Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 15

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Eh…they were wearing matching outfits! Well, they always wear variations of matching outfits, but today they’re almost identical. But of course, it had to do with the theme of the show.

What? Picking on him already? But the show just started. No, wait, what am I talking about? She always picks on him. There are no breaks. LOL! Anyway, what crime did he commit this time?

And why were they playing when it was just the beginning of the show? Correction, why was he playing at the beginning of the show? Should we all give him a break because it’s car-related and we know how all guys are obsessed with it?

OMG! That was so cute, she was getting tongue-tied! Sort of. Why was he teasing her though? Trying to get back at her for all the previous times? (What happened to those mantras of letting bygones be bygones?) But of course, she managed to come up with so many reasons for it, lol.

He was trying to be all creative? Or was that trying to compete with her in the ‘cute’ department? LOL! Anyway, that was so cool! 3D game? Hope he doesn’t get too carried away though.

I wanted to ask the same thing. What was he doing? Oh…dancing…trying to introduce this one dancing game. That means they’re going to dance later or no? Maybe just for this part?

I don’t like her smile. The way she’s smiling…it’s like she’s up to something again. LOL! He better be prepared for the next round. YUP, getting all excited again. Though I was thinking that she was plotting against him. OH well…I guess I was too used to that so it was a bit disappointing that it’s nothing at all, lol.

Eh…when did he get the permission to touch her face? He’s going to pay! Aww…but that was so cute, she said the name of the game wrong so she turned to him for the rescue. Sure was a tongue twister all right. And wait, when did she become his ‘Da Jie’? LOL! But he sure was enthusiastic when talking about the game. Of course, eh?

Here they go now. Let’s see who wins. He better win, right? LOL! Can’t lose face now, especially when he was so into it when they were talking about it.

Bragging rights? LOL! Was he trying to make her laugh on purpose though? Or was he using that chance to sing? LOL! That was too much. Too hard to resist from laughing.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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