Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 19

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Yay! Always full of energy! LOL!

Oh, questioning time again. That was so unexpected though! LOL! I cracked up so hard though it was sort of senseless. How could they make such a lame trick so funny? Maybe it’s their charm. Moving on, lol.

But I want to see him get beat up by her again! (Oh, they were talking about the Christmas episode where he got beat up by her really bad.) Oh well…so much for it. But I guess they’ll find something to do in the future. After all, she said that beating him up was so tiring? LOL!

OMG, he’s so nosy, going through her stuff. Since he already got her words with no beatings, he decided to brave it?

Games mentioned in this section: 俠客行 Online, 七瑰 Online, 仙俠風雲 Web, Path of Exile.

All right, more randomness, lol. What in the world is he trying to do though? LOL!

She was monitoring him again? He just got too excited again. Oh well… But going back to the game, the 3rd Birthday? Seriously? It doesn’t look like anyone was bringing the cake anytime soon.

And they were at it again. Nothing new. But still I don’t know why he doesn’t learn, LOL! That was funny. Okay, kind of corny, but still funny. Of course, she didn’t remember since they didn’t host yet hence not remembering about that game.

Eh…he finally admitted his wrong. Time to grab at the chance, LOL!

I didn’t know what they were doing before but then realized they were itching to play games, LOL! Can’t blame them. I was wondering what happened to that section. And the way they were talking and moving their hands, etc looked like they were doing some rap number, LOL!

Okay, he’s black and she’s yellow. We’ll see who wins this time. Or if he lets her win again, LOL!

Guess who won? (Yup, his ‘going to the funeral face’ said it already.)

But let’s try this again. He’s yellow and she’s black this time around.

Laugh at him and then comforting him? Nice combo. (Yeah, sarcasm here.) But I guess can’t blame her for being happy with her victory.

Yay! Wait, is that just a regular bag or a purse? LOL! If it’s a purse, would be too weird that he’s holding it like that? LOL! Anyway, end of the episode. Can’t wait to see what else for the next one.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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