Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 11

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Funny that he was getting all defensive when she mentioned the words BUT then she clarified it wasn’t what he was thinking so he relaxed again, LOL! Talking about jumping to conclusions and getting all worked up for nothing, lol. Kind of hilarious though.

She got him all speechless again. Hmm…well, she sure had a way of asking questions though. Getting worked up and trying to explain again, lol. It was just too funny seeing him trying to make his point. Yay, a demonstration. Wonder if it works…lol… Okay, she’s convinced for now. Job done. Sort of, but I guess he’ll have to settle with that. Then he had to bring it up again by asking how she felt after watching the clips. LOL! He seriously brought it onto himself.

Was he getting back at her regarding the comments for the other game? LOL! Kind of amusing to see the table being turned though. Like her turn to convince him otherwise.

Ooohhh…they were playing a game that required feet movements rather than hands this time. Hurry, hurry! LOL!

This proves that they could work together? LOL!

Time for another one. Yay! And yup, if it was real, their heads would definitely hurt. In fact, they wouldn’t even approach the situation in that way, lol.

Ban Zhang reputation restored? Look at how happy he was. (Of course, eh?) One of those rare times she actually praised him without some other hidden meanings?

I knew they couldn’t resist. PK time! And yes, Ban Zhang reputation still attached, he won. Anyway, the game they were playing sure looked like fun. Might be good for some gatherings or party thing?

She bailed out on him? To think that she’s scared of that when half of the games she plays are…BUT kind of ironic that she’s narrating it. LOL! Oh well…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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