Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu

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This was a show that introduced different games from PC, online, or others where you could play with through other platforms, such as Playstation or Wii. The show changed hosts from time to time. I just tuned in recently when I realized that it had been hosted by Zhao Jun Ya and Xiao Xiao Yu since August 28th, 2010. To be totally honest, yes, I tuned into it for the two of them but ended up liking the show as an overall. After all, there were lots of information regarding different games out there. Being a gamer myself, it made watching it even more fun. I especially liked the scenes where they would compete against one another–individually or with other partners–by playing one game or another.

Another confession while watching or even finding out about their co-hosting was: seriously? I meant like I couldn’t even imagine the two together–regardless of just hosting a show together. Yet I was glad that I gave it a chance and found out how wrong I was since their interactions were quite natural and funny, complementing each other quite well. I could remember laughing out loud so many times with their attempts to joke–or try to get on each other’s nerves at times. It got so random you start seeing the words moving across the screen, telling us that they were way off or whatever. Yet I actually enjoyed those moments, LOL!

The first segment they appeared together was on August 28th last year (as mentioned above). So they introduced themselves to the audience, asking for acceptance and how they would try their best, etc. Then moving on, they were talking about how both were gamers as well. That made sense since if they weren’t, it would be hard to host such a show. Anyway, Jun Ya ended up talking about lifestyles, work, etc and slipped into a random territory. Sort of, LOL! Because he was saying how they would work alongside each other and start to notice all the habits, and she might end up unknowingly fall for him. That seriously got me laughing out loud. Xiao Yu was scratching her head (sort of) and looking awkward–or maybe she was thinking how in the world did he jump to such a conclusion to even think WAY ahead like that. So she cut him off and directed the subject onto the show’s main theme again, saying how they should just ignore Jun Ya, stepping in front of him and blocking his face from the audience. Then he pulled her back and say that she should give him some ‘face’ since it was their first time hosting the show.

Anyway, the show soon moved on with them introducing some online games. (Now that we’re back on track, right? LOL!) Later, we learned that Xiao Yu loved games that were more on the violence side. (Was that an attempt to send a message to someone? ahem ahem LOL!) Somehow though, Jun Ya managed to sneak in some words to praise himself since he was talking about this one character in the game and said something like, “Just like me”–which earned some eye-rolling moments from Xiao Yu. And indeed when they were introducing this one game called “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days”, we realized how violent Xiao Xiao Yu could get with her excitement in the developments of the game. She sure wasn’t kidding. (The more someone needed to behave himself, LOL!)

So after they came back from the commercials, Xiao Yu was asking Jun Ya if he was really a gamer (before hosting the show). He didn’t even know why she bothered asking because he said, “Have you seen any guy who doesn’t love playing games?” So, of course, he was a gamer. We also learned that the rest of the Rookies’ Diary cast were a bunch of gamers as well, especially Ah Xiang, Hao Zi, and Fu Zi Chun. Jun Ya then jumped into listing all the games he played, etc and he ended up questioning her. So she launched into telling us all the games, etc. YUP, another round of excitedly, vividly describing all the fun games (all violence) and it got Jun Ya worried? (Well, he looked like it.) She was indeed enthusiastic while talking about those games and the moves used. He couldn’t take it anymore so he jumped in and tried to stop her, which was in vain because she just barely got to talking about Wii. So he tried to tune her out and introduced the next set of games instead, TV Games.

OMG! It got even better. Or maybe it was just me. But after they were back from the commercials once again, Xiao Yu launched into her rants again while Jun Ya just had to go ahead and say “Welcome back…” before letting her continue. She was talking about this one game 137 something and he jumped in and corrected her by saying, “Actually it’s 138.” She asked him why and he was like, “Because ni san ba” (138 = Ni San Ba). NICE? But then I think she got him back when she was attacking him where he was saying how they needed to prove that they actually were gamers by playing some games for the audience to see.

YUP, violent all right! Well, he eventually calmed her down anyway, reminding her it was their first time hosting. (Yup, impression was important, right?) So they ended up playing “Monday Night Combat.” Look how excited she got, shouting out, “We did it!” when she thought they defeated their enemy (or at least passed the challenge) and he was like telling her not yet. And then she was all like it was his fault that got her all excited, he just said, “Wo men mei you did” (我們沒有did). (YUP, combining Mandarin and English, nice?) So they continued on with the game, level by level–though she kept mumbling about him being so weak (because he kept dying). Okay, so the scene jumped to Jun Ya talking about “Street Fighters.” (GOSH, I miss that game so much!) Then she was talking more about “Monday Night Combat”, introducing the characters, etc.

With the show ending, they proceeded to say the usual goodbye and ask for feedback. Of course, they mentioned being really nervous and having a lot of pressure. (Made sense since it often happened with the change in hosts.)

All in all, their randomness and aggressiveness at times were just so funny and off-beat. Yet it was entertaining to watch them battle it out. I think I learned more about them by watching this show. I was glad they were hosting the show since I loved watching it thus far. (AND yes, I’m cheating by ending the post here so I could talk more next time.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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