Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 13

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Whoa! They were dressed up for ‘Harry Potter’. Great…lol…so funny how she was complaining it would be a disadvantage with playing games later while he was still using his ‘la feng’ vocabs, lol. Easy for him to say since he wasn’t the one wearing skirts, lol. So they were introducing ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1’ game. (And for the record, Harry didn’t pierce his ears, LOL!) She shot him down? LOL! We’ll see how weird he sings later? But that was kind of cute, seeing him trying to defend his capabilities.

Always a good time to discuss the plot of the story while they were on the topic, right? LOL!

Eh…a confession? OKAY… She told him to behave himself and he actually nodded ever so obediently? So funny. All right. Of course, they were talking about the new Harry Potter game now.

They were at it again. I knew the ‘cease-fire’ thing was just temporary.

Shooting him down and then smiling like that? Nice…trying to use that to disarm his evil glare? OKAY… On the other hand, ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone’ looked kind of cool. Wonder if the actual play would be that cool.

Yup, she was always so excited when they play games. Not that I’m complaining since I’ve been curious since they mentioned it at the beginning. SingStar Dance? Yay! He was so confident, LOL! We’ll see.

Look at him all excited to prove his point. Or more like prove his talent? (When she was saying that she loves all sorts of music, old or new.) OMG! She’s right! Is it because he’s singing and dancing at the same time? Or he did it on purpose as part of the skit? LOL! Yup, singing and dancing at the same time IS hard. YUP, I’m convinced it’s the combination so it’s breaking his concentration, causing the lapse with the break in his singing. He ran out of air? That was priceless! She called him Wang Ban Zhang for emphasis–since he should be fit? LOL! His score: 4675.

Yay, her turn. See how she does it. Ooohhh…I was able to get into the mood as well. LOL! Her score: 7616. She had to thank her dancer for it? LOL! A fun game indeed. Of course, they go into more details later.

She was talking about how she opened a Weibo account already. YAY! (We all know that by now, eh? At least I’m already stalking, lol…) And of course, he also has Weibo.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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