Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 16

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Yay, this a Christmas/New Year segment. Nice duet there!

But why was she holding a hammer?

YUP, she hit him! Priceless! Why did he even let her have it? Or he couldn’t stop her? And I thought it was the holidays aka peace and all, NOT war/violence, lol. Oh well…

OMG! When in the world is she going to stop? Though it’s a fake hammer, I’m starting to feel bad for him now. Did she talk to the producer and want to take revenge on him for his past wrongs? OY!

Okay, I lost count of how many times she hit him already. But let’s hope when they come back, she doesn’t do it as much anymore, lol. OR maybe she’s just having too much fun? LOL!

Is it me or it’s just weird to see him holding the baby while she’s holding the weapon? LOL! But at least she’s not hitting him anymore? (We’ll see…)

Spoke too soon, he just got hit again! But it was totally his fault this time for interrupting her. (He even apologized? Funny…)

Hahahaha, that was another good one. She told the rest of us not to pay attention to him? NO hammer YET she was doing just fine, lol. Did he tell the producer to take the hammer away from her? Well, no baby either.

One of those times when she was praising him. Watch out! LOL!

I want to laugh too! He was holding the baby again? Where’s her hammer? LOL!

Okay, now I know why she’s not holding her hammer! Abusive mother, eh? Geez whiz! He has to come to the rescue again. Poor baby, lol.

Okay…hmmmm….she’s trying to make up for her wrongs now? Acting all cute and responsible with holding the baby carefully and all.

Uhuh, real cute. (Yup, sarcasm here.) Trying to get her to babysit for free?

Good question! I want to know the same thing. What is he trying to do exactly? I thought he loves the baby? Obviously not? Showing his true color now? LOL!

Ooohhhh….so the baby was for the game. How cute!

I wonder if it’s similar to taking care of a real baby, lol.

Okay, time to pat the baby! Darn, she did it so hard! Poor baby, lol.

Calling victory? LOL! Yup, definitely his kid all right.

Poor Xiao Yu! LOL!

What’s with the pose? Trying to return to his cool dude composure? Possible.

Anyway, that was one of my favorite episodes. NOT that some of the previous wasn’t funny. But this one sure cuts it to be one of the top episodes.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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