovered when beginning to watch TV series or listen to Chinese music. It’s not like I’m going to give up liking him just because of some bizarre reasons. He still acts good and sings good, so yeah. He totally deserves the first spot.

Eric Suen (孫耀威) – I just think among all of those I put on this list, he deserves the 2nd spot because he’s from the ’90s? Haven’t lost it yet with the singing, keeps coming up with creative songs. Can’t say the same for his choice of TV series, but I seriously can’t pin him for that since I’m always into music more than watching stuff so he gets the easy out. GREAT?

Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠) – Don’t ask, it’s just because Eric’s 2nd. And she shows great promise though she’s not promoted much. But that’s just my opinion.

Jacky Chu/ Zhu Fan Gang (祝釩剛) – Need I say more?

Sophia Chou/ Zhou Ming Jing (周明璟) – My favorite new pairing for Jacky. AND not to mention she’s pretty cool and quite down to earth. Great voice, hardworking, and always optimistic.

Andy Chen Yi (陳奕) – The mad blogger/networking person. Honestly, stalking him is so fun. And it has somewhat become a habit ’cause of my personal partial to past Tangerine artists. I know he’s NOT the best, but his personality is always so cool and not to mention he’s quite charming. (NO, I’m not cradle robbing. Just on the level of liking him pairing with quite several of my favorites.)

Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao (曾之喬) aka Qiao Qiao (喬喬) – YES, another one that I shouldn’t even have to explain. Why is she between Chen Yi and Tang Feng AND NOT Calvin since I’m like into the whole ‘QiaoRu’ craze recently? Chen Yi and Tang Feng paired with her first. Not to mention they’re still pals, etc. So it’s only fair I put her between them.

Denny Tang Feng (唐豐) – I always rooted for him all these years so it’s not like it’s a sudden thing with Rookies’ Diary. Finally, he’s getting the recognition he deserves. One of the guys within the new generation of the TW scenes that could act. (And doesn’t even have to dress nicely to be able to act well either. roll eyes)

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu (張芯瑜) aka Xiao Xiao Yu (小小瑜) – Love her singing. And yes, I’m one of the rare ones that like her voice and actually like her acting as well. AND yes, her personality–though people thinks it’s immature OR whatever. She has really matured these past years. YET I’m so glad she’s not changing into a ‘fake-sy’ like some people. Always so real and so cool. At least I always thought she’s fine.

Hu Ge (胡歌) – Xiao Yao stuck between Ai Qie and Yue Ru, nice? YES, I couldn’t resist the joke SO had to put him between them. Hu Ge is sort of like Wallace for me. Always so awesome YET never shows off. Quite real also.

Ady An Yi Xuan (安以轩) – I don’t need to explain, do I? I had her between my two favorite pairings of her. Great? Can’t penalize me for putting Hu Ge first because that’s how I watched and noticed them. AND then came more Ady dramas so Dylan came into the picture.

Dylan Kuo/ Guo Pin Chao (郭品超) – See the pattern yet? YES, My The Outsiders group are kind of clustered together. Nice? Anyway, Dylan has always surprised me with the roles he’d chosen. Not always so predictable. Not choosing over-hyped stuff on purpose.

Blue Lan Zheng Long (藍正龍) – With The Outsiders and then Police Et Vous and then I Do?, it’s hard not to like him. I actually like how he’s doing more of the less over-hyped dramas in the past. Not sure how he would go forth now. But good luck all the same.

Annie Liu Xin You (劉心悠) – Makes sense to put Annie near Blue after my obsession with I Do?

Michael Chang/ Zhang Xun Jie (張勛傑) – One of the three brothers from The Outsiders and the reason why I place him near Annie is they almost collaborate. Too bad. Maybe next time. Another person always looking for new challenges with his roles.

Ge Li Jie Fu (格里杰夫) – Blame it on my obsession with this one song he sang with Cynthia. And after checking out his other songs, tune into him as well.

Cynthia Wang Xin Ru ( 王心如) – Thanks to Momo Love, I found out more about her and like her voice as well. Not to mention how she’s fun to stalk as well. Yeah, she’s next to Nic ’cause she’s sort of my favorite co-star with Nic (aside from Cyndi–or maybe leaning on even more than Cyndi by now).

Nicholas Teo/ Zhang Dong Liang (張棟樑) – Need to explain more? YES, he’s sort of like Wallace in a way but on the music side. (Though I’m not implying anything about Wallace’s singing, LOL!) Kind of fun to stalk him as well. Get to learn more about events as well as random chats with his friends.

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling (王心凌) – Princess Cyndi. That’s it. The person who got me interested in watching Taiwanese dramas again so that said something. Though people can disagree or whatever. But that was what happened.

Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (汪东城) – I guess just for the Jindi craze? NOT to mention how I conveniently place him between Cyndi and Calvin just for the fun of it.

Calvin Chen Yi Ru (辰亦儒) – Because of the QiaoRu craze and not to mention how I sort of tune into him more at times. Sorry, like way before I actually am having this obsession over Chun. ‘Cause I really like his positive attitude and his sunshine side. (Yeah, the first person I actually pay attention to in FRH was him, not the others. Though sometimes I don’t let on ’cause fans were too into fighting that I didn’t want to aggravate anyone else. But now I sort of tune into FRH normally on my own, not as scared, but still trying not to make troubles for others, I want to clarify that.)

Angela Chang/ Zhang Shao Han (张韶涵) – Odd to place her between Calvin and Will but not really since they collaborated in the past already, right? Not to mention I sort of want to keep Angela somewhere along the top. Angela joined Weibo recently (through Gillian Chung’s help) and has been posting several messages already. Pretty cool. She posts both in English and Chinese. So that’s like easy on the stalking bit.

Wilber Pan Wei Bo (潘瑋柏) – Should I need to explain more about the arrangement? Endless Love obsession here. Though not done with the drama yet still found them cute as always. And I do like Will so it’s not too over to put him on the list.

Sandrine Pinna aka Zhang Rong Rong (張榕容) – Recent obsession because of Endless Love but I do like her style.

Ehlo Huang Yu Rong (黃玉榮) – The other favorite previously 183 Club member that I still care a lot about. He updates us once in a while. So it’s cool. No hint or anything by placing between these two, I don’t want to place him way down there.

Justine Ji Wen Hui (紀文惠) – Always like Justine because of my partial to Tangerine artists–as mentioned above already. Also because I like her style as well. Not to mention how she released her debut album recently and I just want to tune in to her events.

Van Fan Yi Chen (范逸臣) – Hey, he goes way back in the days when I was watching Wallace’s Sound of Colors SO it’s not like I just tune in recently after watching Cape No.7 or something. Just manage to get bits and pieces of news recently. He had his normal hair color back–for now. Yay!

Tammy Chen Yi Rong (陳怡蓉 ) – I used to watch this one drama with Van and Tammy and like them as a pairing so put them near one another. Not to mention how I’ve been a fan of Tammy for a while now. Not too over to pay more attention to her lately.

Tony Sun Xie Zhi (孫協志) – Senior Xie Zhi! Okay, Manager Xie Zhi. But I’m so used to him being ‘Senior Xie Zhi’ that it’s hard to separate that. Kind of fun stalking him too.

Esther Liu Pin Yan (劉品言) aka Yan Yan (言言) – As a fan of Sweety–and part of the old Tangerine artists clan, gotta add her, right? Place her between two of my favorite pairing of hers. YUP, Tony and Eddie.

Eddie Peng Yu Yan (彭于晏) – Haven’t really tuned into him as much lately in the whole TV series/movies since I’m occupied with other obsessions but it’s all right. Still like him and want to keep up to date at times. He’s between Esther and Janine. Nice? Haven’t seen messages of him interacting with Esther (I might have missed it though) but have seen him interact with Janine and it’s really cute and funny. They still call each other by the character names in Wayward Kenting, which brings back some nice and cute memories.

Janine Chang/ Zhang Jun Ning (張鈞甯) – Hey, been tuning into her stuff so it’s natural that I stalk her on Weibo as well.

Xiu Jie Kai (修杰楷) – Mr. Nature, always providing nice shots of scenery, etc. And because of the B&W phase that I place him near Janine.

Yuan Hong (袁弘) – I don’t know. I like to watch him interact with Hu Ge and other Chinese Paladin III cast. It’s fun. Sometimes he does updates on Hu Ge and the others too so it’s not like he just posts stuff about himself. Cool guy. (Did I tell you guys that I actually like him the most with Rainie? ‘Cause that’s the way I watched in the first place, I watched Strange Tales of Liao Zhai and really liked them together, so yeah…)

Yang Mi (杨幂) – YES, my favorite pairing with Hu Ge but place her in between these two because it’s all right since she’s good friends with Yuan Hong outside as well and also has been in two series with FSF already? (Or so I thought.)

William Feng Shao Feng (冯绍峰) – I don’t know. Just put him on the list for kicks ’cause he would update stuff or interact with Ady or Yang Mi. Feel like he could really act (and I think all those collaborations with TVB are so misleading for his abilities since I felt so different when watching his Mainland dramas versus the TVB ones).

Liu Xiang Ci (劉香慈) – The Rookies’ Diary team begins with her. YES, the reason why I put her and about several others in.

Zhao Jun Ya (趙駿亞) – Can’t blame me for not watching his stuff before Rookies’ Diary because I didn’t watch all his past dramas. I’m so serious. I just managed to miss all of them, which is strange. But oh well. I’ll tune in to his dramas from now on to make up for it? LOL!

Debbie Huang Di Jun (黃荻鈞) – Another Rookies’ Diary cast. Though of course, she interacts others too, so it’s not like just for that.

Chen De Lie (陳德烈) – Lin Bo Wen! LOL! Actually liked him since watching Your Home Is My Home so was glad he was part of the Rookies’ Diary‘s cast. (And I realized later that Jun Ya was also in YHIMH yet I didn’t even remember him at all, lol.)

Novia Lin Ruo Ya (林若亞) – She doesn’t appear much in Rookies’ Diary but I still follow her stuff since she’s in Monga Yao Hui also so just tracking stuff for that too, LOL!

Qian Jun Zhong (錢君仲)Rookies’ Diary is still going and he’s in the sequel so still checking stuff that he posts at times.

Ah Gan (阿 竿) – Tian Bin, right? Can’t miss him. Found him recently through Xiao Xiao You’s interaction with him so yeah…

Ah Xiang (阿翔) – The last person I manage to find who’s also in Rookies’ Diary and has Weibo so following him as well.

Penny Lin Wei Jun (林韋君) – Found her just recently so stalking her for the time being, LOL! I manage to get some of my positive energy back and try to ignore some of her fans. So now I think I might get more inspirations for fanfics. But don’t get me started on the pairing ’cause I always been into Ambrose and Penny more than some others. Though I wouldn’t rule out other possibilities.

GINO – YES, I could put him in near Qiao Qiao or Cyndi but I got torn so I just thought putting him near Penny’s cool too since they did pair up–and did look quite cute together as well. Another guy fun to stalk at times as well.

Bianca Bai Xin Hui (白歆惠) – One of my favorites (of course) and she hasn’t post as much lately or I’m not stalking as much lately. But better to put her in the list so I could keep track.

James Wen Sheng Hao (溫昇豪) – Recent interest because of his chemistry with Sonia BUT I haven’t watched The Fierce Wife yet since I don’t care regardless of how others urge me to watch.

Sonia Sui Tang (隋棠) – Always been my favorite, even before she got recognized by many (like recently). Blame it on AQMFS ’cause I liked her back then and didn’t think she sucked or anything.

Amber Kuo/ Guo Cai Jie (郭采潔) – I guess have to put her in too ’cause I did like her after watching some scenes of Na Yi Nian De Xing Fu Shi Guang.

Joe Cheng/ Zheng Yuan Chang (鄭元暢) – I wasn’t into him back then or didn’t care to pay attention. NOT his fault but more like the hype surrounding a certain drama. So I didn’t pay attention to him until Honey & Clover. Can’t wait to watch (or more like catch-up on for me) Channel X.

Mike He Qun Xiang (賀軍翔) – Just like him after watching Devil Beside You and then since I’m tuning in to Mei Le Jia You (recently called Love Keeps Going) so yeah.

Kingone Wang (王傳一) – Already adding Mike, it’s hard not to think of adding him in too. And he’s fun to stalk as well so why not, right?

Is this permanent? NOPE…because my current obsession could always change, except for a rare few that I won’t erase. The higher up they are, the higher the chance they won’t get deleted out of the list. Are the current ones at the bottom doom? Well, not really…we’ll see…

Okay, so what is the point–aside from this being a random post and I had to be all repetitive with my obsession for these people? Honestly, I totally recommend you taking time deciding on about 50 people to put into some kind of ‘special’ list SO it would make it easier on your stalking life. LOL! (If that make sense…) Only around 50 ’cause if more, you’ll end up with a headache again. ‘Cause guess what with about 50 people? I catch up faster. I was like not around for several days during the weekend ’cause who wants to be stuck inside for the weekend, right? So when I came back, it took me like 3 pages before I’m back to the point where I last read someone’s entry. Great?

So, do you have a similar list? Like not really called ‘Special’ list like mine but more like some kind of list to narrow down your ‘absolutely, must follow’ people versus others? If yes, who? If not, who would you put on there? Just curious. See you guys next time on another random post about Weibo. But maybe I’ll break it down or be more specific about some interesting relations I found. But probably won’t be limited to just this group.

*All images were captured by DTLCT