Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 14

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What a way to greet everyone, eh? LOL! Anyway, she was saying how it was so unfair with the roles. Yet he had a point. LOL! He would lose his fans if they see him do that? (Right…throwing up was one thing, losing all his fans was another.) So should we all give him a break? Perhaps…for now, LOL!

She was getting ahead again? Nothing new. How could she resist, right? She blamed it on him for the misunderstanding? Nice comeback though, lol. She was the only one who misunderstood him? LOL! Eh…she was waving her hand around. Careful, wouldn’t want to hit him. Or was that her intention? LOL!

Yes, she was getting dramatic again. No wonder he had to interfere. But hold on a minute, didn’t she hold grudges against him in the past too? LOL! And someone was using the narration opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Honestly…

Eh…it wasn’t time yet? Honestly? When was it time then? Just kidding, lol. She was just getting impatient. Nice…yup, was that just for props? It was indeed torture having to glare at it but can’t even touch (aka play games).

Then they were arguing again. Like that was new. Subtle but still somewhat of a disagreement. But I always wonder the same, how could those people create so many sequels? I guess if it’s fun, it doesn’t matter? But funny seeing him all defensive, lol.

Yay! She finally got to sit behind the wheels! Yay! LOL!

Wow, hard. I could imagine it. Those games aren’t that easy like it seems, especially when trying to steer and keep it on the road. She lost…Aww…

Why was he getting happy when he was being praised by her? I meant her praises always have some sort of underlying meaning! LOL! Okay, jia you, Wang Ban Zhang! He did better than her, of course. AND she still criticized him? LOL! He had to remind her that he was better than her, lol. (Since she was saying how they were just trying to comfort him.)

She was laughing at him again. Want to start another battle? LOL!

Until next time then…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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