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I remember also doing an update regarding both Angela and Cyndi in the same post last year.

Anyway, moving on, what is going on this year?

Angela’s still not accepting any projects in regard to the drama side yet–though the reporters are at it again, pulling her into the so-called Skip Beat and causing anti-fans to flame at her (without investigating again). She will be quite busy preparing for her next album and its promotions. Can’t wait to see what theme it would be this time. Hopefully something surprising like her last one.

Like Angela, Cyndi’s supposedly getting ready for her next album. After that failed attempt to reach viewers with Momo Love (though I found it immensely enjoyable but what do I know, right?), it seems like she’s not going to participate in a drama anytime soon. After all, she was filming and working on her album the last time so it was really tiring and busy for her (and some fellow Momo Love cast also) so it’s not a good idea to go through the trials again this time around.

Seems like quite a few people are releasing for the last half of the year. At least those who I’m waiting for.

More next time since still need to hunt down for materials to write.

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