Qiaoru: Meeting the Parents – Real Life Version

You know 2017 is going to be a good year when you wake up and read about Qiaoru's latest development. Kidding aside, it's true though that the media is circling back to Qiaoru again. I can't believe it has been 8 years since the Love Buffet situation. But yes, it has been that long. Good … Continue reading Qiaoru: Meeting the Parents – Real Life Version

Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

I was browsing on Facebook and found Joanne's post. After reading the article, I realized it was a drama. It was totally unexpected but I will continue to tune in. Many of the QiaoLun fans would be soooo happy. Because I think many have thought that the ship already sank, even before it came to … Continue reading Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

All About Joanne Tseng

HER ROLES: Favorite Role: Jiang Qing Mei (from Liu Mang Xiao Zhang). A princess role yet didn't lose too much touch with reality. She was funny and silly but wasn't overly obnoxious with her tricks. Her bubbly side made it cute but other times, she was as normal as how a typical student should be. … Continue reading All About Joanne Tseng

Love Buffet: What happened?

(image credit: net) With the drama's unavoidable delay due to the weather at first and numerous other reasons coming up--either weaved by the pen of the paparazzi or assumptions from others, it was still an excruciating wait for everyone involved--directly or indirectly. In the most recent post, I mentioned that filming had resumed yet it … Continue reading Love Buffet: What happened?

A New Start

The year's just starting but it seems like some major decisions have been made by several artists--both popular ones and not-so-well-known ones. All the same, we will have to wait and see what those decisions will lead those artists to. Of course, there are other changes that could not be avoided but those involved will … Continue reading A New Start