Chocolate, Anyone?

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(image credit: Qiao Qiao’s Weibo)

The other day when I was doing my usual catching up on Weibo to see what other dramas my usual favorites have for their upcoming schedule, I came across the fun exchange above (original post here). My first reaction? CUTE, Chen Yi, really cute. (NOT…) But found that funny still–as I mentioned above. Yet I wasn’t thinking much of it aside from being excited that Qiao Qiao has a new drama. I was wondering who exactly was her new leading man but had ruled out Calvin because of the confirmation elsewhere of his new drama. (That’s another topic though since I’ll do a ‘QiaoRu’ update later.) But I wouldn’t have guessed right if I had tried harder because the result came out later and I didn’t even realize it until yesterday. YES, I was occupied with other stuff so didn’t catch up until last night. Who is her new leading man then? Van Ness Wu. YES, like I said, I wouldn’t guess it in a million years. NOT that it’s impossible but I really haven’t imagined it, lol. And I have a blind spot so it’s really interesting and great to know that she’s collaborating with different actors. I do like Van Ness so I’m really looking forward to seeing this new collaboration. So what’s the drama called then? At this point, it’s called Set Chocolate (愛上巧克力) but not sure if and when it would be changed. Go here for the SETTV blog page and here for the Facebook page for updates–if you’re interested.

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate, Anyone?

  1. @vgag – Yup. I can’t wait either. It’s going to replace ‘Inborn Pair and because it’s a SETTV drama, I’m a bit worried. Like how they might extend IF it’s popular (and ends up making it draggy) or it might be too over-hype. LOL! YES, after some failed experiences, I just can’t seem to trust SETTV enough. But because I like the new pairing and some of the cast involved thus far, I really want to check it out later.

  2. I’ve started it and it is perhaps a bit slow moving but really, really cute. Not sure Qiao Qiao is all that convincing when she disguises herself as a boy. Van Ness looks very dashing with natural hair colour. Very likeable. Joanne’s character’s family is a typical SETTV loving one. The dad hilariously speaks Hokkien throughout…

  3. I don’t know. I haven’t started though I was quite excited at first. Maybe I got carried away with other things (as you noticed these past days). SO I’ll try to look into it later. I mean like you said, typical SETTV, so I was kind of dragging my feet.

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