Sophia’s Comeback?

As I was doing my usual stalking routine, I saw that Sophia had posted a video on her page. At first, I was half asleep so I thought it was just a picture, lol. But then I saw her message and so I listened. Got so excited! Aside from that, nothing new really. Again, it must be me jumping to conclusions again. But I wish she would come out with a full album or something.

Admitting Fault by Sophia Chou

(Uploaded by: chintya90)

Song Title: Admitting Fault (認錯)

Music & Lyrics by: Li Ji (李驥)

Sound Mixing: Yang Yang (楊陽)

Producer: Chen Zi Hong (陳子鴻)

Bold = Original
Navy Blue = Pin Yin
Grayish Blue  = English

I don’t believe it 是我放棄了你
I don’t believe it   shi wo fang qi le ni
I don’t believe it, it was me who give up on you
zhi wei le yi ge mei you li you de jue ding
It was just because of one person’s decision without any apparent reason
以為這次我可以 承受你離我而去
yi wei zhe ci wo ke yi   cheng shou ni li wo er qu
Thinking that this time, I could accept your leaving me
故意 讓你傷心 卻刺痛自己
gu yi    rang ni shang xin   que ci tong zi ji
Purposely hurting you yet I’m just hurting myself

一個人走在傍晚 七點的台北City
yi ge ren zou zai bang wan   qi dian de tai bei city
One person walking as night falls, 7:00 in Taipei City
等著心痛就像 黑夜 一樣的來臨
deng zhe xin tong jiu xiang   hei ye    yi yang de lai lin
Waiting for a heartache is just like that of a dark night approaching
I hate myself 又整夜追逐夢中的你
I hate myself  you zheng ye zhui zhu meng zhong de ni
I hate myself for chasing after you in my dream during the peak of the night
er ming tian zhi ci ku qi de xin
And when tomorrow comes, it will only cause the heart to cry

怎麼才能讓我告訴你 我不願意
zen me cai neng rang wo gao su ni   wo bu yuan yi
How could I tell you that I was unwilling?
jiao bi ci dou zai gu du li ren zhu shang xin
Teaching each other that solitude could endure grievances
我又怎麼告訴你 我還愛你
wo you zen me gao su ni   wo hai ai ni
And how could I tell you that I still love you?
shi wo zi ji cuo wu de jue ding
It was my own erroneous decision

我要告訴你 我不願意
wo yao gao su ni   wo bu yuan yi
I want to tell you that I was unwilling
jiao bi ci dou zai gu du li ren zhu shang xin
Teaching each other that solitude could endure grievances
我又怎麼告訴你 我還愛你
wo you zen me gao su ni   wo hai ai ni
And how could I tell you that I still love you?
shi wo zi ji cuo wu de jue ding
It was my own erroneous decision

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Easy In Love by Sophia Chou

This album was strangely one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Old songs but refreshing to listen to. I think it was a test drive but good choices since it contained a variety of songs.

Call me morbid but I actually liked the first two songs more than the third, lighthearted one. Though I must say that the MVs were quite awesome, containing a different sense of creativity–and much more.

The first two, of course, had to contain some flavor of sorrow; and the last one was really cute and nice to watch. I like the idea of how she was pinning the blue ribbon on everyone, turning them more lively and happy.

The packaging was really well thought since the theme was Valentine and also contained the blue ribbon that was in the third MV. It tied together with the whole album. Creative all right.

Great EP overall.

*All images were captured and/or scanned by DTLCT

Networking with Celebs

With the growing trends of celebrities having their own blogs or other networking methods to stay in touch with fans or share their thoughts with the general public, there is also the downside of encountering false pages. However, based on information collected on various sites and my own searching, I’ve actually found some that are trustworthy over the years and would like to share them with everyone.

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: Facebook | TwitterWeiboYouTube Channel

AK – Andy Chen Yi and Chris Shen Jian Hong: Facebook | Andy’s Weibo | Kris’ Weibo | AK’s Weibo

Alyssa Chia / Jia Jing Wen: Facebook | Instagram | Weibo

Amber Kuo/ Guo Cai Jie: InstagramWeibo

Ambrose Hsu/ Xu Shao Yang: Sina Blog | Weibo

Andy Chen Yi: Facebook | Instagram | Weibo

Angela Chang/ Zhang Shao Han: Official Facebook Page | WeiboAngmuzik Weibo | Official YouTube Channel | Temptation Styles Official Website | Temptation Official Facebook PageTemptation Styles Weibo | Temptation Styles Youtube Channel

Annie Liu Xin You: Weibo

Bianca Bai Xin Hui: Sina Blog | Weibo

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Cyndi Wang Xin Ling: Facebook | Instagram | Sina Blog | Weibo

Cynthia Wang Xin Ru/ Chloe Wang Le Yan: Facebook | Facebook Page | Instagram | Weibo

Debbie Huang Di Jun: Facebook | Weibo

Derek Chen De Lie: Facebook Page | Instagram | Weibo | YouTube Cooking Channel

Denny Tang Feng: Facebook Regular Account | Facebook Page | Weibo

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Double Chao Chun Ya/ Zhao Jun Ya: Facebook | Instagram | Weibo | YouTube Travel Channel

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James Chu/ Zhu Qiang Bo: Facebook Page | Instagram | Weibo

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Johnny Yan Xing Shu: Facebook | InstagramWeibo

Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao aka Xiao Qiao: Facebook | Instagram | Weibo

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Ken Chang Zhi Yao: Weibo | Ken Studio Weibo Page

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Ruby Lin Xin Ru: Facebook | Ruby Studio Official Facebook Page | Weibo | Ruby Studio Weibo

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*This page will be updated from time to time

Note: If I did not list a link, it is because: (a) I do not follow those celebrities actively to know if it’s real or fake; or (b) I do not know about it yet.