Dare to Love

(image scanned by: DTLCT)

I became a fan of Hu Ge after watching Strange Tales of Liao Zhai and surprisingly not Chinese Paladin I since I dropped it after its draggy plots in the middle. However, I wanted to try again after reading some reviews regarding different types of relationships in Chinese Paladin I, especially the friendships between the guys in there. (Not to mention the story between Xiao Yao and Yue Ru.)

Anyway, I think that he’s one of those that could actually act and sing–and be good at it. Maybe it is because he puts in all his efforts and feelings to it.

Here’s a song that I really like although it’s really sad. (Go here for translations.)

(Uploaded by: nhuocy)

And I just realize that the girl in the MV is Liu Shi Shi. Maybe it’s because I never really watched anything of hers before until Chinese Paladin III.

Okay, this is going to be a short one since my last long post. Maybe more on Hu Ge next time.