Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 22

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CNY segment. OMG! They made Jun Ya dressed as a girl! Eek!

OMG! Payback major time for her, lol. No, wait, does that mean she’s the guy now? So they switched roles?

Eh…he took the hairpiece off. Probably too hot with the hairpiece on? Oh well. I’m not too fond of it either so it’s okay. LOL! On the hand, Xiao Yu’s so jumpy–like the last two episodes. It’s like she seriously can’t stand still. LOL! Or is she having fun with the costume?

Oh, here we go again. That expression he gave her. LOL! Time for another round of face-off.

Oh yeah, why do I have a feeling like this is more of a review on some of the past games than actual news of the upcoming releases? (Or like current new releases.) Since some of the games, they already covered in the past segments, especially those that they even wore costumes for it. Yup, it was more of a recap than some actual introductions of recent ones.

OMG! That was so unexpected! LOL! She made them switch the outer robe? LOL! I wasn’t really paying attention and was kind of bored because it was mostly recaps yet that just came out of nowhere. Surprise indeed! She wanted him to dance? LOL! So funny! He actually did it before stopping and scolding at her to stop messing around.

They were back to it again! LOL! She wanted to represent him to wish everyone a happy new year, etc. And he doesn’t want her to represent him? Well, maybe because he was like right there! LOL! Oh geez, they were fighting over the best way to wish everyone a happy new year? How great! What a way to celebrate new year–by fighting, lol. AND like it was any different, just the order was different when she said it, lol.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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