Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 18

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Back in regular outfits once again. But what’s the topic of the day?

He finally knows? LOL! But anyway, they were apologizing for using the time of the show to promote the soundtrack for Rookies’ Diary. (Aww…I guess they do feel guilty for going off-topic.) Since they’re using the time to promote, I might as well do the same? LOL! (Here goes the review on the soundtrack.)

What are they doing now? Let’s take a guess, shall we? LOL!

Okay, getting way out of hand, lol. NOT really, but still funny with him wanting a hint yet still couldn’t blurt it out.

And I thought they were using a chance to promote Rookies’ Diary again. YET they were just saying to remember to watch the show (aka this game show). Moving on already, right? LOL!

Eh…what? Using the age thing against her? Arrogant much? Okay, I second the notion to get her that hammer from the other show back to whack him. LOL!

Oh great, old man telling story time. Get out your marshmallows and roast it over an open fire, LOL! (And he was only 4 in 1982, so why was he putting the age thing over her for?)

Agreed with flying words. YES, someone definitely loves to act. Bordering on the ‘over’ mode here! LOL!

Touche, eh? LOL!

Oh great, questioning time again. How fun, eh? (NOT! At least not for him.) I knew it! She wasn’t letting him get away with the whole ‘age’ thing and how he was trying to use that to his advantage.

Here we go again, Mr. Drama King, eh? LOL!

Yay! The challenge is on! May the best man…er…I meant girl…er, not that either…um…gamer win! There! LOL!

YUP, a draw so he doesn’t have to defend his old man integrity, LOL!

What in the world is he doing? Trying to scare her so she would lose? SO wrong…

YES! And that’s what happens to cheaters since he lost! Yay!

Victory pose! Cute, eh?

And this is the defeated pose! LOL!

Rubbing it in, right? LOL!

More promotions for the goodies? LOL! Aww…kind of cute to see him all shy when she was mentioning his song. LOL! Man, that was seriously cute though. Getting all shy like that. He sounds the same live though. Nice…

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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