Cyndi Wants Concert: Songs From The Dramas

(Image Credit: Calvin Chen's Official Facebook Page) I finally have some time to hunt this down. When Cyndi appeared onstage to sing some songs from past dramas, her princes from five different dramas were there to accompany her and passed out various goodies to the audience. However, the best part must be the ending when … Continue reading Cyndi Wants Concert: Songs From The Dramas

Princess Cyndi: Birthday 2011

The 5th was Cyndi's birthday and it really proved who remembered and who didn't. (We don't count people who are WAY too busy with their lives, right? NOT! It's a matter of effort.) Anyway, not counting the girls and some of the guys that I am not familiar with (regarding friendship/history/rumored), BUT the ones I … Continue reading Princess Cyndi: Birthday 2011

Princess Cyndi and Prince… – Part 2

Back to this one! Looks familiar? Yeah, 'cause it's connected to the previous post. I missed two people so I had to do a new one to put them in. Yeah, after receiving complaints, I guess I'll have to be fair about it? (YEAH...RIGHT...) So I added in 5, not just 2. Nice? Another difference … Continue reading Princess Cyndi and Prince… – Part 2

Springing Love

DISCLAIMER: The following is of fictional work and should not be taken seriously or be accounted for actual facts in any way. It is not aimed to confuse or mislead anyone for that matter. It is not meant to offend or disrespect any of the artists mentioned in the work either. Its purpose only serves … Continue reading Springing Love

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 17

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned. This episode entered with Shan Ren crawling on the floor, trying to find some lost items. NO, just kidding. He was demonstrating some techniques for the others to see while Sheng Nan was lecturing. Serves … Continue reading Rookies’ Diary: Episode 17