Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 10

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Okay, back into action with cosplay. She was waving the sword around, wanting to attack (him) again? Well, it wasn’t a sword, too bad.

OMG, she had to portray his deceased wife? But why? Yup, protest, protest, lol. I wasn’t protesting the ‘wife’ part, only the ‘deceased’ part, LOL!

What? She was still nagging him about it? GREAT… It was so funny, he had enough? (Now we know why she’s the deceased wife, right? She nags him so much that he must have killed her. JUST KIDDING…) Nice answer, she was portraying the ghost because she was dead? LOL! What kind of answer was that? Unacceptable! LOL! Didn’t he say it was a secret? LOL! She was persistent all right. And we got to see some scenes in the game. Wonder if they would play the scene out later. JUST KIDDING…lol. Oooohhhh…he was SOOOOO dead, saying that she was like the monster he was trying to defeat! Why was he being bitter about how touching their characters’ story was yet his was so different? LOL!

She scared the world out of him? LOL! I loved the exchange with the usage of wuxia’s terminologies though. Nice…lol…

What? She was in one of her trances again? He looked like he was going to roll his eyes.

OMG! That was priceless! Look at him! All stunned again! Just when I thought it could get old and boring with their constant bicker, it got even better, LOL! Of course, he was insulted, lol. Middle-aged man? LOL!

What? So funny, they were fighting over who understood what language more? OKAY…getting childish. Maybe he should’ve phrased the question differently so she knew what he was asking about instead of just asking what they were playing, LOL! ‘Who let the dogs out’? LOL! GOSH! Someone was high all right.

Here she go again, LOL! She was still after the ending? LOL! I thought she dropped it already. But no wait, how could she, right? Past records showed she would eventually find her way back to it, lol. His retort, that was so true yet clever. She thought he would tell, lol. Try harder, eh? Another approach, great. Write it down? LOL! She sure never gives up! And he tried to shut her up? GREAT…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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