Close To Me

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I actually got this like a long time ago already but didn’t bother to review it until now. So how was it?

1. The Secret That Is Not A Secret (不是秘密的秘密). A very cute and sweet song to start the album off. A very heartwarming song and she managed to capture the moment quite well with her voice.

2. Come On Love (愛快來). Upbeat song. Very lively and energetic. Cute and nice to listen to. Really lifts up one’s moods. So hopeful and positive.

3. Hedgehog Embrace (刺猬的擁抱). A very touching song. She really could tug at one’s heart with her voice and how she sang this song.

4. Love’s Signal (愛的訊號). Another upbeat and cute song.

5. Ding Dong (叮咚). Another upbeat song. Uplifting.

6. Fantasy (異想記). Another cute and happy song. About wishes and all.

7. Tick Tock  (滴答). The title sounds random, but it makes sense after listening to the song.

8. Just Let It Pass (還過得去)(特別收錄 影視主題曲). Sad song. Another touching song.

9. Summer Needs Romance ( 需要戀愛的夏天). Another lively song.

10. LA LA LA. Was I the only one waiting for some kind of song to come up? LOL! So deceiving but not really. Yet I guess it’s okay. Just a little shouting out to the world about some random happiness.

11. The Offerings of Love (愛的供養). Like how she sang it. She made it touching.

Overall feeling of it? Surprised though I did listen to some of her past songs for TV dramas, etc. But somehow, her voice had brought me back toward the cute and sweet song. Since I felt some of the current singers are just singing cute songs just for the sake of it. Her liveliness had made the songs even more addicting to listen to.

And as for the packaging of the album, I’m glad the production team had kept it “cute and sweet”. It wasn’t forced like some recent albums I saw of people’s “cute and sweet” images. (Yeah, I repeated the phrases on purpose.) On some level, it still looks classy and nice without needing some other formula to promote the album even more. Worth the money for me.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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