Chinese Paladin III: The Wait Is Over

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After the confirmation that part III was in the making, fans anxiously waited and searched for news and pictures to understand more about the production. The wait was quite nerve-racking and kept everyone on the edge as to whether the production would succeed or if it would live up to the previous one. It was only a while ago that filming wrapped up.

So what is exactly in it for part III?

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More action/ magical scenes: Most people are against the whole CQI effects but does anyone ever consider those suits for the magic purpose of the storyline? (I must admit that it doesn’t go well with those martial arts dramas though.)

More of Hu Ge: Yes, he’s back as the lead for this drama. Who else but Hu Ge to continue the Chinese Paladin sagas, right?

Wallace Huo joined the production: What was his latest ancient series again? Exactly. Fans will be happy.

Another Hu Ge and Yang Mi pairing: So before the ‘bashing team’ comes on with the whole whatever else ‘Hu Ge pairings’ that are out there, Yang Mi starred with Hu Ge in one of the stories of Strange Tales of Liao Zhai (aka Liao Zhai 1). This is another collaboration between them, but this time, her character is more lively and will be a bickering couple with him instead of the tragic romance scenes from last time. (Or let’s hope that the story won’t turn out with a tragic ending but let’s not hold our breaths too much.) Another consideration would be, Hu Ge is the one coming back to portray another character, so it is NOT Xiao Yao anymore so no need to attack Yang Mi just because the other cast isn’t back. This is a prequel to part I.

Jerry Huang as the bad guy: Okay, so this might get interesting and we’ll see if he’s really up for the part.

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Other than that, you can pre-order the DVD set here or wait for upcoming versions.

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