Dian Wan Da Lian Meng: Zhao Jun Ya & Xiao Xiao Yu – Part 23

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They were back in normal clothes. Well, as normal as can be, lol. Matching again, yay! And his turn to pick on her with the opening scene. Her greeting wasn’t enthusiastic enough? Okay, round two, lol. But that was funny with her getting back at him about having many lovers (since he mentioned Valentine’s Day). And not to mention, bringing out his ‘Wang Ban Zhang’ image again. Poor guy, how is he going to get out of this one? LOL!

They were so cute. Funny but cute. LOL! He was still trying to edge out of it. But of course they couldn’t be so off-topic and waste time so lucky that he could get away with it, lol.

Games: Q群仙傳 Online, 夢幻之城 Qgame, 神魔Online

What are they doing now? Trying to invent a new way to greet the audience?

LOL! That was so random! I guess she needs to know the time to be scared? LOL!

They sure love acting, lol. Exaggerating much? Still funny.

OMG! When did that happen? Well, she was really fast. But that was sure surprising. I thought she was scared of his fans scolding her. What happened to that? Oh well…

They seriously are a match. Kept getting so random and nuts without losing a beat with one another.

Yup, they were greeting the audience with their new ways. Definitely trying to get creative. Or are they on something so they’re kind of nuts? LOL!

Okay, time for some lessons. Now Teacher Chang will dissolve some of those clouds in Student Chao’s mind. LOL! Yup, getting into her ‘know-it-all’ mode again. She sure went on and on, lol. It was funny that he was waving his hand at one point to make sure everyone knew he was still alive. LOL! Watching his expression was just enough! Seriously, it was really mocking her. OR something. Is she going to make him pay for it?

Kind of normal greeting? LOL!

Oh, here we go again, LOL! She has to correct him like last time. NOT that she wants to but he’s asking for it.

OMG! She blamed it on him for making her mess up? Yup, she forgot the correct phrase. LOL! Sucks to be him. Can’t mess up and when she messes up, it’s because of him.

OMG! I almost fell off the chair laughing. He was trying to circulate her memory yet she answered it with another one. So random and unrelated, LOL! Well, sort of but she needs to focus more, lol.

Here they go again with another technique of greeting. AND she whacked him. Sort of. LOL!

She’s sooo excited when it comes to action games. In this case, fighting game. But I guess they need to do this so she could release some energy, LOL! Since she kept using Jun Ya as a punching bag previously. (Poor dude.) AND he better stand further since if she hits him in this situation, he couldn’t blame anyone, lol.

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