Admitting Fault by Sophia Chou

(Uploaded by: chintya90) Song Title: Admitting Fault (認錯) Music & Lyrics by: Li Ji (李驥) Sound Mixing: Yang Yang (楊陽) Producer: Chen Zi Hong (陳子鴻) Key: Bold = Original Navy Blue = Pin Yin Grayish Blue  = English I don't believe it 是我放棄了你 I don't believe it   shi wo fang qi le ni I don't … Continue reading Admitting Fault by Sophia Chou

Easy In Love by Sophia Chou

This album was strangely one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Old songs but refreshing to listen to. I think it was a test drive but good choices since it contained a variety of songs. Call me morbid but I actually liked the first two songs more than the third, lighthearted one. Though … Continue reading Easy In Love by Sophia Chou

Networking with Celebs

With the growing trends of celebrities having their own blogs or other networking methods to stay in touch with fans or share their thoughts with the general public, there is also the downside of encountering false pages. However, based on information collected on various sites and my own searching, I've actually found some that are … Continue reading Networking with Celebs