Di Liu Hao Liu Hai

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I must admit I loved the beginning of this story. It was way too hilarious with how the host (Alec Su) was trying too hard to act for his “special appearance.”

It was just too much yet funny at the same time. (Lame but NOT that lame, lol.)

Anyway, the comedy was too exaggerated for my taste sometimes. They need to tone it down a bit. Making it so overwhelmingly ridiculous is not the way to go. I think what saved this one was the interesting guest stars that appeared throughout the story.

So Ah Ben was the sixth one! (NOT!) That was way too funny with the ending. But it was still lame and exaggerated. Can’t believe it! She ended up with the wrong one. Probably a mockery on the whole ‘fate’ thing.

The real Mr. Right:

I guess it was WAY obvious with the #6 residing on his name tag, but who knew, right?

So here’s a snapshot of the supposed six guys with bangs:

So the overall story was just all right. Not too bad. It was not the best either.

Oh, not to miss the special appearance of Ken Chu either! So funny!

*Note*: This was the fourth story and part of the movie L-O-V-E.

*All images were scanned or captured by DTLCT

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2 thoughts on “Di Liu Hao Liu Hai

  1. Is that the ALec Su who was in a drama that was called something like Dolphin Island, or maybe was set in Aegean?
    They sound like really engaging stories. I must check them out.

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