Chinese Paladin III: Most Touching Story

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Of all the stories in here, the ones being discussed the most were the ones involving the main characters. Yet I thought the most touching one must be the one with Xi Feng. I finally figured it out when the old man was telling the story and then Xi Feng cried out for Chong Lou. Xi Feng was the guy who was following Chong Lou all along.

I thought that all the other stories of Fei Peng and Xi Yao or Jing Tian and Xue Jian, Long Kui, or even that of Chang Qing and Zi Xuan should all step aside. Though Xi Feng’s story was just a small story within all the complexities and trials they’d encountered, but it surpassed the others because it contained a subtle mysterious element and light touches of dramatic moments. Even Xi Feng’s character seemed to be in the background for the most part so when his story was finally being told, it drew even more fascination toward it.

I’m not trying to discredit the other touching stories. But I am just saying that Xi Feng’s story has become my favorite out of all because of its ability to surprise. It was actually refreshing to me because maybe I haven’t read many spoilers or read any that was relating to it versus the other main stories. Chang Qing and Zi Xuan’s story was just too much for my taste. And they even added in the whole Chong Lou story into an already complicated story. It felt dragged out. Perhaps it was because there were three lifetimes involved with Chang Qing’s character that made it too much. The other one regarding Jing Tian? It was interesting. It had its own direction and drew you in but less dramatic than the Chang Qing one. Long Kui was too much of a burden and too hectic for me to feel for her as much. Though I do pity her. But it was just too much. Too heavy.

Back to Xi Feng’s story. The background story was mysterious yet their reunion was really touching. The part where he came back and she was only a statue. He was trying to convince her that he was indeed the Xi Feng that she met and knew. But because he no longer had that soft and warm voice that she came to love, she was not able to recognize him. While that was going on, Jing Tian and the others were witnessing it nearby. Maybe it was one of the other reasons why the whole conflicts with Chong Lou, Zi Xuan, and Chang Qing even happened. It not only was testing both Zi Xuan and Chang Qing, but to make Chong Lou understand what love really was and the pain of separation. It even made Chong Lou sympathize with Xi Feng and eventually giving Xi Feng his freedom again.

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