Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 2

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Their second segment showed them in costumes. They both admitted that it was their first time with the ‘cosplay’, LOL! They posed as characters from this one game and he even demonstrated how alike he was to the character. But she picked on him about how his character Wang Wei in Rookies’ Diary was so shuai, so cool yet his real life self was not so–and there they were again, going at each other. Revenge time for him since he hit her head while she was thinking–or attempted to think. (How mean!)

Anyway, they moved on to introduce some new games–like always. What I found interesting was this game called “Shuang Long Zhuan Shuo Web” (雙龍傳說 Web). It was a role-playing game with a lot of cool stuff going on. Well, being a wuxia fan, it seemed appealing to me. The game “俠瑰 – The Soul of a Hero” was equally interesting though. YUP, another wuxia related one.

Okay, things got weird when they were back from commercials. Seriously, it never failed to surprise with these two, LOL! Xiao Yu was so into her character that she wanted to attack him (aka shoot him with the bow + arrow in her hands) and he reminded her of something quite important. BUT that didn’t stop her since she turned all crazy, grabbing her wig and flinging it off (aka transforming herself).

There was no stopping her now since she was quite possessed. But he managed to get her back on track again, waking her up. LOL! (Yup, sometimes it was too addicting that you need someone around to revive you from the possessed state. LOL!) That wasn’t too random though since it was related to the next game that they were introducing, another sequel actually. Along the way, we would get to see the character that Xiao Yu was dressed as–with the bow and arrow and all. OMG! That was so slick! She could use the opportunity to call Jun Ya dumb? LOL! (Payback time was always so satisfying, eh?)

Well, after they were back from the commercials once more, her wig was back on again. That meant she was stable again? (OR NOT!) Anyway, she got to explain this one really long phrase to him. Nice? The next game they mentioned was “Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Portable”. (At least he was talking about it.) Xiao Yu moved onto a more girly game. So unlike her? But then he couldn’t be talking about some girly game, could he? LOL! Ooohhh…she got to call him a pervert now. GREAT…

More teasing from her since she found some interesting stuff in the little booklet and said it was suitable for him. Okay, more time to call him a pervert. He admitted the contents in it were not bad so it wasn’t like she was wrong. No wait, he had to launch into this one speech of explaining for himself so yeah… But she got him again, darn, kept teasing him. I guess it was fun so why not, right? LOL! He kept trying to explain stuff to her yet she refused to get it. Oh well, he decided to ignore her instead. YES, so we could get back on topic again, right? So as to prove that he could introduce some girly game, he did just that? LOL! Well, not really girly but the designs seemed so. There were fighting involved so not too bad. Oh, Xiao You introduced “Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light”, looks like fun. (Well, most action games are fun.) “Free Running” (via Wii) seemed fun but have to be careful, lol.

Another break later and he was talking about how they were going to play games. She jumped up and down (literally) and said it was her favorite part. The part where they got to fight with each other, right? NOPE…she was forced to stay calm again. Darn… That shot her spirit down again. But then she promised to cooperate so they continued on with Wii!

And why didn’t they attach the wrist band? We all know how violent she could get, right? That control could end up anywhere. (AND I mean anywhere…) Here we go again, calling him weak and then wondering if he knew how to play. BUT she compensated by saying that he was talented. Okay…go figure…lol…

Look at how excited she was when they passed the level, LOL! The game was not too bad actually. At least it looked sort of promising when she went into more details with the many missions that had to be completed.

And she honestly couldn’t resist, right? LOL! One for the road, I guess.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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