Light the Night

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW WILL COVER TOPICS THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING, SO PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: GANG-RELATED VIOLENCE, RAPE, SUICIDE, ETC. (It is in no way as graphic as Hollywood productions, but it highlighted the very real issues that occur … Continue reading Light the Night

Celebs Real Life Couples

Okay, I was just bored and wanted to start a list. But I will only include the ones I know for sure of OR care about somewhat. So if you don't see your favorites on there, DON'T freak out. Also, I'm not including any past relationships OR rumors. AND--yes, this is the last one--I'm dividing … Continue reading Celebs Real Life Couples

Dear Mom: A Heart Warming Piece?

(Uploaded by: SETTV Official Channel) So I was doing my usual stalking of people on FB. Then I found out that Qiao Qiao's finally in a new drama. It has been a while since the addicting True Love 365 so I really need something to watch of Qiao Qiao's. This time, she's supposedly portraying the … Continue reading Dear Mom: A Heart Warming Piece?

Black & White: Cracking the Code

Okay, remember how I said I was sooooo frustrated and disappointed that Vic and Janine didn't end up together in the drama when I was doing the review? I've solved the puzzle. They actually did end up together. YES, people are probably gasping already since it was so obvious that the scriptwriters misled us for … Continue reading Black & White: Cracking the Code

Gangster Rock

The saddest thing about this whole experience was that I was actually anticipating it since I learned of the collaboration between Van and Leon. What it lack wasn't the music, the acting or the plot BUT the poor directing job and editing that made it hard to endure. It was like someone decided to be … Continue reading Gangster Rock