Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 21

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Eh…she lost her voice? Aww… Anyway, they were promoting Rookies’ Diary album once again–with her holding it up like that.

Trying to scare us? LOL!

OMG! Busted! YES, he was smiling when he mentioned beautiful girls. LOL! So funny seeing him trying to defend himself though. He brought that upon himself this time. she didn’t have a hand in it. At least, she didn’t initiate it this time around.

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She should stop doing gestures behind his back. (For her safety, of course, LOL!)

And yes, he looked like he wanted to strangle her.

She didn’t get it? Or she looked like she didn’t want to get it. (Just to drive him crazy that was.) LOL!

OMG! I knew it! No wonder she was all asking him those questions. It seemed like she wanted to use that opportunity to let him show off his photogenic memory. LOL! So much for it! He was way off! Okay, Jim was still J (i.e. his answer with John), but Rebecca was WAY off (since he said Jean). Man, it was so funny seeing him edged out of it! LOL! (I was really laughing like a nut at that part.) He should surrender already. YES, she said it! John and Jim were similar in tone or somewhat similar. But Rebecca? Seriously! LOL! (Yeah, I was watching and writing at the same time so sort of paused before it got to this part with her saying it.) And who was he kidding during the narration? He was the one always thinking of girls, and he said he wasn’t hinting at that? AND he used ‘la feng’ again.

Yup, he learned from the past since seeing her smile couldn’t be good. She’s up to something again, LOL! OMG! She was still laughing about the whole “John Jim…” thing. LOL! She got me going again. Man, that was really funny though! That was strange he got it mixed up. Then when they were moving onto introducing the next game, she asked him what was the names of the characters again! LOL!

She needed to stay alert so she was doing those gestures while he was talking? LOL!

Okay, so it’s his turn to pick on her now? Well, we’ll see if she would let him. So funny how he was saying that she was acting like a smart aleck again, LOL! It was too funny to see her so jumpy though. Well, no surprise since she was usually very active and excited to play games. Yet her ‘overly-excited’ died down since a while back because she had to take on the ‘mature’ role when he was having one of his episodes. YET now she was all jumpy again. In fact, it was like since the last episode? Not that I don’t like it but seemed a bit strange. Wonder what happened, lol. Oh well.

What is it this time? Hmm…her energy drained after all that jumpy movements from earlier? His presence was causing her to feel unwell? Really? LOL! Great…they were back at it again…nothing new. Okay, she was only kidding. LOL!

OOOOHHHHH…busted again. YUP, lol. She only wanted to test him with the character name(s) again YET he accidentally exposed himself. LOL! So funny with her saying that he would remember beautiful girl(s) and compared it with the number of girls on his cell phone book.

Yay, she was getting back to her cheerful self. And he was going crazy too. Equal. No need to fight now. LOL!

Man, strange game but looks like fun. Funny that she was disappointed that it wasn’t a multi-player game. Can’t beat him, right? LOL! OMG! That was so cool! Didn’t realize what they were doing until later. At the kicking part, I was wondering if she would end up kicking him since she was so focused on the fight, LOL!

Look at her, all excited! LOL! But then again, I would too. LOL! Anyway, they showed his version of the story while he was narrating. Cool stuff!

They were so in-sync with each other, LOL! A wacko episode but indeed cranked up the hype a bit more.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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    @vgag – Yeah, it was out ages ago. If you click on the link I had above, there’s the review of it.


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