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I thought I should do some kind of update on this since I haven’t even touched it in awhile. And not to mention how I want to clarify on some matters. There are circumstances where I do couples related posts and intend to keep it as a saga for future updates, such as:

  • The ‘Convincing Couple’ Saga: Need I say more? Sometimes I feel really, really strong about a couple and that they match with each other the most among past collaborations. This would cover all entertainment platforms, not just limited to Taiwanese pairings even if it seems so at this point.
  • The ‘Memorable Sad Ending’ Saga: This one could be random at times and possibly will expand beyond involving couples and into friendships as well. Yet for now, it is considered to be part of the couples posts.
  • TVB Golden Couples Saga: This one won’t get updated so fast as the other two, of course. This is too hard and I can’t seem to make up my mind hence delaying it for so long. This is because it could be related to an official TVB Golden Couple (aka TVB declared and promoted them as a golden couple at one point) OR could be because I think they deserve to be in the category–regardless of how TVB treated them.
  • TVB Silver Couples Saga: This will be launched in the future and will contain one or more of the celebs that I already assigned as a ‘golden couple’ but with other co-stars because I like them as a couple, but they are not considered a golden pairing since they are not convincing to me as a golden couple. The second case would be if I prefer them with other people more, etc.
  • TVB Bronze Couples Saga: This will also be launched in the future and for the same reason as the ‘silver couple’. Not to mention how they are less convincing or has already appeared in the other two category. Or they might not. It depends.
  • The ‘Possible Future Pairing’ Saga: This will be placed in as well. NOT sure how often because somehow some directors/producers/whoever else would end up putting the oddest couples or the possibly sweetest couples together along the way. It would be so slim to not see one work with another at a point of time so I’ll see if I could beat them at this game, LOL!
  • The ‘Once Again Couples’ Saga: Why not? Since I thought of putting in the ‘possible future pairings’ already. This would include the ones who only paired up once or twice, of course. When they passed the third time already, I don’t care anymore, regardless of how much chemistry they have. The name of the saga might get change later since I can’t seem to think of a decent title for now, so just put it as that. Might keep it though, LOL!

Well, if I do certain updates, I would attach a link in the ‘FPO’ page to keep track. So go there and hunt for it if you want to read up on one or another saga–and how I think of them. And does that mean TVB’s so special they get three categories? NOPE, not any more special than the other ones. In fact, I think the other lists will move faster. But it would be less of a headache for me if I place them in three categories and narrow down my choices from there. Sometimes, I would do random discussions that would involve pairings to some extent and I will also place it in ‘FPO’ like I do now.

Okay, moving on to pages. For now, updates are quite lacking but I won’t abandon it. So look forward to more in the future when my schedule clears up.

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