Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 12

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Eh…just the beginning of the show and they were playing 21 Questions already? LOL! Oh…so it was an important matter? Okay… she called and he didn’t pick up? That was important? I guess it was important to her. Oooohhh…it was about his birthday…OY… Okay, so she got it wrong. Mark your calendars, every one, his birthday is actually the 23rd of November. PHEW, glad we got that out of the way, lol.

Wow! So the goodies in the briefcase were this…Aww…(LOL)…

Still giving him a hard time, lol. But made sense, why didn’t he call her after he was done buying it? Time for more explanation, lol. Okay, we get it. He was THAT busy. Uhuh, right…

Yup, we’re moving on to respect now. LOL! So he should be the one crying? OKAY…Drama King! And that was slick, using that method to win her over. Whoever cries first score more points? LOL!

He was still playing when they were back from commercials already? LOL! Yup, better poke harder. It might break his concentration (or trance).

OMG! I so didn’t see it coming though it’s not impossible ’cause of her violent nature. LOL! He didn’t even get to play at home so just let him play for a bit more? LOL! Hahahaha, nice comeback. She was acting like his mother? LOL! A reversed in roles here since she was forced to play the mature person again while he was so absorbed in the game world. Moving on…lol…

Ooohhh…she was getting back at him. LOL! Secret, eh? Getting back at one another was sort of like boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? LOL! And what was that with letting bygones be bygones? Love his usage of those phrases though.

Exaggerating much with the cough and the fall? Well, hardworking indeed, lol. He had to include her too? (Trying to get back into her good graces? LOL!)

But all was good when they moved onto the actual playing the games part, right? This seemed quite hard. Coordination? And bragging much? Andy Lau? OKAY… And would this be the only game that defeats her? ‘Cause she couldn’t get it to work right.

Okay, his turn…let’s see how Mr. Pro do. (But he shouldn’t be too bad, right? Since he did coach her during the 2nd one.) WOW! He did it! OMG! worshiping mode JUST KIDDING, LOL! But that was indeed impressive. Okay, so he missed the third one but it was indeed hard. And missed the last one too. It’s okay! Too hard!

Moving on…let’s see how this game would turn out. The moves were too funny though! Honestly! The game’s called TV Superstars, no wonder it had a bunch of challenging moves and/or poses, lol.

Making a point much? LOL! Clever, why? LOL! Oooohhhh…what was that? Okay…trying to show off his phone? Or trying to piss her off again? LOL! Being helpful? Yeah right…

Okay, back to her excited old self, lol.

That was messed up, trapping him like that. Okay, so it was a little funny. Or A LOT. Caught off guard?

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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