Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 20

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I missed a part. But anyway, they were goofing off again, nothing new. She was picking on him like always.

I have a feeling the purpose of the story was to hold her hand. JUST KIDDING, lol. And she’s changing his name? Da Da Ya and Xiao Xiao Yu, great? Yay! (Yes, I’m getting carried away too.)

He really knows how to take advantage of the situation and use that chance to praise himself. Look at her expression! LOL! And why was he telling her not to mess around? He was the one who started the whole exaggeration, eh? Gotta say that her ‘so what’ attitude was driving him insane, lol.

Seriously, they both loved to act! LOL! So funny though. He got super dramatic over it. Lucky he was forgiven. (LOL!)

Games mentioned in this section: 東邪西毒Online, 名劍 Web

Time to tally up points, lol. Okay, more like trying to compensate for past bullying scene. (YEAH, the previous one where she made him apologize to the audience and treating him like some kid.)

OMG! That was so priceless! And here I thought nothing new since mostly they were being dramatic again. YET she wasn’t really paying attention but she sounded like she was tuning in to his every word. LOL! Then the camera pulled out and she was just reading some magazine! LOL! She was so hurting his feelings, lol. Oh well, he’ll get over it…somehow.

What now? How in the world did she manage to talk herself out of that one? I guess flattery will get you everywhere, LOL! But then the effort was undone since she fixed his mistakes again. LOL!

Lost a part again but that was a hyper episode since she was so jumpy and then he got too dramatic, etc. The usual but somehow they managed to make it so funny.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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